Issue 7 2022

Issue 7 2022 5 News Lödige Industries releases major upgrade to 5BY2 automated car parking technology allowing for larger cars and electric vehicles Scherfede/London, 14 July 2022 - Today’s cars are bigger, heavier, and more and more often electric. Lödige Industries, a leading global provider of automated parking systems, is responding to this development with a major update of its 5BY2 technology. Among other things, Lödige Industries has increased the load capacity of its parking solution to 3 tons, adapting the equipment and drives as well as expanding charging technology for electric vehicles. The new system is being deployed for the first time in a luxury residential complex in northwest London. The Lödige Industries team completed work onsite recently and is maintaining the system on the basis of a service contract. Robert Bawn, Director Car Parking Solutions at Lödige Industries, commented on the upgrades: ”We didn’t touch the essentials of our proven technology: concurrently moving pallets on individual conveyors for maximum space saving and layout flexibility,” he said. “What we did, however, was aimed at providing solutions to three key trends we have seen over the last few years: larger and heavier cars, electric vehicles and changes in user behaviour and access patterns.” Both SUVs and e-vehicles are on the rise and largely responsible for the heavier weight automated parking systems need to transport these days. For its product upgrade, Lödige Industries has therefore worked on strengthening equipment as well as improving drive technology to increase the load capacity. This enables architects and developers to cater for a wider variety of cars when they plan and design automated parking solutions for their projects, increasing the attractiveness of the resulting property to investors and users alike. Improved and expanded solution to e-charging needs Globally the number of electric vehicles is on the rise. In 2019 alone, global e-vehicle stock climbed by 43%. Architects and developers alike are forced by regulations as well as buyer intent to offer e-charging in their parking facilities. This has long been an issue for many automated parking technologies, especially since car manufacturers have yet to agree on a standard for wireless charging. The new 5BY2 offers 100% e-charging for all spaces. Following an engineering breakthrough, the new technology is resilient against dust and dirt and responds automatically to periods of high system activity to ensure vehicles can be retrieved quickly and efficiently at any time. The new e-charging technology supports individual billing per vehicle and can be retrofitted in existing systems. Furthermore, an intelligent load management system automatically exchanges a fully loaded car with an empty car, if not all parking spaces are equipped with a charging facility. Improved user experience and a new app An improved cabin setting means that drivers accessing the system are now going to benefit from a much-improved user guidance. Users of the system will enjoy the new on-screen visualisation with specific step-by-step task focused instructions, on larger, eye friendly screens. In-cabin panels have been given a modern design overhaul in line with Lödige Industries’ successful CUBILE technology and are equipped with security and motion sensors, cameras and number plate recognition technology if requested. In addition, a new app, called ParkGO!, now available in iOS and android app stores, enables users to park and recall their vehicles with the touch of a smartphone. A handy system status view allows retrieval of cars during less busy periods. With its overhaul of the cabin and introduction of the app, Lödige Industries has brought the luxury parking experience that has defined their public automated parking systems in outstanding architectural objects in Denmark and elsewhere to private parking. Efficient and space saving 5BY2 uses a sliding pallet system and provides optimal use of space in residential developments as it eliminates the need for drive or walkways within the parking system and the requirement for internal or external access ramps, the combination of which can save more than 60% of the space taken up by traditional car parks. Faster installation and commissioning times are another major benefit of the optimised 5BY2 technology. This increases the number of parallel movements possible, whilst avoiding any single point of failure. New engineering software integration also means that system configurations can be tested early in the development process using simulation programmes to optimise planning and give a greater range of viability options to developers. Latest technology in use The first to enjoy the latest generation of Lödige Industries’ proven technology are the homeowners of a luxury residential complex containing 29 luxury apartments for the over 60s on Fitzjohn’s Avenue in London. The building’s footprint could not accommodate enough conventional parking spaces and street parking was not a viable option. To meet this challenge, Lödige Industries, on behalf of the London-based residential development company Lifestory Group, installed a fully automated parking system with capacity for 29 vehicles, all equipped with electric vehicle charging docks, at a depth of 10m over two levels. Michael Baul, Managing Director UK at Lödige Industries, commented: “We have worked closely with the team at Lifestory Group since September 2020 and were delighted to offer the most space saving automated parking solution on the market today. Our upgraded 5BY2 technology works well for a wide variety of layouts, making it the optimal solution for highdensity parking projects such as this one. As the first installation of the next generation of 5BY2, the system copes well with the larger and heavier vehicles we see in our urban centres and delivers a number of key benefits both for the developer and the end user.” David Newey, Director of Development at Lifestory Group commented: “This solution ticked all our boxes. With Lödige’s 5BY2, every apartment has its own parking space and owners will benefit from a seamless parking experience; they will simply drive their car onto a pallet in a cabin, the only interface between the driver and the car park. From then on, the process is entirely automated.” Philippe de Backer, CEO of Lödige Industries said: “5BY2 was already one of the most compact automated parking systems on the market. These new features see the technology now leading the field, offering the ultimate in safe, convenient, barrier-free parking.”