Issue 8 2022

Issue 8 2022 15 Jun22366 An Integrated Approach To Risk Management Founded by Mathieu Gorge in 2003, VigiTrust provides solutions that enable organisations to comply with legal, industrial, and security standards and frameworks. With offices in Dublin, New York, and Paris, the company has extended its reach to 120 countries. We take a look at why Mathieu Gorge is voted our Most Influential Cybersecurity Executive 2022 – Ireland. For large organisations, compliance can be an uphill struggle. With everchanging regulations and directives, not to mention changes in staffing, it’s imperative to consult with professionals. Expert in Integrated Risk Management (IRM), VigiTrust enables customers to achieve and maintain compliance with a range of standards including data protection, data transfer and retention, Protected Health Information (PHI), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and ISO 27001. The company also helps global Fortune 500 customers to understand and comply with US Federal regulations, State regulations, and European directives. Collaborating with clients in retail, hospitality and banking, the company has taken its 19 years of experience in the sector and incorporated it into a single SaaS solution – VigiOne. VigiOne brings together all the tools needed to implement and manage security and privacy regulations in one place. The solution uses VigiTrust’s 5 Pillars of Security Framework™ to enable key processes for Preparation, Validation, and Compliance. Founder and CEO, Mathieu Gorge, explains, “The Integrated Risk Management Industry is a busy space. But VigiOne allows for security assessments, compliance validation and continuous compliance as well as providing a full project management function to manage all compliance tasks. Its fully-fledged cyber security education platform boasts more than 250 training sections, and a collaboration platform allows end users to work together with external assessors. It’s very unique.” Always innovating to create new and improved features, VigiTrust has built a roadmap that it follows with precision. This ensures that VigiOne can be adapted to be relevant to any type of organisation around the world. The company is currently venturing into the machine learning and AI innovations space and is planning some major announcements this year. Around 9 years ago, Mathieu founded the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board. The board brought together CISOs, C-Suite members, board members, regulators, law enforcement, industry and academics in a non-commercial setting. The aim being to explore and discuss new trends and to share research and innovation in response to the latest threat vectors relating to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. Today, over 200 board members meet several times a year with a community of almost 500 senior decision makers. Mathieu tells us, “Previously meeting in locations around the world, these events have now moved to a virtual environment. They are organised in a confidential, non-commercial and non-profit setting under Chatham House Rules. They feature international speakers renowned for their knowledge in specific fields of security and compliance.” Mathieu believes that “security is a journey, not a destination.” His book, The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom, promotes this statement. His book was published by ForbesBooks, in November 2020, and, alongside this informative piece, there have been many podcast episodes to follow. The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom is aimed at Board members, C-Suite and key decision makers faced with cyber accountability challenges. It is based on the award winning 5 Pillars of Security Framework: a simple, effective, industry agnostic, timeless methodology allowing enterprises and small businesses to map cyber security risks, implement a cyber security strategy and demonstrate cyber accountability to regulators, governing bodies and law enforcement agencies. The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom delivers the strategies and best practices for dealing with today’s issues and provides guidance for the next decade of risks. As companies begin to adjust to mounting security issues, senior leadership teams and CXOs will require simple ways of understanding and addressing these threats. The 5 Pillars of Security Framework™ is the perfect foundational tool. The 5 Pillars transcend industries and can be applied to organizations of any size and type, they are timeless in nature. If you or your business need future-proof cyber-security strategies, The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom is an indispensable reference for key stakeholders to understand their roles. You can find all the podcasts with ForbesBooks and Mathieu Gorge at The team at VigiTrust is committed to adapting to the needs of its clients. The company strives to deliver the most accurate technologies and responses to help the companies to maintain their compliance. To help it overcome the challenges presented by the shortage of skills in the sector, VigiTrust partners with specialist recruitment firms. They have been instrumental in sourcing key people for the company. VigiTrust is also involved in many initiatives to bring young smart people into the industry through placement and apprenticeship schemes. The company also works with Cyber4women to improve gender balance and encourage women into the industry. VigiTrust is always looking for cyber security talent and has found the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board provides a great network to spread the word. If you’re looking for a onestop-shop for all your compliance needs, VigiTrust is the one to turn to. Contact: Oriane Masson Company: VigiTrust Web Address: