Issue 7 2023

Offering live training and an online learning environment for developers – Cydrill Sergeant ( – Cydrill provides invaluable knowledge with a yearly subscription for business use. With Cydrill, professionals are able to catch problems early on, within the software development process, so that it doesn’t cost more to fix down the line. This not only saves money, but it saves other precious resources such as time – allowing us to concentrate on genuine and sustainable cyber resilience for the years to come. Partner this with the genius structure of its courses, which have been tailored to be enjoyable, intuitive, and interactive, and you’ve got a company that’s fully invested in educating through new and exciting methods. It understands that each organization has unique needs, and works to tailor its training depending on their individual requirements. Cydrill is a fantastic example of a cybersecurity business that has the wellbeing of its clients at its core, and will go above and beyond to provide solutions to real-world problems through its simulated experiences. Cydrill’s dedication to creating more green teams within cyberspace means that it shifts the focus from reactive measures to proactive sustainable resilience. Its transparent, open, and knowledgeable approach ensures that our work can be more strong and secure now and in the long run. Cydrill has truly ensured that all of its bases are covered when approaching its cybersecurity education programmes. With numbers reaching into the thousands in terms of the individuals that it has assisted, Cydrill has proven again and again that it is the best choice for those looking to tighten up their skillset and keep programming from muscle memory – ultimately giving them the edge over any pre-made tools out there. This way, individuals can be much more than reactive, they can be completely proactive in their daily endeavours. No matter your requirements as a software developer, Cydrill has various coding instructors who will be there to lend a helping hand. It guarantees a permanent solution to anyone’s cybersecurity issues, and seeks to make a change that’ll last its clients’ businesses a lifetime. Regardless of whether a developer requires a complete overhaul of their cybersecurity knowledge, or is simply looking for that extra layer of defence, Cydrill has all of the necessary tools at its disposal to produce frequent, award-winning results. Contact: László Drajkó – CEO Company: Cydrill Software Security Web Address: Apr23185 Filling Your Cybersecurity Blindspot The further our world treads into the digital age, the more paramount it’s become to ensure software developers sharpen their skillsets and build upon their fine craftsmanship. Now, despite its airtight security, we have been given an exclusive peek into the inner workings of Cydrill Software Security (Cydrill), and how it came to earn its 2023’s Leading Cybersecurity Software Training Provider award title. In 2022 cybercrime surged, creating 8.4 trillion USD in irreparable damages. However, we’ve found a business that helps to further educate people to help put a stop to this. As Cydrill understands that cybersecurity has become a giant industry for our digital age, it has developed learning facilities that enable professionals to build upon what they already know of the cutting-edge sector. Cydrill cultivates a learning environment whereby software engineers can build upon their knowledge and experience. It delivers sustainable resilience to its clients so that they can expand their expertise and keep it at a level that ensures their coding is always up to date. Sustainable resilience is of utmost importance as we continue on our journey of keeping the cyber realm safe. Cydrill gives us access to invaluable information, empowers development teams in coding responsibly, and emphasizes secure development. It focuses on the concepts put forward by OWASP (Open Worldwide Application Security Project) in order to thrive, and help its clients to flourish too. OWASP presents the concept of security roles between Builders (green), Breakers (red), and Defenders (blue), and Cydrill translates this concept through everything that it does on a daily basis. This sustainable “green team” concept is absolutely making waves within the cybersecurity industry, especially as it pushes sustainability to the forefront. This has not only ensured the steady growth of Cydrill itself, but it has guaranteed a deeper level of understanding amongst its clients. The green teams that Cydrill talks of are teams that will thereby protect us, and our businesses, in the cyber world. By homing in on keeping architects, developers, and testers safe – with secure coding literacy, refreshing, and up-skilling – Cydrill has created an atmosphere of sustained readiness for the future. As the cyber world always evolves, Cydrill believes that we should all measure our skills frequently to ensure we are safe and progressing in the right direction. Not only are its courses incredibly in depth in terms of replicating what developers can expect from all too common cyberattacks, but they’re led by experts who are masters of their craft. The team at Cydrill understands every part of the process, and it is this remarkable prowess that lends itself to the award-winning qualities of its e-learning environments. Providing more than painkillers for the cybersecurity risks, Cydrill offers smart prevention strategies that are able to address the root causes of our pain. Its “blended learning journey for software engineers ensures secure coding readiness, with its gamified environment and content, prepared to create the future green teams of cybersecurity.” “This inclusive approach brings together developers, security experts, and business leaders to create a holistic strategy that addresses cybersecurity challenges at their core.”