Issue 8 2021

May21395 Best Specialist Social Impact Training Provider - UK Impact Academy is a training provider run by the Impact Group, a worldwide company offering green energy apprenticeships – amongst other courses – to students all across the UK. Its teaching, offered by the best tutors it can find, adds value to businesses, allows space for the cultivation of the next environmentally responsible generation of young minds, and works with organisations and the Government in order to support them in reaching their sustainability goals. The Impact Group is a company all about being the inspiration behind a sustainable future for the corporate world. Fundamentally, its work is dedicated to supporting a business ecosystem that is in constant flux and undergoing constant change – specialising specifically in the financial and investment sectors – and allowing them to undergo a pivot in terms of their corporate environmental responsibility. It wishes to promote ethical environmental and social drives for change and betterment across the board, inspired by the public conscience and political minds being pushed towards doing better, and creating a new paradigm of ecological guardianship that The Impact Group wishes to help develop. Furthermore, the marketplace in the macro scale is experiencing an awakening across a multitude of different sectors and industry verticals regarding the need for change. The Impact Group, in essence, is in the perfect position to help it do this effectively, altering the already rapidly changing terrain within both finance and investment. This has allowed it to develop into an award-winning platform that drives its client’s success by adding value to their business, connecting members together in order to encourage them in supporting each other, each inspiring the rest to grow towards better sustainable and ethical practices. It evolved from the social stock exchange; this evolution from its starting structure has meant that it has become a totally unique provision, one that is both socially driven and commercially focused, as well as worldwide. Similarly, Impact Academy welcomes students from across the UK, being the part of the Impact Group that offers the international community’s first national training provision and delivering the Junior Energy level 3 apprenticeship course to a diversity of pupils every year. In order to do this effectively, it works with the UK’s leading organisations as well as local government, enabling each organisation it comes across to find ways to keep their promises – specifically regarding their sustainability agendas – and granting training that develops talent for a greener future. Crucially, Impact Academy realises that change will be driven by the next generation of minds. By instilling a love for environmental responsibility, showing the next great business leaders and governmental rising stars that the green approach is not only business sensible, but also necessary, it and its apprenticeships are connected by a through-line of promoting a green ethos. Impact Academy’s training can, over the course of a student’s time studying with it, aid them and the businesses they partner with or create in gaining true clarity of energy’s place in the contemporary world Moreover, it can show them how this role will change, and how reducing its carbon footprint will be a key player in preventing further climate disaster. It offers a free one-day course to this end in order to raise awareness of the daily routines that can make a real impact, the tangible things that people can do in order to provide the smallest bit of solidarity with the wider world. With an office based in Warrington, it has funnelled significant time and energy into choosing its tutors; each person that teaches for Impact Academy is well accredited and well vetted so that a student can always expect to be learning from the best of the best. It encourages any prospective students to get in touch post-haste, always happy to provide more information about courses and opportunities, as well as to answer any questions. Company: Impact Academy Contact: Paul Conroy Website: