Issue 8 2021

Issue 8 2021 25 Best Early Years Education Group - New South Wales An exemplary early learning and childcare centre, Sandcastles Early Education Centre has made a name for itself with its comprehensive teaching, friendly atmosphere, and respectful incorporation of Indigenous learning. Taking on the responsibility of ensuring that children are given a space to personally develop, as well as a space in which to grow a love and appreciation for Mother Earth, each of its team members keep the parent and child at the core of what they do. Sandcastles Early Education Centre knows that finding a new early education and care service can be difficult. Therefore, it strives to make this task as simple as possible for its parents by being the best in its region, in both the quality of the education and the quality of care, ensuring a child will always find a happy, safe, and enriching environment. At Sandcastles Early Education Centre, children can develop their intellectual, social, emotional, physical, and aesthetic skills, building up their own confidence and finding passions that they can carry with them throughout their lives, working with the child every step of the way. In this manner, it takes great pride in the level of support that it provides across the board. Granting a parent or guardian peace of mind that their child will receive the best possible care, empowered by the best techniques and educated, empathic staff, the team at Sandcastles Early Education Centre combines education and care perfectly to help children fulfil their potential. Additionally, it strives to make its children feel welcomed, recognised, acknowledge and respected, also extending this out towards parents and guardians in order to promote a culture of respecting people not just for who they are, but for who they want to become. Sandcastles Early Education Centre will always encourage a child in their ambitions and goals in order to keep to this mission. Additionally, being a family-owned and operated day care, it knows the importance of a welcoming, warm, and community-based atmosphere, striving to cultivate this with every activity and instil great values in every child who stays with it. Taking care of children between 6 weeks and 6 years old, it also offers a comprehensive preschool program 52 weeks a year that will prepare them well for higher levels of education. Due to this – and the outstanding team that make it all possible – it is able to offer its children a well-balanced experience of play and learning, able to enrich a child’s life across a multitude of different facets, showing them the importance of learning as well as leisure or social skills. Open from 6am to 6pm, it strives to ensure that the parents of the children can go about their workdays with full peace of mind that their little on is being well looked after. Additionally, Sandcastles Early Education Centre acknowledges the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and their status as the original custodians of Australia. It respects their connection to the land, water, and community, and wishes to respect their cultures and customs with their educational and leisure programmes by teaching the children about these origins, teaching about Mother earth from the perspective of Indigenous teachings. Fundamentally, this prepares children to contribute sustainably to society and primes them with the importance of doing so, and in standing up for nature. In tandem with this, its methods of teaching will ensure that a child can experience and develop a sense of wonder and a love for the natural world, learning across many different environments and using both practical activities as well as more traditional teaching. Additionally, it knows that no two children are the same, and so its educators treat every child as the unique and special individual that they are, always willing to tailor and adapt in order to ensure everyone has the best experience – something it hopes to continue long into the future. Company: Sandcastles Early Education Centre Contact: Liesl Pyke-Nott Website: May21330