Issue 8 2021

Best Electronic Music Label - ROI An incredibly dedicated and highly motivated media production company, Bakroom has a huge portfolio and sky-high ambition. The talent behind it, as well as the dedication to music that flows through its every business move, is clear in everything from the support of its clients to the innovative technologies and techniques that it champions behind the scenes. Bakroom launched in 2014 intending to release beautiful electronic music experiences and has since gone on to be an internationally renowned electronic music label. With every day pushing it further towards excellence in this goal, achieving partners and clients across the globe, the leading mind behind it has ensured that every step it takes is towards further notoriety and greater success. Fundamentally, the founder – three times award-winning Irish producer Christian Boshell – funnels the company’s efforts towards recognizing the new, bold, innovative talent in Bakroom singles, albums, and remixes. These feature stunning performers, including the legendary Orlando Voorn, Phraktal, Jamez from Touché Records/Mute, Samuel L. Sessions, Roland Klinkenberg, Stephen Lopkin, Silinder, Astronivo, Pole Folder, Angelo D’Onorio, Laurent Maldo, Jules Wells, and G-Prod. Moreover, being so niche/eclectic, the musical melting pot it creates with its work allows it to consist of music productions by well- established artists of all genres, as well as accompanying short motion graphic films that give the productions an additional lease of life, securing its reputation for having a unique approach. In the last seven years, it has enjoyed a total of 38 releases – 8 of which were full albums – and has built a reputation for building connections with storytelling. In essence, its approach has allowed it to truly forge ahead of the pack; Bakroom genuinely cares about the narrative behind the music, and with their entry into the production of music for cinema, documentary, and advertisements, its portfolio covers an expansive range that is just as outstanding. Its team of sixty people consists of artists/producers, designers, photographers, office staff, and more, all working online even before the Covid-19 virus hit the world. Jun21625 In addition, Bakroom’s clientele is broad and diverse, serving the nightlife industry as well as being a music label serving its listeners. Instrumental in relaunching several nightclubs up and down the country from 2015-2019, it has propelled itself into an industry leader of the nightlife sector, branching out in 2015 to encapsulate the provision of state-of-the- art motion graphics visuals for video wall installations. This allowed Bakroom to establish itself as an intrinsic part of many nightclub relaunches, as well as their custom visuals appearing in festivals, getting featured on national broadcaster RTE for this work. For Bakroom, Covid-19’s challenge was in handling the loss of one rather large part of its revenue from events provisions, which have become such a big part of their Journey due to the innovation that runs through the core of it, it has been dynamically adapting its business model in response, using its leading A/V software and pipeline workflow to do so. It has been able to pivot during lockdown to co-produce and film three live-streamed Facebook events with Limbo Records and Modecaster; this was a silver lining in an otherwise tumultuous time, and something it is very proud of its team for achieving in such a short space of time. They are currently working on a film score for Morphosis Studio called The Tribe of the Gods, and fuelled by the ambition of a leader who has shared a stage with Prince, Christian Boshell intends to keep using his worldwide tour expertise, performance, and production acumen, and the distinctive eye that earned him an IRMA double-platinum award in order to take his company – and its clients – onward, to help shape the future of music. Bakroom has kindly shared with us a link to their las t live-streamed co- production for Phraktal in June 2021. Company: Bakroom Media Contact: Ed Martin Website: Thanks to streaming portals and the downturn in music sales after the 2008 crash, there was a change in the funding of music – mostly – one that inspired Bakroom to become multimedia in nature.