Issue 7 2022

Issue 7 2022 7 them through the challenges they face is essential. Integration activities within the team means that everyone knows everyone. Technology does play an invaluable role in keeping the team connected, however. Digital collaboration tools mean that all team members are in continuous communication with their projects and the team can share everything they work on with anybody else. This deep connection is not just something that Alldatum inspired in others, it’s an approach which is key to how the business has thrived in this rapidly changing world. When Alldatum first opened its door in 2016, no one could have anticipated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. We asked Esther Riveroll, founder and CEO, of the company how this unprecedented event impacted her innovative approach. “At the beginning, Covid had a very strong impact on our company,” she tells us. “Some of the projects we were collaborating on were halted because companies had to focus their priority on operational continuity rather than a growth and data strategy. In Mexico, there were companies that continued to work in presence at their offices, so 15 people from our team continued to work physically on our customer office and we were worried all the time and planning on how to protect them.” Whilst the internal challenges were clear, the business was soon able to benefit from companies pivoting to embrace the importance that data held. Those who thrived during the pandemic all moved towards a more digitally minded approach. “Covid has created a space for us to expand globally much faster than before the pandemic,” Esther admits. “Now we can have clients all over the world and work with them remotely and we can hire persons from anywhere. The pandemic reorganised the business models of all industries. There were industries that were more affected than others, but all those that quickly understood that the name of the game was to get on digitalisation and digitally transform themselves, were the ones who recover faster. Many focused on improving their e-commerce platforms, reinventing themselves in their operational processes and accelerate all their digital strategies that were planned for the future years.” Looking ahead, it’s clear that the plans for this impressive company will take advantage of the growth they’ve undertaken in the last couple of years. The team are constantly reviewing their business model, adapting it to suit the new growth and various innovations hitting the market. “To have your own Company is a big responsibility,” Esther tells us. “All the decisions you take will impact and influence your team, partners, customers and all the persons around you. You have the chance to impact your society.” To us at Corporate Vision, it’s clear that Esther’s impressive approach has inspired new heights of success within her company, greater than she could have predicted. “Our goal at Alldatum will continue to be the transformation of data management strategies into success for our customers in this digital age we are living,” she says. “We want to create a legacy for future generations.” As legacies go, Alldatum is one of the most impressive, with a team that seems set to redefine how organisations around the world use data to guide their decision making. We can’t wait to see what they do next. Company: Alldatum Business S.A. de C.V. Name: Esther Riveroll Email: [email protected] Web Address: