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Issue 7 2022 Driving Digital Transformation Forward Companies need to embrace the digital revolution to survive in the world as it stands today, but the key to that change is data. The team behind Alldatum Business transform data into wisdom upon which companies can act. In Corporate Vision’s rolling series of 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, we take a closer look at the teamwhich has earned the title of Best Data Management & Consulting Services Firm 2022 – Mexico to see how they did it. Your Mortgage YourWay - The Mortgage Centre: Most Trusted Mortgage Brokerage - GTA

Welcome to the July issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. This issue is here to delve into dedicated businesses in their specific industries. By looking closer at their work we hope that you feel encouraged and motivated. By showcasing these achievements, we are looking to spread the word and inspire the world. We are happy to guide you through this collection of companies that help with anything from mortgages to recruitment, supply chain solutions to consultancy, and much more. This issue explores a myriad of businesses that are altering their industries for the benefit of their clients – and the rest of the planet. Data management and consulting can be full of tricky processes and there is a huge importance for down-toearth yet professional individuals who know exactly how to handle any issues that may arise. Here we learn more from our cover, and true experts, Alldatum. Named the ‘Best Data Management & Consulting Services Firm 2022 – Mexico’, we are fascinated with its work and want to understand how it got to where it is now. Not only is summer in full swing, but these companies are truly showing us what they can do – for the sake of the present moment as well as a healthy future in business. The team at Corporate Vision hope that you enjoy this coming month and we are excited to bring you the next issue soon. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Senior Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Senior Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | AmeliaWalker, Writer | Dontae Jones, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Issue 7 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. Alldatum Business S.A. de C.V.: Driving Digital Transformation Forward 8. Throne Biotechnologies: Opening Doors for Stem Cell Educator Therapy 10. Jobilla: Modern Recruitment for the Digital Age 12. AddingZEROS Executive Development: Leading with Clarity 13. Austin Data Labs: Supply Chain Innovation 14. Municipal Claims Management Services: Get The Money You Deserve 15. Bizkaia Talent: Bringing Brilliance to the Basque 16. Awaken Intelligence: Build the Contact Centre of Tomorrow, Today 17. SCD Advisory: Trusted Advisers, Transaction Enablers 18. Your Mortgage Your Way - The Mortgage Centre: Most Trusted Mortgage Brokerage - GTA 20. Rosediem Consulting Limited: Pre-eminent Compliance Consultancy is the One to Watch! 22. Netradyne: An Eye on the Road with Netradyne 23. Winners’ Listings

4 Futurologist predicts the technology set to dominate businesses by 2050 Despite 15% of all businesses adopting at least one AI technology already1, a new report into the future of businesses by Virgin Money, has found 85% of SMEs are likely to adopt new technology in the next 5 years in order to support their growth. Over a quarter (26%) plan to use virtual reality, almost a third (31%) will use artificial intelligence, and two in five (39%) will utilise data science. If we can expect to see businesses adopting these technologies in only the next five years, what will the future of business really look like in 2050? Experts at Virgin Money have identified the biggest players when it comes to technology and transforming how we do business, from quantum computers to virtual agents. So what will a ‘normal’ day look like for businesses in 2050? Expert futurologist Dave Coplin, partnered with Virgin Money to share his predictions for the Quantum Leap report: 1. Our very own digital twins “We may already choose profile pictures that sit above the messages we send using Slack and IM, but our avatars have the potential to be handling much more of our business in the future. “Expect to see exact digital copies of us, programmed with your unique persona to make informed business decisions on your behalf. For the times when you’re stuck on the train, taking some well deserved time off, or occupied by another meeting, your avatar will be able to make that snappy decision that you’re needed for completely independently. “This technological advancement could be exactly what the ‘Burnout Epidemic’ following COVID required in order to alleviate some of the stresses and worries of businesses and employees.” 2. Larger than life virtual agents “Although artificial virtual agents can work for businesses today, customers’ ability to spot when something isn’t right and dismiss virtual agents can make it a tricky technology to embrace. “However, with over a quarter century’s worth of knowledge and programming, virtual agents could be so lifelike that we’re able to interact with them on a human level without a second thought. “Near-perfect personalisation and the ability to interact with customers globally based on their individual buyer journey will enable businesses to truly troubleshoot and support their customer base 24/7, without the need for human intervention - convenient for businesses and the customer.” 3. Incorporating quantum computers “While quantum computing isn’t a daily concern for business owners right now, it will become absolutely vital in powering the many other technologies we’ll be using in 2050. “Quantum computers can store and analyse data on every possible action and reaction for multiple situations to inform your avatars and virtual agents, enabling them to make successful decisions calculated by powerful algorithms. The vast amount of power that quantum computers offer is what allows the other technologies in your business to perform under all possible circumstances without needing humans to step in.” 4. Finance through futuristic banking “As business owners already know, funding and investments can’t always guarantee success, making it sometimes difficult to grow and develop your business as quickly as you would sometimes like to. “Advanced financial industry insight, combined with your business’s own financial position, will allow banks to calculate and minimise risks associated with an investment, enabling businesses to adapt through periods of rapid growth. “Banks will be able to provide the right funds and loans with a guaranteed return of investment for your business, enabling you to pay the money back with complete confidence.” Dave comments: “While most business owners would love to have a crystal ball to predict future opportunities and barriers, the reality is in the past 30 years our lives and businesses have undergone dramatic change that very few people foresaw.” Virgin Money’s report also found that while SMEs are aware of the rapid growth required for the future, 39% attribute a lack of time and 30% attribute a lack of money preventing them from using advanced technology.

Issue 7 2022 5 News Lödige Industries releases major upgrade to 5BY2 automated car parking technology allowing for larger cars and electric vehicles Scherfede/London, 14 July 2022 - Today’s cars are bigger, heavier, and more and more often electric. Lödige Industries, a leading global provider of automated parking systems, is responding to this development with a major update of its 5BY2 technology. Among other things, Lödige Industries has increased the load capacity of its parking solution to 3 tons, adapting the equipment and drives as well as expanding charging technology for electric vehicles. The new system is being deployed for the first time in a luxury residential complex in northwest London. The Lödige Industries team completed work onsite recently and is maintaining the system on the basis of a service contract. Robert Bawn, Director Car Parking Solutions at Lödige Industries, commented on the upgrades: ”We didn’t touch the essentials of our proven technology: concurrently moving pallets on individual conveyors for maximum space saving and layout flexibility,” he said. “What we did, however, was aimed at providing solutions to three key trends we have seen over the last few years: larger and heavier cars, electric vehicles and changes in user behaviour and access patterns.” Both SUVs and e-vehicles are on the rise and largely responsible for the heavier weight automated parking systems need to transport these days. For its product upgrade, Lödige Industries has therefore worked on strengthening equipment as well as improving drive technology to increase the load capacity. This enables architects and developers to cater for a wider variety of cars when they plan and design automated parking solutions for their projects, increasing the attractiveness of the resulting property to investors and users alike. Improved and expanded solution to e-charging needs Globally the number of electric vehicles is on the rise. In 2019 alone, global e-vehicle stock climbed by 43%. Architects and developers alike are forced by regulations as well as buyer intent to offer e-charging in their parking facilities. This has long been an issue for many automated parking technologies, especially since car manufacturers have yet to agree on a standard for wireless charging. The new 5BY2 offers 100% e-charging for all spaces. Following an engineering breakthrough, the new technology is resilient against dust and dirt and responds automatically to periods of high system activity to ensure vehicles can be retrieved quickly and efficiently at any time. The new e-charging technology supports individual billing per vehicle and can be retrofitted in existing systems. Furthermore, an intelligent load management system automatically exchanges a fully loaded car with an empty car, if not all parking spaces are equipped with a charging facility. Improved user experience and a new app An improved cabin setting means that drivers accessing the system are now going to benefit from a much-improved user guidance. Users of the system will enjoy the new on-screen visualisation with specific step-by-step task focused instructions, on larger, eye friendly screens. In-cabin panels have been given a modern design overhaul in line with Lödige Industries’ successful CUBILE technology and are equipped with security and motion sensors, cameras and number plate recognition technology if requested. In addition, a new app, called ParkGO!, now available in iOS and android app stores, enables users to park and recall their vehicles with the touch of a smartphone. A handy system status view allows retrieval of cars during less busy periods. With its overhaul of the cabin and introduction of the app, Lödige Industries has brought the luxury parking experience that has defined their public automated parking systems in outstanding architectural objects in Denmark and elsewhere to private parking. Efficient and space saving 5BY2 uses a sliding pallet system and provides optimal use of space in residential developments as it eliminates the need for drive or walkways within the parking system and the requirement for internal or external access ramps, the combination of which can save more than 60% of the space taken up by traditional car parks. Faster installation and commissioning times are another major benefit of the optimised 5BY2 technology. This increases the number of parallel movements possible, whilst avoiding any single point of failure. New engineering software integration also means that system configurations can be tested early in the development process using simulation programmes to optimise planning and give a greater range of viability options to developers. Latest technology in use The first to enjoy the latest generation of Lödige Industries’ proven technology are the homeowners of a luxury residential complex containing 29 luxury apartments for the over 60s on Fitzjohn’s Avenue in London. The building’s footprint could not accommodate enough conventional parking spaces and street parking was not a viable option. To meet this challenge, Lödige Industries, on behalf of the London-based residential development company Lifestory Group, installed a fully automated parking system with capacity for 29 vehicles, all equipped with electric vehicle charging docks, at a depth of 10m over two levels. Michael Baul, Managing Director UK at Lödige Industries, commented: “We have worked closely with the team at Lifestory Group since September 2020 and were delighted to offer the most space saving automated parking solution on the market today. Our upgraded 5BY2 technology works well for a wide variety of layouts, making it the optimal solution for highdensity parking projects such as this one. As the first installation of the next generation of 5BY2, the system copes well with the larger and heavier vehicles we see in our urban centres and delivers a number of key benefits both for the developer and the end user.” David Newey, Director of Development at Lifestory Group commented: “This solution ticked all our boxes. With Lödige’s 5BY2, every apartment has its own parking space and owners will benefit from a seamless parking experience; they will simply drive their car onto a pallet in a cabin, the only interface between the driver and the car park. From then on, the process is entirely automated.” Philippe de Backer, CEO of Lödige Industries said: “5BY2 was already one of the most compact automated parking systems on the market. These new features see the technology now leading the field, offering the ultimate in safe, convenient, barrier-free parking.”

Driving Digital Transformation Forward Companies need to embrace the digital revolution to survive in the world as it stands today, but the key to that change is data. The team behind Alldatum Business transform data into wisdom upon which companies can act. In Corporate Vision’s rolling series of 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, we take a closer look at the team which has earned the title of Best Data Management & Consulting Services Firm 2022 – Mexico to see how they did it. Created in 2016 by Esther Riveroll, Alldatum has revolutionised the way in which many look at the issue of data collection and interpretation. Their leading approach to data management and digital transformation strategies has inspired and empowered organisations throughout Mexico to take advantage of the new potential that is sweeping the international stage. With the simple and clear vision to “unleash digital transformation through data-driven innovation” at the core of the company, it’s little wonder that Alldatum has earned grown to such heights in such a short period of time. More and more people can see that technology is going to lead the way forward, but few are considering how best to link this technology to the clear and present human need. The team see their responsibility as instinctively collaborative, essentially creating incredible opportunities for new professionals and supporting the digitally marginalised to be a part of this brave new world. Where once word of mouth was the best tool to sell a service, now companies depend on social networks and digitalisation. These form the basis on which a company can position itself, creative happy customers, employees and partners who can support your organisation to win the market. This focus on the human factor is why the team stands apart from the competition. No other organisation prioritises the expectations of their clients, not only taking what they want into consideration, but their success more broadly too. The attitude is not simply of a contractor providing a service, but a partner who needs pragmatic and practical guidance. As a result of this approach, the team invest in real Proofs of Concept. Instead of simply showing a PowerPoint of what might be, the team construct a sample to demonstrate what is being offered and how it might best be achieved. The team behind Alldatum take the time to negotiate what they do, investing whatever it takes for their clients to get what they have both agreed to regarding a project. The impact of effective digital strategies reaches out far beyond the clients that the team are serving. Whilst obviously serving the client, the butterfly effect on others can be enormous. These companies might continue to grow, helping out the economy. They might generate new specialized employment opportunities. The impact of this work, if done in the right way, is enormous. To drive this impact demands a team of the highest calibre. They are the people who represent the values of Alldatum to potential customers. The sort of people who are hired to work here might not be experts in the solutions being sold, but they all have the right attitude to thrive, namely they are quick learners, never give up, improve, and live with the firm’s values. Hiring is done on the basis of technical, psychometric exams and three interviews, one of which is to learn more about the candidate’s personal level to see if it aligns with the team’s culture. The culture of any organisation defines how it operates, and Alldatum depends on teamwork. Staff take care of each other and support each other to reinvent and improve themselves day by day. Even in this digital era, the value of getting to know others, of being able to support

Issue 7 2022 7 them through the challenges they face is essential. Integration activities within the team means that everyone knows everyone. Technology does play an invaluable role in keeping the team connected, however. Digital collaboration tools mean that all team members are in continuous communication with their projects and the team can share everything they work on with anybody else. This deep connection is not just something that Alldatum inspired in others, it’s an approach which is key to how the business has thrived in this rapidly changing world. When Alldatum first opened its door in 2016, no one could have anticipated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked Esther Riveroll, founder and CEO, of the company how this unprecedented event impacted her innovative approach. “At the beginning, Covid had a very strong impact on our company,” she tells us. “Some of the projects we were collaborating on were halted because companies had to focus their priority on operational continuity rather than a growth and data strategy. In Mexico, there were companies that continued to work in presence at their offices, so 15 people from our team continued to work physically on our customer office and we were worried all the time and planning on how to protect them.” Whilst the internal challenges were clear, the business was soon able to benefit from companies pivoting to embrace the importance that data held. Those who thrived during the pandemic all moved towards a more digitally minded approach. “Covid has created a space for us to expand globally much faster than before the pandemic,” Esther admits. “Now we can have clients all over the world and work with them remotely and we can hire persons from anywhere. The pandemic reorganised the business models of all industries. There were industries that were more affected than others, but all those that quickly understood that the name of the game was to get on digitalisation and digitally transform themselves, were the ones who recover faster. Many focused on improving their e-commerce platforms, reinventing themselves in their operational processes and accelerate all their digital strategies that were planned for the future years.” Looking ahead, it’s clear that the plans for this impressive company will take advantage of the growth they’ve undertaken in the last couple of years. The team are constantly reviewing their business model, adapting it to suit the new growth and various innovations hitting the market. “To have your own Company is a big responsibility,” Esther tells us. “All the decisions you take will impact and influence your team, partners, customers and all the persons around you. You have the chance to impact your society.” To us at Corporate Vision, it’s clear that Esther’s impressive approach has inspired new heights of success within her company, greater than she could have predicted. “Our goal at Alldatum will continue to be the transformation of data management strategies into success for our customers in this digital age we are living,” she says. “We want to create a legacy for future generations.” As legacies go, Alldatum is one of the most impressive, with a team that seems set to redefine how organisations around the world use data to guide their decision making. We can’t wait to see what they do next. Company: Alldatum Business S.A. de C.V. Name: Esther Riveroll Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Opening Doors for Stem Cell Educator Therapy Throne Biotechnologies is 2022’s Most Promising Leaders in Biotechnology – USA. The company is advanced – unlike anything else that is currently out there – and it is utilising its research to create permanent solutions for lifechanging illnesses, such as Type 1 Diabetes. Throne Biotechnologies, also known simply as Throne, is a clinical-stage therapeutic company that boasts disruptive stem cell technology that has been proven to reverse Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), Alopecia Areata (AA), and other autoimmune diseases through immune education of Stem Cell Educator Therapy (Educator Therapy.) With three FDA-approved phase 2 INDs by using Educator Therapy to treat T1D, AA, and severe COVID-19 patients under its belt, it is abundantly clear that Throne is an international leader within the field. ‘Our 20 years of autoimmune disease research has revealed that many patients experience illness from damage to their spirit (trauma), lifestyle (bad habits), mind (stress), or relationship (abuse),’ explains Dr. Yong Zhao. ‘Stem Cell Educator® Therapy is more than an immune system reset for the body - it also provides a mental, spiritual, and lifestyle restoration. Educator Therapy® is an integrated system of treating the whole person to fundamentally eradicate the root cause of the disease and restore immune balance, leading the improvement of patients’ quality of life.’ Throne Biotechnologies is the creation of Dr. Yong Zhao, for which he acts as the CEO and President. A pioneer, Dr. Yong Zhao was the first scientist to discover CB-SC stem cells from human cord blood and is the inventor of Stem Cell Educator Therapy to treat Type 1 Diabetes and other autoimmune diseases. Over the years, he has held several esteemed positions, including scientist and professorship roles at Hackensack Meridian Health and the University of Illinois at Chicago. In addition, he holds nine patents and has been featured in 60 publications, CNN, USA Today, CBS, and additional major international news networks. His prior career as a physician informed his decision to delve into this area of research, through which he endeavours to create non-invasive cures for a plethora of diseases. His contributions to the industry can be seen throughout Throne’s work. Indeed, his research began in 2005 with the discovery of cord bloodderived stem cells (CB-SC) from human cord blood, and by 2009 this had progressed to preclinical studies in diabetic mice. By 2010, clinical trials in Type 1 Diabetic patients took place, and were swiftly followed by international multi-centre clinical trials in the United States, China, and Spain. The FDA-approved second phase of clinical trials took place in 2019. Moreover, in 2019, Throne provided the FDA with an application for Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) application, and it was accepted on the first two of the three criteria. The FDA reviewers requested additional clinical data from the second phase of its US trials, which is expected to strongly support its regenerative medicine advanced therapy (RMAT) requests for T1D and AA. ‘Educator therapy has the potential to revolutionise the treatment of T1D and eliminate the need for lifelong insulin therapy, without the safety and ethical concerns associated with conventional immune and/ or stem cell-based approaches,’ he adds. Whilst this journey has been incredibly successful, Throne has faced its fair share of challenges and setbacks. From acquiring funding to the Covid-19 pandemic, Throne and its team has had to overcome a multitude of hurdles in order to get to the position that it is currently in. Its persistence and determination have placed Throne as the developer of one of the few conventional immune therapies that have made it to phase 2 of FDA-approval – this is, quite rightly, something that it takes pride in. The spectacular nature of Throne’s work has led it to be recognised by a number of prestigious organisations. For example, Throne’s patented Stem Cell Educator technology has been named by the Juvenile Diabetes Cure Alliance (JDCA) as the leading ‘Practical Cure Project’ for Type 1 Diabetes out of 590 global projects. Additionally, Throne was listed as of the ‘5 Best BioTech Companies to Watch’ in 2022 by The Silicon Review. From CNN to USA Today, Throne has been championed as a leader – an innovator – and its successes have been showcased on many internationally renowned media platforms. Throne’s past has been filled with abundance, but what does its future look like? Dr. Yong Zhao notes, ‘Unlike the traditional model for drug marketing where a product is distributed through established channels, delivery of Educator Therapy will require the establishment of multiple treatment centres around the world through the Throne Business Model that combines an apheresis/infusion facility with a GMP production/treatment facility.’ Consequently, Throne’s GMP facility, which is located in Paramus, NJ, is currently applying for Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT) accreditation, which establishes standards that Throne can use to implement a high quality medical and laboratory practice in cellular therapies. The Throne GMP facility will blossom from its current home in the New York metropolitan area and will delve into expanding throughout the United States and major global territories. Contact: Yong Zhao Company: Throne Biotechnologies Web Address: Throne Biotechnologies, also known simply as Throne, is a clinical-stage therapeutic company that boasts disruptive stem cell technology that has been proven to reverse Type 1 Diabetes (T1D), Alopecia Areata (AA), and other autoimmune diseases through immune education of Stem Cell Educator Therapy (Educator Therapy.)

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Modern Recruitment for the Digital Age Jobilla, as ‘2022’s Leading AI-Powered Recruitment Technology Startup’, has cut its teeth on serving the modern jobseeker, and the modern employer. With an increasingly globalised and digital job market, and an international push for industries everywhere to adapt themselves to fit a busier and busier new epoch in which recruitment and employment are big concerns, Jobilla has made itself an invaluable partner to its clients. Critically, it matches talent with those seeking said talent, bringing the importance of personality and ambition back to recruitment whilst cutting the bloatware of traditional mediums. Operating with a digital headhunt in mind, Jobilla is a recruitment agency that recruits people in a candidate driven manner. Fundamentally, its efforts are in finding the right role for the right person, in a process that eliminates the unnecessary stress and bloatware from online recruitment by utilising the power of artificial intelligence. It can take up to only 3 minutes for the candidates to participate in a candidate driven environment, allowing them to participate in a quicker, easier process that benefits both the recruiter and the recruited parties in a job-hunting scenario. Moreover, Jobilla’s companies benefit from their roles being advertised to people who are not actively looking for a job, but who would be interested if one came up, ensuring that no one misses out on a potentially game changing opportunity. Its clients – people from all manner of different sectors with all manner of different skills – vary in experience level and focus, creating a diverse pool of candidates that each boast their own unique talents displayed in a way that breathe new life into the job market and replace the legacy processes that tend to strip the humanity from recruitment. If one cannot get a sense of what kind of person they are recruiting, after all, then the tool they are using is effectively worse than useless. This is because in order to gauge whether someone is a good fit for a role, one must first know more about them than just their qualifications. A job is more than just what one has the capacity to achieve, but about how one will fit into the wider scheme of a company, including participating in teams and working in tandem with the organisation’s overall goals. When this is achieved, an organisation can build a strong pool of staff with which they will be able to achieve new heights of success that would otherwise be unobtainable; Jobilla is excited to be able to be the recruitment agency able to make this happen, and the agency able to help employees move from an unfulfilling job to a fulfilling one. Nominally, it encourages workers to know their worth and to never settle for a job role or company that is not right for them. Instead, it hopes to show these talented people the vast array of businesses crying out for people with their attitudes and skillsets that will suit them much better than their current employment, taking the difficult and cumbersome elements out of job hunting. It does this by way of artificial intelligence, matchmaking, digital marketing, and behavioural sciences. This provides employers and employees with an innovative recruit and job-seeking platform that can unlock boundless human potential and able to keep up seamlessly with changing job market trends by being built by the people behind said trends: the users. Established and developed by young entrepreneurs with a clear-cut vision of what the future of the job market could be, Jobilla’s commitment to its vision has been unshakable. With jobhunting having been a frustrating and time-consuming experience for each of the founders, they founded Jobilla on their faith that there was a better option. Indeed, Jobilla has become this better option, allowing young people and established companies alike access to an emerging new paradigm that is easily accessible and easily understood without hours of sinking time and effort into a position that may or may not be right. Since then, it has been established in over 50 different countries and given reward as among the best top 100 software firms in the world by G2. This has been measured on customer satisfaction alone, hence the absolute value Jobilla has put in this accreditation: it is something that its customer base and its customer base alone has made possible, and something it wishes to extend its thanks out to them for. With its clients continued trust, its commitment to maintaining this trust, and its exemplary ability to remain ahead of the pack both in job-seeking and in software development, it is truly bucking the trend of remaining traditional jobhunting methods. Leading from the front like thus has rendered many of these archaic methods totally obsolete. Bringing back the human connection between candidate and recruiter, its efforts have created a tailor-made and adjustable hiring process that is equal parts platform and partner, working with corporate entities and candidates alike. In putting no party above the other in terms of importance, it creates a space in which candidates have the power over their own employment, and businesses have access to an exemplary talent pool through which they feel like they can get to know their potential candidate. With a sustainable driving force for better at the helm and a running trend of bettering the global recruitment industry prevailing in its business model, it also has been built to be used on both an as-needed and lifelong basis. Users can dip into Jobilla to help them find their next career move, or have it at their right hand throughout their career in order to ensure they are maintaining the path they wish to maintain, able to keep an eye on the fluctuating trends of the job market whilst not wasting hours of time in jobhunting the traditional way, which can be incredibly hit or miss. Designed to befit a new era of workers, and a prevailing paradigm in which digital is the norm for more and more industries that were previously far more analogue, its forecast is continued growth. Additionally, the pandemic’s new global approach to work life has brought about entirely new perspectives for workers, and a more global one at that, as physical location matters far less than it used to for the employers and employees of the world in equal measure. Looking forward to continuing its push for better in the jobseeking world, this innovative young time is determined to keep going from strength to strength, and is excited to continue making its name in this manner long into the future, earning an unblemished reputation amongst its market segment as a result. Company: Jobilla Contact: Pekka Nebelung Website:

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To aid in this, AddingZEROS instils five organisational disciplines in leaders: strategy, business development, people, execution, and mission. It does this by teaching them how to be better executives in their communication, relationships, their personal planning and implementation. When executives grow, the team grows. When the team grows, the business grows. Monte believes that strategic planning no longer works, with him saying, “Yes, we must plan and prepare for the future. But the old way of strategic planning is no longer effective. We must think strategically in how we have leverage, how we scale, and how marketable we are, to maximise the opportunity we are choosing to address in the marketplace. In going through this process, we must balance people and productivity. Too many times, strategic planning solely focuses on the results or financials of the business. Team retention, engagement, and recruitment must also be discussed and acted on. We help our clients see how everything is connected and how management must be fully engaged themselves.” AddingZEROS has a 10-year goal of impacting one million executives. And its team is constantly looking for great facilitators and thought leaders to help serve its global client base. So many businesses are re-evaluating their strategy, their direction, and their team engagement – And AddingZEROS’ unique process is making a big impact, with client results being very rewarding. Company: AddingZEROS Executive Development Contact: Monte Wyatt Email: [email protected] Website: May22487 Leading with Clarity AddingZEROS is an executive development firm helping CEOs and executives bring clarity to how they lead and manage their organisations. It provides companies with the tools and the guidance to add zeros in every aspect of their business – revenue, margin, profit, customer acquisition, customer retention, employee engagement, employment retention, and community involvement. In light of AddingZEROS being recognised as Best Mid-Market Executive Development Services Provider – 2022, we got in touch with CEO, Monte Wyatt to learn more about how his team helps those in management positions to achieve exponential growth. The foundation of AddingZEROS’ teachings and work with clients is based on its definition of a successful business. A successful business is sustainable, predictable, stable, consistent, and has an emotional connection. ‘Sustainable’, meaning the business should outlast everyone that is in it. ‘Predictable’, meaning it knows which actions create which results to predict the future. ‘Stable’ is all about people. Stability is created through high engagement and high retention of team members. ‘Consistency’ makes it clear what to expect from a company or department, no matter who is being interacted with. ‘Emotional Connection’ means that people love the company and its team and why they do what they do. A company can have great revenue and profit but not be considered successful. This definition was created to help organisations of every size succeed in the business world. Revenue and profit are needed in a business, but they are only two measurements of success. AddingZEROS helps teams and organisations to ensure their present and future are successful. CEO, Monte Wyatt says, “We believe that both leadership and management in every business is needed more than ever right now. Meaning, the team needs to be led and guided appropriately. Leadership and management are used synonymously, which I believe is incorrect. Leadership is a behaviour, and management is a role and responsibility. To ensure they are understood, we define them separately. Leadership is influence through passion and focus. Management creates competent and productive teams. Influence through passion and focus creates excitement about who we are, where we are going, and why we are different than everyone else. “As a manager, our role is to ensure that our team knows how to do their job at its highest level and that we are productive in getting results. At AddingZEROS, we help our clients gain leadership and management skills through our process called “Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning”. Thinking strategically is about seeing the big picture, understanding that everything is connected, and every decision impacts everyone else. Critical thinking (for the big picture) is a skill that everyone can learn. Execution planning ensures that everyone is on the same page, knows who is responsible for what by when, and we are aligned with the results that we are after. When our clients experience “Strategic Thinking, Execution Planning,” they are better able to not only lead and manage their organisation better, but are able to adapt to their challenges more effectively.” The services provided by AddingZEROS are particularly needed in today’s business world with multiple current negative trends including staff retention, recruitment challenges, market fluctuations, and market disruptions. Monte shares his view on this with us, “We are all experiencing “The Great Resignation”, where every business has been impacted by employees leaving for various reasons. My belief is that this is a “Great Excuse”. Meaning this has been occurring for years. COVID just made it more prevalent and increased the numbers. It is an excuse because organisations and executives need to take ownership of creating reasons for people to stay. Not pay reasons alone. Employees must have an emotional connection to the company they work for. Executives must influence and create great cultures of caring for employees, making work impactful, and having their team excited about the company’s direction and future.”

Issue 7 2022 13 May22048 Supply Chain Innovation Austin Data Labs deploys data science at the heart of the global food supply chain to help its clients keep the world fed. A global AI-based B2B data science SaaS company based in the United States, with a presence spanning Brazil, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Austin Data Labs is dedicated to building cutting-edge data science products, predictive machine learning software, and artificial intelligence solutions for the global commodity agriculture and beverage industry. As Corporate Vision awards the company for its agriculture data science platform, scAIcloud®, being most innovative, we take a closer look. Austin Data Labs is a company that strives to be the backbone in times of increasing volatility. With deep industry expertise, Austin Data Labs is able to quickly unlock hidden value within the global food supply chain, serving the meat, dairy, grain, poultry, seafood, produce, and food and beverage industries. The company also touches on the consumer packaged goods and retail grocery industries, but its deep hands-on knowledge of disassembly-driven agricultural production elevates the success of its award-winning data science platform, scAIcloud®. Austin Data Labs leverages its platform within and around the client’s existing systems so its planners can go home on time every day knowing they accomplished their mission: keeping the world’s food chain moving. The AI-based data science scAIcloud® platform is comprised of the scAIapp™ and scAIcore™ modules, addressing the most challenging aspects of food production which are waste, planning, and forecasting in an increasing volatile world. This improves efficiency and increases profit while helping supply operations teams make the best decisions, quickly and accurately. The platform and its modules easily adapt to fit any organisation, using the right combination of AI, mathematical optimisation, time-series forecasting, and statistics to support unique data needs.. The secret behind Austin Data Labs’ success? Its 100% global, remotefirst team, of course. CTO, Sushil Verma PhD and CEO, Simon Drake co-founded Austin Data Labs with values of curiosity, empathy, flexibility, great communication, science, and a desire to use technology to keep the planet fed. The company’s internal culture of communication, listening, knowledge sharing, and empathy contributes not only to its own success, but also to its customers’ success – and this was instrumental in winning an Inc. Magazine Best Workplaces award this year. Indeed, Austin Data Labs has been in a unique position with its remote team from day one, to help its customers adjust to their new normal of remote work and with an increasingly volatile supply chain. It was able to deploy change management assistant seamlessly with implementations of its software. Now, the company is focused on releasing some exciting new products later this year – Keep an eye on the Austin Data Labs website for updates! Company: Austin Data Labs Contact: Leslie Poston, CMO Email: [email protected] Website:

maintaining a solid foundation upon which to build his firm. He resolves domestic and international matters that could be tough cases for another individual. It is with his seasoned knowledge that he has exceeded in the industry, surpassing his competitors and leading MCMS to premier conflict resolution firm. MCMS specialises in providing services to policy holders – Condo Associations, municipalities, property managers, and individuals – to ensure they receive a complete and prompt indemnification from their insurance company. It is Henry and MCMS’ mission to perform duties to protect and succeed for each client, so that they may receive the money that they deserve. This mission is derived from the passion of the team, and Henry has formed this team based on his own experience and goals – not only does Henry sport the enthusiasm needed to prosper, but he gains the respect from insurance firms for his unparalleled commitment and results. He brings fair, wellprincipled, and innovative solutions to each case and this truly reflects his expertise in the area. For all the reasons listed above and many more besides, Henry was recognised as the Leading Insurance Claims Management Specialist of the year. Contact: Henry Rodríguez Company: Municipal Claims Management Services Web Address: May22382 Get The Money You Deserve Henry Rodríguez created Municipal Claims Management Services on the back of a passion to support policyholders right of indemnification. Since its founding, it has worked with over 12,000 clients and has recovered more than $1,000,000,000. Following this incredible achievement, Henry was rewarded the title of Leading Insurance Claims Management Specialist 2022 for the state of Florida. By all regards, multifamily or business property damage can be daunting, difficult, and stressful – this is where Municipal Claims Management Services (MCMS) comes in as it endeavours to change the process. It is of utmost importance to work with insurance companies and claims adjusters however, to the novice policyholder this can further confuse and complicate things. MCMS knows that things can take a turn for the worse for individuals looking to claim on their insurance, resulting in more than 60% of policy holders complaining about unscrupulous claim handling practices and low offers, with the number increasing to 95% in some states. Not only does MCMS work tirelessly to resolve claim issues, but it also ensures fast settlements and a guided process that is fair and beneficial to its clients. Working with legal departments, municipalities, engineers, remediation specialists, and other stakeholders, MCMS closes each claim in a swift manner – reliably, reasonably, and respectfully. Further, with over 30 years of professional development and success, Henry Rodríguez has driven MCMS to a height of unmatched quality of service and results. As a Director of Disputed Claims at MCMS, Henry has pushed the very boundaries of success for himself, and for the business. Designated as a Court appointed Special Master, Henry has served as a representative of the court appointed to hear cases involving difficult or specialized issues. As Special Masters are officers of the court, they usually serve in a QuasiJudicial role at the pleasure of the appointing court. With this experience, Henry has exceptional skill when it comes to dealing with appraisals and multifamily buildings claims. Working claims consultancy as an appraiser and umpire, Henry has built quite the repertoire – guaranteeing a positive outcome for all of his clients. Ultimately, Henry has worked with fire claims, losses, hurricaine appeals, homeowner and condominium owner associations, and more. Not only is he highly skilled and refined in his profession, but he is extremely personable, leaving a great impression on each of his clients. Having managed multiple disputes valued over $50,000,000, Henry has become a very accomplished Certified Insurance Appraiser, Adjuster, and Umpire in his lengthy career span. Equally, Henry has gained recognition for his service in FL, NJ, PA, and MIA, receiving certificates for his assistance in disaster recover and disputed claims resolutions. Licensed in multiple states, with a wide scope of certifications such as CPAU, CEOP, and more, Henry has focused his energy on creating and MCMS and Henry are here for you. They are devoted to serving you to provide a premium outcome. If you’re interested in collaborating with Henry, or if you have any inquiries about the process or how you can hire MCMS, please use the following email, as the company is always happy to listen to your case or answer your questions. Email: [email protected]

Issue 7 2022 15 It also operates as a part of the Be Basque Network, comprising 18,000+ professionals spanning over 100 countries and over 500 Basque organisations, aiming to build connections for these talented individuals. Offering business relationships, the movement of talent and many opportunities for those looking to be a part of the Basque Country, regardless of its territorial origin. The network maintains open channels with other organisations so that all can benefit from its findings. An example of this is providing its information to Lanbide (Basque Employment Service) for use in adjusting its registered applicants’ training to improve their employability. Another would be the 2014 ‘Horizon 2020 – Analysis on the talent needs in the Basque Country’ study; the network successfully identifying talent gaps for highly qualified individuals in all the areas of the Basque labour market by 2020, years before it would truly be felt and begin work to rectify them. Bizkaia Talent is an agency dedicated to bettering the individuals, organisations, and areas it works within, looking to enrich the Basque Country and all working within it. The marriage of those ideals creates a bold and nuanced approach to talent acquisition that truly makes Bizkaia stand head and shoulders above all others. Contact: Ivan Jimenez Company: Bizkaia Talent Web Address: May22142 Bringing Brilliance to the Basque The Basque Country is a gorgeous location with a rich centre, retaining a solid cultural identity whilst inviting people from all over the world to integrate. Bizkaia Talent is one of many providing those invitations; the Best Talent Management Company 2022 – Basque Country award in the hands of this agency focused on recruiting, engaging, and retaining talent in the Bilbao-Bizkaia area. Established in 2005 as a non-profit organisation, Bizkaia Talent has a clear mission: foster and craft the necessary conditions for attracting highly qualified people to Bilbao, the Historic Territory of Bizkaia and the Basque Country in general. With the support of the Department for Economic Development of the Provincial Council of Bizkaia in this endeavour, this is a serious venture designed to facilitate the appropriate environment where professionals can make substantive connections and remain in the area, dealing with specific areas and sectors of knowledge and innovation. When working with individuals, Bizkaia Talent works alongside experts in technology, researchers, professors, and professionals across companies, universities, or other organisations. Providing whatever support necessary for those coming to work as collaborators, consultants or experts in projects developed in and across the Historic Territory. There is a sharp focus on those working in sciences, technology, or other innovative spheres (such as eco-innovation and new materials) as the focus of Bizkaia Talents – and the larger Be Basque Network is a mutual transaction; the mutual enrichment of the History territory and those who work and collaborate within it. It assists by managing job offers from the organisations that collaborate with them, offers free advice regarding travel and emigration to the area and even provides a service for students to develop valuable talents across university degrees. It offers these services, and so much more, free of charge, all whilst operating as an intermediary between many parties, compiling knowledge to pass along to those contacts to provide opportunities for as many talented people as it has within its records.