Issue 8 2021

Issue 8 2021 11 companies that require something a little more formed to fit their specific organization, allowing DailyPay to work with an empathic and in-depth understanding of their business needs in order to figure out how it can best help. DailyPay’s core priority in all things is, after all, in the belief that money management and movement should be easy and stress-free for all. Consequentially, all of this has meant that Payex allows money to be in the right place, at the right time, for anyone and everyone. Being a generational company, this is incredibly important to it, and a core mission that it will be keeping at its heart always, even as it moves forward towards the even greater successes close on its horizon. It expects that it will be a going concern as a company for decades to come, emboldened by a staff in which every team member believes in the long-term success of the company and works hard to make it not just possible, but guaranteed, with every satisfied client and every job well done. It is 100% dependent on the people behind it for its continued success. Therefore, it wishes to take a moment to thank each and every staff member who has allowed it to reach the heights that it is flying at today, holding up its collection of diverse and talented people as one of the best teams in the world. Each of them, being highly educated and incredibly passionate about the fields of monetary management and in making this a better and safer environment for all, embody the core values that flow through DailyPay. Each believe in doing their research, that knowledge is power, that there is power in starting simple, seeing the bigger picture, and pulling one’s weight; they also work hard to move the boundary lines of what is possible, and act like business owners themselves in order to ensure that every day DailyPay is moving closer to reaching its milestones. Company: DailyPay Contact: Ye Bin Kwon Website: