Issue 8 2021

May21031 Best HCM Financial Security Solution: PayEx™ The creators of a truly exemplary and extraordinary payment platform, Payex, DailyPay is a company shaping the future of money management. Ensuring that each transaction is equally weighted and equally well carried out, it promises a safe, secure, and trustworthy environment through which all people and industries can operate, from the payment of their employees and the receipt of paycheques to the wider running of the business. The creators of the world’s next best financial system, DailyPay is rewriting the ‘Invisible Rules of Money’ by not just reimagining the way people play each other, but the way money moves in the macro scale. Thus, DailyPay has been able to create a platform that has made itself highly proficient with multiple elements of the financial world, one of which is giving employees access to their earnings in real time in a way that forever changes how it moves from one to the other. It has also altered how money can change hands between merchants and shoppers, and financial institutions and customers, keeping the financial structure between all participants fast, smooth, and equally beneficial. Fundamentally, DailyPay’s financial platform has been built to be a frictionless and totally viable solution for all segments of the world’s industry and private affairs. Its robust, accurate, and advanced pay exchange system allows for a level of banking connectivity and capital flow that enables access to a huge suite of connected products and services, putting the customer at the centre of creating the world’s next financial innovation. It seeks to share this with the entire world in due course, showing its end users just how much easier and more efficient money management can be with the right tools under their belt, on a level playing field that doesn’t favour one transaction or the other. DailyPay’s Payex platform treats everyone equally by transforming the rules of the financial world. At its core, it knows that much of financial transaction is weighted on one end or the other, at times giving certain individuals in a monetary exchange an unfair advantage or disadvantage based on factors they have very little control over; DailyPay wishes to buck this trend by valuing each participant equally no matter what. Therefore, it has been able to make Payex into a fluid and efficient system that is – at its heart – scalable with any money management task, allowing for superior onstage and backstage advantages for companies. Through the DailyPay Payex platform, a client can always expect a truly unmatched level of future proofing in the services rendered, with products delivering unprecedented value. Furthermore, adding value to its services are the innovations that fuel the very centre of its operations, emboldened by the newest and best creations of the professionals and top minds in its sector. In this manner it can always ensure that Payex is operating at the height of the industry’s ability, and make a better experience for everyone that it and its end users can be proud of. DailyPay’s Payex platform even houses integrations across a HCM landscape; this is what makes it as robust as it is, driving relationships via unique ISPs and through a home-built infrastructure that was constructed from the ground up in order to be completely fit to purpose. Therefore, DailyPay has developed something that allows it to easily transform, complex data into easily transmittable exchanges, maintain the sophistication and complexity of such a thing all the while and allowing for the transfer of data across a multitude of disparate mixes when it comes to the systems involved. But what does this mean for employees? Well, in essence, it means that through the technological acumen built up by the platform, they can see how much money they’ve earned from any device. They can get hold of this information whenever they need it, 7 days and 24 hours a week, and DailyPay’s promise is that it will be an 100% accurate and trustworthy number every time, allowing it to build up a relationship of reliability between it and its customers that works hard to offer an open and honest way of managing their money. Through this, it is able to pertinently show its dedication to keeping the client at the forefront of its mind. Alongside viewing their money, the end user can also access it instantly where and when they wish, with a continuous capital flow allowing it to fund all of these payments – for companies in particular, this makes for a seamless solution free of headaches – as Payex handles money movement with a seamless level of technological elegance, without the need for changes to a client’s existing infrastructure. The Payex platform even empowers a wide variety of products and services for its partners. Crucially, when working with partnership companies, it believes that any relationship should be truly mutually beneficial and allow for the further growth of both parties by way of how the interaction works. Moreover, partners who take advantage of its entire range of products receive the greatest value of all, as DailyPay has worked hard to ensure that every single one of its services works well with the others in a complimentary ecosystem that will benefit the partner company in the long run with the ongoing support of a wide swathe of their business needs. Partnerships, in addition, can lead to the realization of yet more benefits with the addition of a complete gold-standard services package. This is a tailorable and highly bespoke provision, good for