Issue 8 2021

Issue 5 2021 19 Marketing for a ChangingWorld Code Worldwide was founded with a vision to revolutionise the marketing sector by realising its full potential through data and technology. We take a closer look at the champions of change as Code celebrates success at the Corporate Excellence Awards 2021. When Matt McNeany founded Code Worldwide in 2003, he sought to pioneer a revolution in the advertising and marketing sphere. Having spent several years in the industry, he recognised that the processes used were inefficient and expensive, not to mention outdated – in nearly fifty years, the advertising sector had seen minimal evolution. It was time for significant change. He launched Code with a singular mission to help clients invent a new future for their marketing through data and technology. Today, that purpose remains at the heart of Code as it works with clients to deliver personalised experiences at scale for their customers. Code breaks the process of transformation down into four key steps. First, the team of Technology Consultants are charged with building a transformation vision for their clients and setting out a practical roadmap to realise that vision. The Data Science team works with clients to understand and predict the needs of their customers through data insights which help to shape the transformation vision. The Marketing Technology and Customer Success teams then collaborate to support clients in building and delivering relevant and profitable experiences. Using Code’s marketing innovation system, adZU, clients can also utilise AI and automation to transform their content capability, creating personalised, cross-channel customer journeys at huge scale and very low costs. Clients in industries ranging from automotive to luxury lifestyle to healthcare and public service have relied on Code for many years, many having built long-standing relationships with the firm. Code offers a breadth of vision that is unrivalled in the industry, championing the three concepts that are key to delivering impactful and sustainable marketing strategies: Content, Customer, and Context. While there are many marketing and advertising agencies that are able to boast the latest, most innovative tech and profound knowledge of niche areas, Code offers a holistic solution that clients can trust into proactively deliver tangible change. As such, Code clients are businesses that are defined by their ambitions for transformation to become more personalised and tailored to their own customers and their needs. Code marries its vast expertise with a radical approach to marketing solutions based on technology to help clients achieve three fundamental objectives: to become more customer centric through data analytics that enable deeper understanding of their customers; to establish a practical and informed vision for technology that harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to work more effectively for the unique needs of their business; and to achieve personalisation at scale, by automating content processes and managing content as data, as brands achieve personalisation across multiple channels throughout a customer’s journey. The need for digital transformation has only increased during the Covid-19 pandemic. As more purchases are being made online, Code has also seen that the journey from research to purchase is also becoming more digital. As such, this is the opportune moment for those brands that have successfully harnessed the power of data and technology to move away from the traditional ‘spray and pray’ model of marketing to a more ‘connected customer journey’, that targets the right customer at the right time, thereby driving up engagement and overall business growth. Code clients are able to benefit from a myriad of marketing programs and platforms that utilise data insights to shape these more targeted marketing strategies. To achieve these effective strategies that lucratively combine marketing with technology, Code relies on a network of partnerships with companies in both fields. Partnerships with marketing agencies like RAPP, BBDO, Publicis and PHD have enabled the streamlining of process and integration of data into decision-making, while the support of technology partners like Salesforce, Adobe, and Tealium have facilitated the adaptation of that technology to meet customer needs. Additionally, Code has relied on strategic partnerships to enhance its internal culture as well. Driven by values of innovation, diversity, integrity and humility, Code strives to be an example of an ethical working environment that engenders loyalty and individuality through trust and respect. To that end, Code has partnered with Ada College in Tottenham in its apprenticeship program for students from diverse and challenging socio-economic backgrounds, and also with Sanctus, a mental health coaching organisation that offers free and confidential sessions to employees on a monthly basis. Code has also implemented initiatives such as the ‘Flexible Working Manifesto’ and programs to support women and marginalised groups in the workplace, with the ultimate aim of creating an inclusive company culture that is conducive to positive progress. Consequently, Code is able to look ahead to 2022 and beyond, with plans to continue helping clients as they better understand and predict their customers’ needs. From further development of its award- winning, first-party data solutions such as 4D segmentation, to extending Content Intelligence capabilities of predictive models to recommend the most effective content for each client, Code’s tech capabilities are growing. As they do so, it’s service capabilities are also evolving, as Code helps to unlock the value of its clients’ investments in cost-effective and dynamic solutions that are enabling a global revolution in data-driven marketing. Company: Code Worldwide Contact: Chris Buckley Website: Mar21041 8 9