Issue 7 2023

Issue 7 2023 Transforming Sustainable Investing FundingHope is revolutionising how startups and small businesses raise capital and contribute to a safer, cleaner, healthier future in disadvantaged communities while also making a meaningful difference in their own communities. We speak to Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dorian Dickinson to discover the positive impact that FundingHope is having and how it has earned the title of Most Innovative Investment Crowdfunding Platform 2023 – USA in this issue of Corporate Vision magazine.

Welcome to the July issue of Corporate Vision magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. July might just be the best month, with its gloriously long and sunny days. At this time of year, it feels as though we have more time to get things done, and it also seems easier to make sure we get that healthy work-life balance. I hope you’re getting to spend plenty of time in the sunshine with your loved ones this summer. Now, I present to you this issue’s cover feature, FundingHope, who have highly deservingly earned the title of Most Innovative Investment Crowdfunding Platform 2023 – USA. We speak to Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dorian Dickinson to gain an insight into the positive change that FundingHope is having on disadvantaged communities all around the world, being a first-of-its-kind platform that enables anyone to invest in a cause that matters to them. I hope you enjoy reading through this issue and wish you a wonderful month ahead. In the meantime, I look forward to welcoming you back again for the August edition of Corporate Vision. Rebecca Scotland, Editor Website: Editorial Team Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor | Rebecca Scotland, Editor Alejandra Garcia, Writer | Isabella Mifsud, Writer Emily Godbol, Writer | Michelle Strozykowski, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Graphic Designer AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Issue 7 2023 3 Contents 4. News 6. FundingHope LLC: Transforming Sustainable Investing 7. Guardian: Scaling Heights with Safety, Innovation, and a Strong Culture 10. Cydrill Software Security: Filling Your Cybersecurity Blindspot 12. Nebula Global Services: A Customer Success-Obsessed Approach to IT Solutions 13. OpticWise: Pioneering Connectivity and Empowering Real Estate Owners 14. Bright Machines: Rethinking How And Where Products Are Manufactured

4 Data reveals growing use of employee L&D strategies New data shows sustained growth in the numbers of businesses and employees actively using online and mobile-based training to boost wider Learning and Development strategies and improve staff retention. The number of users accessing accredited video-based eLearning courses via the employee benefits app Engage rose by 10% from April to May, based on analysis by the mobile platform’s provider HIVE360. The workplace training and employee development programs available on the Engage app cover Health & Safety, HR and Business compliance, management development, and a range of soft skills. “The skills shortage is at an all-time high, and recruitment remains a top challenge for the majority of businesses, pushing employee retention to the top of the agenda,” says HIVE360 CEO, David McCormack. “People are positive about businesses with a healthy culture that includes clear opportunities for professional development, L&D, training, and reskilling, and is a desirable benefit that is encouraging employee loyalty. Retaining staff is also significantly cheaper than recruiting new or replacement employees, with the average cost currently estimated as around half of the job role’s annual salary. “Helping and encouraging staff training also has a huge impact on improving employee productivity, wellbeing, and job satisfaction, as well as on levels of employee engagement. At a time when retention is shaping up to be the new recruitment strategy, it certainly seems that growing numbers of businesses are providing training for employees to address this, along with implementing strategies to support identifying and plugging workers’ skills gaps, in order to support a stable, happy workforce, and business continuity.” HIVE360 provides its Engage Employee Benefits app as standard to businesses that outsource payroll and statutory employment responsibilities to the company. The customisable digital mobile employee benefits and rewards app is available in 120 languages, has an average 100,000 user sessions each month, and includes My Training, My Health, My Money, My Discounts, and My Work features. The app’s user data for May also shows an increase in the number of users accessing the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) suite, which includes tools and resources to support employees achieve and maintain positive physical and mental health at work. Also topping the number of user sessions were discounts on gym memberships and exercise classes, and financial discounts on day-to-day shopping and living expenses for major retailers such as Asda, Sainsbury, Tesco, and Morrisons. HIVE360’s expert, compliant and reliable PAYE payroll support and comprehensive employment support solutions for businesses, recruiters and recruitment agencies, their workforce and candidates, ensure full HMRC, RTI, GLAA and IR35 compliance. It provides its employee benefits and wellbeing package via its unique Engage Employee Benefits app as standard and at no extra charge to businesses that outsource to the company.

Issue 7 2023 5 News TMT Analysis acquires Phronesis Technologies Ltd expanding its customer verification and authentication services. • The acquisition, which closed today, is for 100% of the shares in Phronesis Technologies Ltd and will enable TMT to offer its existing and new customers an extended portfolio of products and data sets. • The deal further enables TMT to expand its range of identity services and grow its customer base. • The acquisition accelerates TMT’s ambition to be a leading provider of mobile and device intelligence globally, trusted by many of the world’s leading businesses. TMT Analysis (TMT), a leading mobile number and device intelligence company has acquired UK based Phronesis Technologies Ltd. The deal enables TMT to further expand its range of products and services in the growing mobile and device identity market. In today’s increasingly digital world, the importance of having stringent authentication and verification checks in place for organisations is becoming increasingly important across multiple industries and geographies. The global digital identity management solutions market has grown significantly over the last few years and is projected to reach $70.8 billion by 2030. TMT’s acquisition of Phronesis marks a significant step in the firm’s journey towards cementing its position as one of the world’s go-to mobile identity companies, capitalising on the rapidly growing market, helping businesses around the world to protect their reputations by adhering to ever-evolving regulatory requirements, and cementing trust amongst their customers. John Wilkinson, CEO and Co-founder at TMT Analysis said: “We are thrilled to welcome Phronesis into the TMT family. Over the years, Phronesis has been serving brands using smart technology to verify their users. The acquisition enables us to offer these clients richer, more enhanced insights in mobile number intelligence.” “For TMT, this is just the first step in our mission of becoming a leading provider of mobile identity services in the global digital identity market. As the need for our solutions increases, we have seen strong organic growth and have plans for further acquisitions in the market. We’re looking forward to further enhancing our offering though this acquisition, rolling out our services to more organisations across the globe.” James Trenholme, CEO of Phronesis, said: “With the dangers of fraud at an all-time high it is more important than ever to offer unique mobile insight that safeguard our digital identities and protect that super important customer experience. I am delighted that Phronesis will continue to provide mobile network biometrics services as part of the wider TMT group of companies.”

Jun23252 Transforming Sustainable Investing FundingHope is revolutionising how startups and small businesses raise capital and contribute to a safer, cleaner, healthier future in disadvantaged communities while also making a meaningful difference in their own communities. We speak to Co-Founder and Managing Director, Dorian Dickinson to discover the positive impact that FundingHope is having and how it has earned the title of Most Innovative Investment Crowdfunding Platform 2023 – USA in this issue of Corporate Vision magazine. FundingHope is the first of its kind, the go-to online investment marketplace which connects impact investors with entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises (SMEs), with a focus on achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets in distressed, at-risk, and rural communities. Dorian tells us, “We’re transforming how impact investments reach those who have been left behind by big banks and Wall Street, and we are providing a platform so everyone can invest in those most in need.” The aim of the platform is to list private investment opportunities for the general public, so anyone can feel empowered to become an investor in the entrepreneurs they believe in and provide their support towards growing a more sustainable planet. Whether passionate about the environment, a more equitable future, renewable energy, health and sanitation, or food insecurity, every investment makes an impact that encourages positive change both on a local and global scale. For the past decade, Dorian Dickinson has worked tirelessly to improve communities that need it most across the United States and around the world. His experience has led him to believe that traditional funding models are broken, as he explains, “Entrepreneurs and small business owners in these communities often experience the greatest difficulties accessing legitimate financial resources, and traditional capital sources are typically unavailable or prohibitively costly.” Dorian is joined by FundingHope Co-Founder, Dr John Johanson, and they both believe that poverty hotspots represent a serious challenge to the “leave no one behind” spirit of the UN sustainability goals, and they put residents at increased risk for poverty and food insecurity, mental illness, chronic disease, higher mortality, diminished earning capacity, and lower life expectancy. “FundingHope is transforming sustainable investing from endto-end. Fundamental to this transformation is a major shift, not only in how investors and entrepreneurs connect, but also in how a more efficient, transparent, equitable, and trustworthy investment marketplace is created for all participants.” Dorian and John’s efforts are enhanced by their dedicated FundingHope team, who have extensive expertise in business development, finance, and public health, and utilise the company’s proprietary technology to make the platform the extraordinary reality it is. This includes having developed the online tools to enable users to securely manage their investments, which feature robust investor protection measures in the form of comprehensive disclosures of investment risks, transparent communication, and due diligence on listed investment opportunities. FundingHope is committed to protecting investors to help maintain a marketleading position and ensure regulatory compliance. Security is crucial in the success of any investment crowdfunding platform, and FundingHope is no different, with it being high priority for the company and allowing it to build trust with potential and current platform users. Dorian states, “The investment crowdfunding sector is still in its infancy and many potential investors remain hesitant to participate due to concerns about fraud, lack of oversight, or the credibility of the platform itself. FundingHope has remained steadfast in its efforts to establish a strong reputation, implement rigorous vetting processes for project selection, and provide transparent information that can help build trust among investors.” “Building a successful investment crowdfunding platform takes time, dedication, and a commitment to investor and issuer satisfaction. By prioritising compliance, transparency, investor protection, and user experience, FundingHope has established itself as a reputable and leading player within the investment crowdfunding industry.” It’s true that the company and its platform couldn’t be where it is today without its solid team, and its excellent internal culture plays a significant role in determining its success, with it having a positive influence on engagement and productivity, investor attraction and retention, innovation and adaptability, and issuer experience and satisfaction. The culture encompasses shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours that shape the work environment and guide how everyone interacts with each other, from employees and contractors, to issuers, investors, and stakeholders. Dorian says, “To nurture and develop our company culture, it is essential that I lead by example, involve employees and contractors in shaping the culture, and regularly assess and refine cultural initiatives. Communication, transparency, and alignment between all parties is crucial. Regularly seeking feedback from my key advisors and incorporating their input helps create a sense of increased ownership and commitment to the company culture. “Additionally, recognising and celebrating cultural successes and reinforcing desired behaviours contributes to the ongoing development and sustainability of a positive company culture at FundingHope.” Now, the team’s sights are set on the bright future ahead. It is expected that the FundingHope platform will experience significant innovation and evolution over the next five years. Dorian gives us an insight into what that looks like: “While the future remains a moving target, some areas of innovation that we are looking at include global expansion, establishing a secondary market for crowdfunded securities, expanding collaboration with traditional financial institutions, and enhancing investor education and engagement. These are some potential areas of innovation we are investigating. Our actual trajectory will depend on factors such as regulatory developments, technological investments, investor demand, and market dynamics.” If you would like to learn more about FundingHope or to become an investor for a cause you’re passionate about, please visit the company website. Company: FundingHope LLC Contact: Dorian Dickinson Email: [email protected] Website:

Issue 7 2023 7 May23368 Guardian, the world’s largest independent fall protection and prevention brand, leads the height safety industry with an unwavering devotion to safety. Recognised as the Height Safety Brand of the Year 2023 in the UK, Guardian’s unique 360-degree vision, unrivalled user insights, and agile and collaborative culture set the company apart as it continues to scale new heights in height safety excellence. Here’s a little more about the widely-recognised firm. In a world where safety is paramount, Guardian stands tall as the world’s largest independent fall protection and prevention brand. The firm has been providing businesses around the globe with a 360-degree safety solution, encompassing fall protection, dropped object prevention, foreign material exclusion products, comprehensive training programmes, and custom-engineered systems. Since its establishment, Guardian’s core values have remained steadfast, focusing on clarity, support, innovation, and, above all, ensuring the safety of workers. At the heart of Guardian’s philosophy lies the belief that safety should never be compromised. The team sees safety as a black-and-white matter – a principle that guides its decisions and actions. Guardian blends scale, agility, and holistic thinking, ensuring they deliver products and services that empower their customers to focus on their core responsibilities, knowing that their safety is well taken care of. Guardian’s USP in the height safety industry stems from its unique approach. It views expertly designed products as just the starting point. Its comprehensive support includes a suite of tools, services, and training, making it easier for its partners to choose, use, and maintain their height safety systems effectively. What truly sets Guardian apart is its unrivalled height safety range, backed by extensive training and custom-engineered solutions tailored to the specific needs of its users. Unlike many other companies in the industry, Guardian looks beyond traditional fall protection and encompasses dropped object prevention, education, training, and foreign material exclusion in their vision for safety. Guardian’s ambitious plans for innovation over the next five years revolve around thinking in systems, not silos. Its vision considers and prevents not only workers from falling but also objects. This comprehensive approach reflects its ability and drive to go beyond the norm and explore all aspects of height safety. A critical element of Guardian’s innovation lies in its unrivalled user insights. It is uniquely positioned to deeply understand its users’ needs and problems by concentrating solely on height safety. This has led the company to establish design and testing centres in different regions, allowing its product managers and engineers to work closely with customers, continually gathering real-time feedback to improve their products. Guardian’s goal to double its business outside the USA within the next few years necessitates innovation catering to regional markets. It actively collaborates with industry bodies to stay at the forefront of safety standards, constantly striving to exceed them. Its agility as a privately held company allows it to explore unique third-party partnerships that add value to its products, such as its partnership with Twiceme Technology® to integrate digitally connected rescue features into their harnesses. Guardian’s success is deeply rooted in its company culture. The leadership team’s core value of “One Team. One Goal” emphasises the strength that diversity brings while unifying the team’s efforts towards simplifying safety. Its culture encourages employees to embrace challenges, be open-minded, and challenge conventional thinking when they believe there’s a better way. Respect, honesty, fairness, and ethical behaviour form the foundation of Guardian’s interactions with colleagues, partners, customers, and suppliers. The team’s ability to ensure companies value health, welfare, and safety extends to their customers and employees, emphasising the importance of well-being within the organisation. Innovation is at the heart of Guardian’s plans as it continues to challenge the status quo and collaborate with partners to ensure the utmost safety for workers. However, its positive company culture underpins its success, fostering an environment where employees are empowered to stand tall and make a difference in the pursuit of height safety excellence. Ultimately, Guardian’s dedication to its mission, customers, and employees cements its position as a leader in the height safety industry, ensuring that workers worldwide can return home safely at the end of the day. Company Name: Guardian Contact Name: Brendan Walsh Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] Scaling Heights with Safety, Innovation, and a Strong Culture

Gaining trust can be a slow process, especially when it comes to a strange, new, solution. “Our category is not yet well known, so we need to demonstrate our capabilities and trustworthiness to the market,” Andrey states. “A lot of businesses in the service industry actively promote themselves as services and fail – our client focused proposition and approach is different. “We present technology and operating platforms as a service which when backed by our expert people is the differentiating factor for clients. We use technologies to speed up processes and deliver through our people to build rapport, connection, and trust. This is why we have continued to grow as a group across multiple sectors and industries whilst others have had staggered growth.” It’s important, also, to mention that Prytek’s operating platform combines numerous variables into one easy solution that scales and evolves and adapts where necessary. It’s all seamless, as outsourcing services should be. “We bring together software and people into one value chain,” Andrey adds. Equally, to touch on the idea of building trust, Andrey and Prytek are only too aware that the product is not, truly, the focus of the business. It’s about dialling into a need recognition, and as a result, building client partnerships entirely around their individual needs. “The products are not the key drivers in the industry, so build trust first and then think about the products. Building long-term relationships is the number one priority.” Ultimately, then, the foundation of the company is akin to many looking to disrupt modern business ‘best practices’. At the end of the day, if you forge and focus on building strong client partnerships, the rest will surely follow and fall in place. Prytek utilises that approach alongside a truly exceptional business solution to get ahead of any peers and potential competitors. This stands as the central pillar of Prytek’s work and ethos. Andrey and the rest of the team know that the operation platform and its technology is powerful and innovative; the trick is to build a brand image and reputation that can accompany it. “Our company culture is all about uniting people, bringing them together to increase idea flow and creativity. We embrace innovation and technology throughout our group of businesses and when combined with expert knowledge is why we succeed and why clients come to us.” And that is why Prytek was recognised in this awards programme, and why it will continue to set the pace for the industry moving forwards. While the OPaaS landscape is still developing and finding its momentum, Prytek looks to lead the pack and push every boundary. Company: Prytek Contact: Andrey Yashunsky, CEO and Co-Founder Website: Mar23631 Best Multi-Sector Innovative Technologies Group – 2023 Forged in 2017, Prytek has rapidly grown into a multinational technology group with a focus on building and investing in the financial services, cyber training, and talent solutions industries. Innovation runs through this company’s veins and cultivates global business solutions for its ever-burgeoning client base. We spoke with CEO and Co-Founder, Andrey Yashunsky for more insight into those solutions to see how the company has nurtured an almost peerless reputation on the worldwide stage. Perhaps nothing epitomises the disruptive nature of Prytek than its ‘Infrastructure 3.0’ approach to business. Andrey describes this as a perspective that “challenges the traditional infrastructure business model”, but it’s – naturally – so much more than that and looks to create a method of reimagining how leaders see efficiency optimisation, alongside cost-effective, results-driven solutions. Here, Andrey begins by explaining all of this in more detail. “As a group we have developed a new industry redefining value proposition which challenges the traditional infrastructure business model and presents corporations with a compelling alternative approach, bringing with it opportunities for innovation and cost efficiencies. We call this approach ‘Infrastructure 3.0’. We provide a fully outsourced infrastructure solution, driving efficiency and cost savings to the client. Core focus on non-differentiating processes allows client to keep their focus on their core business.” In this, Prytek acts as a vital support system for the client, dealing with the underlying drivers of their business growth, and enabling them to focus on the important aspects of their business. It’s proven to be an impactful ‘Operating Platform as a Service’ (OPaaS) that has truly distinguished itself. And, altogether, this industry is only in the initial growth stage, with all signs pointing to an impressive future for the company as the greater sphere becomes more established, recognised, and trusted. Putting Infrastructure 3.0 aside for a moment, let’s talk big picture and how the company drives towards achieving global business solutions to its colossal client base. “At Prytek we’ve built a diverse, visionary group bringing together leaders, specialists, and ideas to solve the biggest business challenges of our time,” says Andrey. “We orchestrate entire value chains, curating a unique ecosystem to provide the right solution at the right time. By advancing technology, managed services, and relationships we deliver impact across multiple industries. Operating key strategic divisions of financial technologies and services, and human capital services, we’re a diverse, agile group with a serious, singleminded focus on business performance.” Of course, one of the key challenges of being an innovative disruptor operating in a new field with a new product: market penetration and saturation. Even considering the impressive reputation the company enjoys currently, it still has to overcome that ever-present obstacle, regardless of the sheer weight of testimonials it holds. “Together, we’re building a legacy of lasting value, resilience, innovation, and growth. More success. More value. Together, we achieve more.” Subscribe to our monthly newsletter:

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Offering live training and an online learning environment for developers – Cydrill Sergeant ( – Cydrill provides invaluable knowledge with a yearly subscription for business use. With Cydrill, professionals are able to catch problems early on, within the software development process, so that it doesn’t cost more to fix down the line. This not only saves money, but it saves other precious resources such as time – allowing us to concentrate on genuine and sustainable cyber resilience for the years to come. Partner this with the genius structure of its courses, which have been tailored to be enjoyable, intuitive, and interactive, and you’ve got a company that’s fully invested in educating through new and exciting methods. It understands that each organization has unique needs, and works to tailor its training depending on their individual requirements. Cydrill is a fantastic example of a cybersecurity business that has the wellbeing of its clients at its core, and will go above and beyond to provide solutions to real-world problems through its simulated experiences. Cydrill’s dedication to creating more green teams within cyberspace means that it shifts the focus from reactive measures to proactive sustainable resilience. Its transparent, open, and knowledgeable approach ensures that our work can be more strong and secure now and in the long run. Cydrill has truly ensured that all of its bases are covered when approaching its cybersecurity education programmes. With numbers reaching into the thousands in terms of the individuals that it has assisted, Cydrill has proven again and again that it is the best choice for those looking to tighten up their skillset and keep programming from muscle memory – ultimately giving them the edge over any pre-made tools out there. This way, individuals can be much more than reactive, they can be completely proactive in their daily endeavours. No matter your requirements as a software developer, Cydrill has various coding instructors who will be there to lend a helping hand. It guarantees a permanent solution to anyone’s cybersecurity issues, and seeks to make a change that’ll last its clients’ businesses a lifetime. Regardless of whether a developer requires a complete overhaul of their cybersecurity knowledge, or is simply looking for that extra layer of defence, Cydrill has all of the necessary tools at its disposal to produce frequent, award-winning results. Contact: László Drajkó – CEO Company: Cydrill Software Security Web Address: Apr23185 Filling Your Cybersecurity Blindspot The further our world treads into the digital age, the more paramount it’s become to ensure software developers sharpen their skillsets and build upon their fine craftsmanship. Now, despite its airtight security, we have been given an exclusive peek into the inner workings of Cydrill Software Security (Cydrill), and how it came to earn its 2023’s Leading Cybersecurity Software Training Provider award title. In 2022 cybercrime surged, creating 8.4 trillion USD in irreparable damages. However, we’ve found a business that helps to further educate people to help put a stop to this. As Cydrill understands that cybersecurity has become a giant industry for our digital age, it has developed learning facilities that enable professionals to build upon what they already know of the cutting-edge sector. Cydrill cultivates a learning environment whereby software engineers can build upon their knowledge and experience. It delivers sustainable resilience to its clients so that they can expand their expertise and keep it at a level that ensures their coding is always up to date. Sustainable resilience is of utmost importance as we continue on our journey of keeping the cyber realm safe. Cydrill gives us access to invaluable information, empowers development teams in coding responsibly, and emphasizes secure development. It focuses on the concepts put forward by OWASP (Open Worldwide Application Security Project) in order to thrive, and help its clients to flourish too. OWASP presents the concept of security roles between Builders (green), Breakers (red), and Defenders (blue), and Cydrill translates this concept through everything that it does on a daily basis. This sustainable “green team” concept is absolutely making waves within the cybersecurity industry, especially as it pushes sustainability to the forefront. This has not only ensured the steady growth of Cydrill itself, but it has guaranteed a deeper level of understanding amongst its clients. The green teams that Cydrill talks of are teams that will thereby protect us, and our businesses, in the cyber world. By homing in on keeping architects, developers, and testers safe – with secure coding literacy, refreshing, and up-skilling – Cydrill has created an atmosphere of sustained readiness for the future. As the cyber world always evolves, Cydrill believes that we should all measure our skills frequently to ensure we are safe and progressing in the right direction. Not only are its courses incredibly in depth in terms of replicating what developers can expect from all too common cyberattacks, but they’re led by experts who are masters of their craft. The team at Cydrill understands every part of the process, and it is this remarkable prowess that lends itself to the award-winning qualities of its e-learning environments. Providing more than painkillers for the cybersecurity risks, Cydrill offers smart prevention strategies that are able to address the root causes of our pain. Its “blended learning journey for software engineers ensures secure coding readiness, with its gamified environment and content, prepared to create the future green teams of cybersecurity.” “This inclusive approach brings together developers, security experts, and business leaders to create a holistic strategy that addresses cybersecurity challenges at their core.”

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May23475 A Customer Success-Obsessed Approach to IT Solutions Nebula Global Services (Nebula) is a leading channel IT solutions organisation driven by an obsession with customer success. Embracing a disruptive and consultative approach, Nebula simplifies complex global solutions, eliminating the need for multiple partners. Below, we explore the company, discovering what aspects have seen it recognised as the Best Professional Services Provider 2023 - UK. In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses need reliable and efficient IT solutions to stay competitive and achieve their goals. Nebula Global Services is a channel IT solutions organisation that has made its mark with an unwavering focus on customer success. Since its inception, Nebula is driven by its mission to be the world’s only “customer success-obsessed” services organisation. It offers outcome-based IT professional and managed services on a global scale. This comes with dedication to delivering exceptional quality while staying on budget and meeting deadlines, which has earned the company a reputable place in the market. From the start, Nebula has held true to its core value – putting the customer first. While its service portfolio has evolved and customer experience has matured, its mission and values remain constant. The organisation’s primary objective is to help customers achieve their goals and overcome challenges. Nebula understands that true success lies in its client’s success, and it takes pride in being a reliable partner in the journey towards achieving business objectives. One of Nebula’s unique selling point is its ability to simplify complex global solutions. In the IT industry, businesses often require multiple partners to deliver a global solution, leading to complications and inefficiencies. Nebula offers a consolidated approach, becoming a single point of contact for customers seeking comprehensive IT solutions across borders. Its disruptive and consultative approach to problem-solving makes it stand out. The team’s lateral thinking allows them to identify more cost-effective and efficient outcomes, ensuring their customers receive the best possible value for their investments. However, in the past 12 months, Nebula has faced several challenges. Customer acquisition has been a significant hurdle, as it is for many businesses. Attracting the right clientele and building strong relationships requires dedication and persistence. Nevertheless, Nebula’s relentless focus on customer success has served it well in gaining the trust of new customers. Another challenge Nebula encountered was striking a balance between execution and customer experience. Delivering highquality solutions on time is essential, but not at the expense of the customer’s experience. Nebula has successfully navigated this challenge by fostering a culture that values execution excellence and a positive customer journey. As the company continues to grow and evolve, it remains committed to its customer-centric philosophy. Its emphasis on customer success will continue to drive its services, and its unique ability to simplify global solutions sets it apart from their competitors. Through continuous innovation and a passion for excellence, Nebula envisions becoming the industry leader in providing IT solutions that go beyond mere service delivery. Its vision encompasses forging long-term partnerships with clients, where it acts as a strategic ally in helping businesses achieve their full potential through technology. Nebula’s journey has been defined by its unwavering duty to deliver great customer service and success. It has carved a niche in the IT industry, from its mission to be the world’s only “customer success-obsessed” services organisation through its unique approach to simplifying global solutions. While challenges have come their way, Nebula’s dedicated team and customer-centric culture have enabled it to overcome these obstacles. With a clear focus on continuous improvement and a passion for excellence, Nebula is poised to provide outcomebased IT solutions that empower businesses to thrive in the everchanging digital landscape. Despite facing challenges in customer acquisition and execution, Nebula Global Services’ dedicated team and customer-centric values prevail, making it the trusted ally for businesses seeking outcome-based IT solutions. Company Name: Nebula Global Services Contact Name: Pete Murphy Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Nebula Global Services is a channel IT solutions organisation that has made its mark with an unwavering focus on customer success. Since its inception, Nebula is driven by its mission to be the world’s only “customer successobsessed” services organisation.

Issue 7 2023 13 OpticWise recognises that its exceptional company culture is pivotal in its achievements. Their culture fosters an environment that attracts the best talent and allows anyone to pursue their passions and operate optimally within their flow state. OpticWise believes in allowing its team members to lead fulfilling lives beyond their work while encouraging a perpetual search for better client solutions. With a shared passion for transforming technology assets into income-generating resources for office and apartment owners, the team at OpticWise delivers cutting-edge solutions that provide mobile, secure, and private access. Their visionary approach has empowered clients with premium positioning, financial leverage, and digital ownership. As OpticWise continues to set new industry standards, the team remains open to dynamic individuals who share their values and vision. Joining the OpticWise team means becoming a driving force in shaping the future of connectivity and innovation in the real estate sector. OpticWise’s journey in the real estate technology landscape exemplifies the power of innovative thinking, commitment to clients, and strong company culture. As the company continues to revolutionise the industry, it remains dedicated to transforming technology assets into lucrative resources for real estate owners while maintaining core values of service, ingenuity, creativity, and accountability. With an eye on the future, OpticWise is poised to redefine connectivity and empower clients worldwide through their relentless pursuit of excellence. Company Name: OpticWise Contact Name: Bill Douglas Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected] May23347 Pioneering Connectivity and Empowering Real Estate Owners OpticWise, the trailblazing real estate technology company, is reshaping the industry landscape by monetising technology assets and delivering unparalleled connectivity. Recognised as the Most Innovative PropTech Solutions Company of 2023, OpticWise’s core values of service, ingenuity, creativity, and accountability drive its commitment to empowering clients and setting industry standards worldwide. Find out more about the award-winning company below. OpticWise specialises in monetising technology assets for office and apartment owners. With a commitment to modernity and in-building connectivity, OpticWise delivers mobile, secure, and private access to technology, empowering clients with premium positioning, financial leverage, and digital ownership. At the heart of OpticWise’s success lies their model that transforms technology from an expense burden to an income-generating asset for commercial real estate owners. By enabling the 5S® User Experience – Seamless Mobility, Security, Speed, Stability, Service, and Privacy – tenants benefit from unparalleled connectivity and convenience. Concurrently, OpticWise deploys the Building of Things® strategies for operations, ensuring a seamless integration of technology into every aspect of the real estate infrastructure. The past 12 months have presented significant challenges for OpticWise, as markets fluctuated due to interest rate changes and supply chain disruptions. However, the company’s unwavering dedication to its clients and adaptability allowed it to weather the storm. By engaging in continuous project redesigns and fostering strong partnerships with clients and vendors, OpticWise managed to sustain its historical growth trajectory. To those aspiring to establish themselves in the real estate technology industry, OpticWise offers valuable advice: prioritising the client’s needs, and building solutions that provide genuine value. Relying solely on funding for growth is not sustainable; instead, focus on cultivating a culture of excellence and always looking for new talent to bring into the team. Looking forward, OpticWise envisions driving innovation across the industry with groundbreaking initiatives that benefit its clients and the industry as a whole. The company is gearing up for international expansion, aiming to set standards globally and expand its reach to new markets.

May23545 Rethinking How And Where Products Are Manufactured Bright Machines is a technology company transforming manufacturing with intelligent automation. By approaching factory automation with a software-first approach, assembly lines and their robotic cells are now flexible, cost-effective, and intelligent with data. Global and local production visibility is available for all factories – both company and third-party sourced.Production is shifted from a reactive to a proactive state through in-stream data analytics designed to detect errors in the assembly process before products get to test as well as improving first-pass yield outcomes and capturing previously unavailable data for pattern analysis. Product traceability and genealogy signatures are automatically captured, and Bright Machines’ recipes and skills software tools manage assembly flow, navigation, and inspection capabilities enabling rapid SKU to change out during shifts, plus a fast adaptation of the assembly process and robotic skills required for new product introductions. Real-time alerting and process resiliency create a proactive production environment for addressing supplier component defects, and/or design for automation inefficiencies. Bright Machines’ customers are innovators in their fields including high-growth markets for Energy Storage, Enterprise IT (servers, storage, and networking), and Automotive Electronics manufacturers. With Bright Machines, customers transform factory operations to achieve increased efficiency, higher quality, line adaptability, and new sources of data to inform operations, while, reducing perunit assembly costs. Learn more about why they have been recognized as the Most Outstanding Manufacturing Automation Technology Start-up for 2023. In 2018, a group of industry veterans saw a unique opportunity to rethink manufacturing by leveraging a software-first approach. The group founded Bright Machines with a vision to empower manufacturers with intelligent solutions that aim to transform factories into data-driven businesses that provide a resilient and scalable future. Bright Machines’ core mission is to transform how and where companies make products through intelligent automation capabilities. By implementing Bright Machines’ full-stack software-led, assembly automation, customers are increasing product quality, and units per hour, while reducing per-unit assembly costs and expensive scrap losses across their factories. Bright Machines’ approach applies machine learning, computer vision, edge, and cloud architectures to provide a modern, and adaptable platform, replacing the hard-wired and complex automation systems commonly in use today. Software-enabled building blocks powered by the Brightware® Platform, enable Bright Machines’ Microfactories, to be quickly configured to form flexible, scalable, assembly lines. Microfactories allow manufacturers to ramp up production yield while providing the flexibility for rapid product SKU switch outs during shifts, as well as new product introductions on the line, seamlessly. Technical capabilities of the system include end-toend traceability, high resolution vision location for pick and place, and modular integration for expanding or contracting factory layouts. Bright Machines software library of assembly recipes includes instructions for vision guided alignment and incorporates Bright Machines Smart Skills library to enable rapid line re-configuration for product change-over during shifts and for new product introductions. Bright Machines’ assembly lines are data-centric, collecting performance, cycle time, and parametric test data as examples, during each step of the assembly process. Metrics for operational efficiency analysis, supplier performance, component quality assurance, and defects analysis are captured as products move down the assembly line. Data supporting end-to-end product traceability is logged automatically and accurately, with data collected at each step of the assembly process. Data is captured by cell and line, within shifts for local analysis, and unified across teams and production sites, for emergent pattern analysis in KPIs among other uses. In addition to automating assembly, Bright Machines helps manufacturers participate in the circular economy, including the use of data to track and document the genealogy of products from production to disassembly & re-purposing. Bright Machines customers are innovators in their industries. Together they are transforming product assembly to address the competitive and economic challenges of today while enabling their factories and production teams to prepare for the future ahead. Headquartered in San Francisco, Bright Machines operates R&D and Field Operation Centres in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, and Guadalajara, with additional support globally. Rethink everything you know about manufacturing with Bright Machines. Visit Company Name: Bright Machines Contact Name: Kate Holm Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

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