Issue 8 2022

Issue 8 2022 We Don’t Have Time: Time For Change!

Welcome to the August issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. A monthly publication dedicated to delivering the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. This issue contains an amalgamation of groundbreaking, intelligent, and focused businesses that are influencing our world as we know it. Transforming themselves has been a consistent, and ongoing, mission – so that they may progress within their industries whilst also leading them. Shining a light upon these entities is a real pleasure and, with all of their strong ideas and fresh attitudes, we look forward to your perusal of this new issue. From luxury travel to asset management, and much more, there is a wide scope of businesses all contributing to the evolution of their industries. Each sector of their businesses all increase their power and velocity and, with this in mind, we are extremely excited to showcase their work. We have been enjoying summer time and all that has come into completion this month. But, we know, these businesses aren’t due to slow down any time soon. In fact, they are set to take the whole world by storm. The team at Corporate Vision wish you a sensational month ahead. We hope you enjoy reading this issue and we look forward to welcoming you back again soon. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Senior Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Senior Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | AmeliaWalker, Writer | Dontae Jones, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Issue 8 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. PayAngel: Premium Product at Zero Fees for International Money Transfers to Africa 8. Identity Digital: Carving Out New Digital Identities 10. Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate: Leading The Charge for Luxury Real Estate 11. Kalos LLP: 2022’s Leading Mid- Market Transactions Advisory Firm - Alberta 12. Goal Group: The Future of Finance 13. JMWholesale Ltd: A Bright Future for JMWholesale 14. Medgate Philippines: Healthcare For All 15. VigiTrust: An Integrated Approach To Risk Management 16. MORAI Inc: Simulation Platform for Autonomous Vehicles 17. Benjamin Douglas: Florida’s Most Outstanding Recruitment Company - 2022 18. We Don’t Have Time: Time For Change! 20. AVTECH Software, Inc.: Most Innovative Environment Monitoring Solutions Provider – 2022 21. iSynergy: 2022’s Leading Digital Marketing & SEO Agency - Ohio 22. The KARS Group Ltd: Equipped for Change 23. Incrementum AG: Asset Management of the Future Small Business 100 25. By Falengreen: Community Focused Haircare 26. Starting Hearts: Starting Hearts, Saving Lives 27. Silverbirch Estate & Letting Agents: Growing Success 28. CIA Commercial Insulation Australia: Superior Insulation Services 29. TAG Collective: Marketing Through Story 30. Proveris Scientific Corporation: Optimising Orally-Inhaled and Nasal Drug Product Performance 31. Winners’ Listings

4 HR Vacancies in High Demand as Skills Shortages Worsen New data reveals that HR vacancies are on track to be up by 13.5% on 2021, with the profession becoming a priority area for businesses to recruit for. That’s according to recent research from the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). The data, provided by business intelligence specialist, Vacancysoft, shows that, in terms of skills in demand, it is internal recruiters who are the specialists most wanted. In fact, 35% of all HR vacancies so far this year have been for internal recruiters, which is perhaps no surprise given wide reports of skills shortages in the UK. Training/learning is the second largest attribute being recruited for, averaging at 14% of total vacancies. In contrast, the specialism which is growing both in volume and in share is HR generalists, which has seen an increase of 64% in terms of the monthly average between last year and this one, leading to the total share rising from 13% to 14.3%. When comparing sectors recruiting for HR, technology came up top with 3994 vacancies so far, with 17.5% of the total number of HR jobs. The second largest sector is Retail, with 3833 roles so far (16.8%). Given the importance of Banking to the UK economy, it’s surprising that only 7% of HR vacancies are attributed to this sector. However, this small share could be linked to the costof-living crisis and the inevitable impact on the UK economy. By region, it’s perhaps unsurprising that London dominates. So far this year, we have seen 8995 vacancies from the capital, which is accounting for 39.6% of the total HR vacancies posted. This total is followed by the South East, where 2637 vacancies were published, constituting 11.6% of HR vacancies. Ann Swain, CEO of APSCo, comments: “As the UK’s economic pressures mount, a decline in vacancies is to be expected. However, since the UK remains in the grips of a skills shortage, hiring teams and recruitment professionals alike will continue to be in high demand. While HR will have a key part to play in narrowing the skills gap, we will also need to call on the country’s policymakers to implement an internationally viable approach to boosting the UK’s access to skills, alongside building a more attractive entry route into the country for highly skilled selfemployed professionals.”

Issue 8 2022 5 News Students Recall Online Course Content Better When Taking Notes as a Team, Research Finds Students who collaborate on note-taking perform better than individual note-takers when recalling course content from online lectures, while individual note-takers perform better on tasks focused on academic writing, finds new research from Nazarbayev University Graduate School of Education (NU GSE). Matthew Courtney, Assistant Professor from NU GSE, and colleagues compared individual and collaborative note-taking and how the completeness of students’ notes is associated with performance on quizzes and academic writing tasks. They focused on 186 students on a course dedicated to learning how to compose a manuscript for an academic journal. Video lectures for the 10-week course were uploaded online. Students were separated into two conditions—individual note-taking or collaborative note-taking—and used Google Docs to make notes on video content. Those in the collaborative group were asked to do so in small groups of three to five. Towards the end of each week, students took an online quiz testing their knowledge of the video content. Students enrolled in the scientific writing course also submitted five individual writing assignments. The researchers found that collaborative note-takers performed better in the weekly quizzes, indicating better recall of content, whereas individual note-takers performed better on the writing assignments, indicating better skill application. The findings also show that note completeness, the extent to which notes accurately reflect meaningful information from the videos, has no effect on collaborative note-takers’ recall of course content and a negative impact on their skill application. However, note completeness has a positive impact for individual note-takers on both recall and skill application. Prof Courtney says, “Prior research has noted that students are often very poor notetakers. Findings from our study suggests that collaborative note-taking provides an antidote, as students working together create higher quality notes to improve recall. However, despite benefits to recall, collaborative note-taking may not be the most effective way to learn to apply knowledge as a skill as applying knowledge to a real-world problem requires more than just recall.”

Premium Product at Zero Fees for International Money Transfers to Africa It is easy to see why PayAngel has garnered a reputation for excellence – it offers the best-in-class and innovative product for its industry, and it prioritises customers. The service is designed to offer multiple benefits that focus on meeting the transfer and payment needs of its clients without compromising speed, reliability, and security. Indeed, as the Best Specialty International Money Transfer Service – 2022, PayAngel is transforming the industry through making international transfers to Africa quick, simple, and easy. Designed by Africans for Africans globally, PayAngel serves as the premium yet the cheapest way to transfer money to the continent quickly and without any hidden costs. The platform is easy, simple, and convenient, and it vows to be there for you – rain or shine. The days of waiting hours or even days for transfers to process are long gone. PayAngel delivers almost instantly, and it does it all for zero fees. In essence, it is a money transfer platform that you can trust. How does PayAngel work? All you need is to sign up with a valid phone number and a few identifying details. Next, simply add your receiver’s details, the amount you want to send, and securely pay for your transfer and then leave the rest to PayAngel. Indeed, whilst you sit back and relax, PayAngel handles the rest and will even keep you updated through text and/or email! As of the second quarter of 2022, the company is accepting customers from the UK, Canada, and Australia, and is set to expand to the United States and to re-enter the rest of Europe. PayAngel spoils you with choice. Customers can choose to use the company’s App or the Website, or even contact them via telephone to complete transfers. Their platform is straightforward and offers all the information you need to make informed decisions about your transfers. For example, it clearly lays out all the available service channels, the forms of payments that they accept, and all the different options for recipients to receive their money. As PayAngel promises: ‘We do not impose on you; we offer you choices so you can choose what works best for you. Be the boss and take control of your money. What’s more, you do not need a middleman, you can pay for goods and services directly and get your money’s worth (no middleman tax).’ As such, the company’s Website has acquired numerous positive reviews. An example being ‘I will highly recommend PayAngel as the best and most convenient money transfer service in the UK. They always have great rates and I’m able to easily pay with my debit card/ bank transfer. The client service provided in case there [are] any issues is also exceptional as they guided [and] assisted me through the whole process via text and call, till it was resolved, and the money was successfully sent.’ The PayAngel App similarly boasts of a plethora of positive comments. Known for its greater simplification of the transfer process, the app enables users to save their payment details, view past transfers, and pay for mortgages, bills, loans, and more. It is designed to offer the customer with choice, convenience, speed, and, importantly, to help them save money. This reinforces the company’s mission to provide Africans with a better way to transfer money and to offer fairer transfer cost which is in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Judging by customer feedback, PayAngel genuinely cares about its users, delivering products and services that meet their peculiar needs. Evidently, customers appreciate the value that PayAngel offers. Consequently, after more than a thousand ratings across all platforms as of July 2022, the company has an impressive rating of 4.8 stars out of five. It has been described as the ‘best app ever’, ‘excellent’, and ‘people’s favourite transfer app to use’. Another review reads as follows: ‘I have been using PayAngel for more [than] five years and I find their services excellent. I am extremely impressed to see them come up with a new mobile App. I find it to be amazing and l know for sure they will continue to improve their services and develop great products and services in the new year, 2021. PayAngel is my only platform for sending funds to family and friends. I will highly recommend their services to you.’ There is a lot of evidence to convince customers to make the switch to PayAngel, but if that is not enough, then its abundance of rewards will turn your head. The PayAngel Rewards program allows you to send and earn money at the same time, with its top affiliates earning thousands of pounds every year. In addition, PayAngel provides free life insurance The platform is easy, simple, and convenient, and it vows to be there for you – rain or shine. The days of waiting hours or even days for transfers to process are long gone. PayAngel delivers almost instantly, and it does it all for zero fees. In essence, it is a money transfer platform that you can trust.

Issue 8 2022 7 Is 8 to recipients – meaning that the company not only cares about the senders but also the recipients. It is, therefore, clear to see why PayAngel has earned the title of Best Specialty International Money Transfer Service – 2022. The company consistently strives to exceed its customers’ expectations and is willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that customers receive all round exceptional service. Contact: [email protected] Company: PayAngel Web Address:

Carving Out New Digital Identities Once known as “Donuts Inc.,” the newly reforged Identity Digital has rebranded to better align with its goal of evolving the future of authentic digital identities for businesses everywhere. The name change reflects the company’s commitment to customers in finding, accessing, and growing their digital identities. Through Identity Digital, customers have many descriptive domain name options that are the most relevant, memorable, and SEO-friendly—positively impacting business growth. All of this and more has contributed to Identity Digital’s recent win of the “Best Small Business Domain Services Provider” for 2022. -Identity Digital has the most extensive domain name selection in the world, with nearly 300 top-level domains (TLDs) in almost every conceivable category. Its portfolio consists of next-gen TLDs, offering individuals and organisations new ways to promote and enhance their digital footprint in a world where distinctive online identity is more pivotal than ever. A relevant domain name lets an individual or business carve out a niche with an authentic digital identity. Typically, an online identity starts with a fitting domain name that can blossom into multiple online profiles and touchpoints that bring businesses to life online. A descriptive domain name that resonates with customers can help businesses better corner their market segment and reach a wider audience than what’s currently possible through a traditional legacy domain. Identity Digital helps clients gain digital growth with concise, well-thought-out domain name options that use both sides of the dot. They are easy to remember and highlight what is unique about a startup or small business from a customer’s very first impression. Categories span from business identifiers (i.e., .ltd, .company), to navigation (i.e., .careers, .support, or .social), to vertical markets (i.e., .photography, .cafe, or .games), or generic terms (i.e., .life, .world or .live). Examples of successful domain names using both sides of the dot include and These descriptive domain names are highly impactful in terms of SEO, memorability, and clickthrough potential, helping clients to rank higher in search results and be more relevant to a wider variety of searches by leveraging specific keywords and phrases. A particularly notable SEO success example is, a domain name that landed a tremendous SEO boost. In 2020, 1 million users visited Janover’s websites from SEO traffic. This contributed to a staggering business growth of 184%. Identity Digital also keeps domains secure from fraud. Phishing, one of the foremost challenges faced by today’s businesses, often involves directing people to malicious websites. Identity Digital offers robust domain name protection at no additional cost. It blocks imposters from establishing fraudulent sites. These security measures – also known as homographic blocking – prevent the registration of fraudulent lookalike domain names that substitute letters or numbers with various other scripts. By rolling this into its services, Identity Digital does an excellent job demonstrating its dedication to businesses’ long-term online identity and wellbeing and positions itself as one of the foremost providers in proactive protection. Its rebrand better reflects the commitment Identity Digital – formerly known as Donuts Inc. – has to the future-proofing its clients’ businesses, securing their online identities, and by providing domain names that clearly communicate what makes them unique in the market. Company: Identity Digital Contact: Akram J. Atallah, CEO Identity Digital Website: Identity Digital has the most extensive domain name selection in the world, with nearly 300 top-level domains (TLDs) in almost every conceivable category. Its portfolio consists of next-gen TLDs, offering individuals and organisations new ways to promote and enhance their digital footprint in a world where distinctive online identity is more pivotal than ever.

Issue 8 2022 9 Is 8

‘Our sought-after and best-in-class range of luxury property services is next level. We go beyond the ordinary into EXTRA-ordinary, challenging the way business is done – all in the name of success. We pride the organisation on providing an incomparable purchasing experience in every aspect of the business and our dedication to serve those discovering and investing in Los Cabos will only continue with the increased demand,’ comments Vanessa Fukunaga. Henceforth, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate’s future is expected to continue its current trajectory towards international prestige. Over the next five years, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate plans to remain the leading real estate brokerage in the Baja California Sur, and has plans to further reinforce its foothold in the luxury market. In addition, the company will be continuously searching for opportunities to evolve, as this will bolster its goal to pave the way for luxury real estate experiences. Contact: Vanessa Fukunaga Company: Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate Web Address: Email: [email protected] U.S. cell - 425-471-1485 MX cell: (011-521) 624-157-3446 Jun22001 Leading The Charge for Luxury Real Estate Sun, sand, and sea views are complimentary with a residential purchase from Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate, the Most Outstanding Leaders in Luxury Real Estate 2022 – Mexico. In essence, the real estate company is selling a luxury lifestyle you can´t get anywhere else in the world. The chance to buy in the most popular area of Mexico is simply amazing. Travel convenience, pleasant temperatures, stunning beaches, recreational opportunities, exceptional amenities, and value for money representation in the second and third home markets are some of the factors that attract buyers to Los Cabos. It’s the place where fantasies come true. Be it a turn-key bespoke home, a villa, or a private residence in an upscale resort, there are a number of options for those searching for luxury in Los Cabos, Mexico. Having established a strong reputation as the business to list and sell luxury real estate, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate, the top luxury real estate brokerage in Mexico’s Baja California Sur, is currently celebrating its 25th year in business. The company, which was established in 1997, was acquired by its current Owner, President, and CEO, Vanessa Fukunaga, in 2012. Moreover, the company boasts a global network of offices, outstanding industry relationships, and a talent for finding distinctive properties. ‘Working with the no.1 luxury real estate brokerage in the region means you´re doing business at the highest level. Our award-winning team continue to lead the way with competence, market expertise and notable service selling a luxury lifestyle you can´t get anywhere else in the world,’ Vanessa comments. VILLA LOVE AND PEACE, PALMILLA Since its founding, Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate has accomplished more than $3B in sales and consistently upholds their significant 70% share of the market’s multimillion-dollar listings. This, however, should serve as no surprise, because the company redefines what it means to undergo a luxury real estate experience. Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate connects its prestigious clients with premium residences. Furthermore, the Engel & Völkers Snell Real Estate team is devoted to leading the charge into the future and addressing the evolving needs of their clientele. The company’s portfolio of properties has it all – sprawling estates, glamorous villas, and comfortable family homes. Its website features a plethora of iconic properties, such as Casa Blanca, Villa Nautilus and The Norman Estates at Rancho San Lucas. Villa Love and Peace is currently available for a cool $23,850,000, boasting six bedrooms, eight full bathrooms, and impressive views of the Sea of Cortez. VILLA NAUTILUS, PEDREGAL

Issue 8 2022 11 challenging time to predict trends in business, and Kalos thoroughly enjoys helping its clients have confidence in otherwise precarious circumstances. In 2022, Kalos is entering a new phase in its growth. It will move offices to a storied building in downtown Calgary, supporting the renaissance of this oil-dependent Canadian city that has seen much turbulence in the last decade. Digitization is the company’s next focus. It has implemented various cloud-based and analytic software to stay ahead of evolving trends and remain competitive with the significant players in its industry. The company will also be co-chairing the Canadian Private Equity Summit, Canada’s top-tier private equity event held annually in Toronto. Winning a corporate excellence award is a fitting addition to a fantastic year for this young firm. ‘We’re so grateful to receive international recognition,” says co-founder Mackenzie Regent, “I would like to sincerely thank our team, strategic partners, and clients for the opportunity to work, succeed and grow together.” Contact: Travis Regent Company: Kalos LLP Web Address: Jun22548 2022’s Leading Mid-Market Transactions Advisory Firm - Alberta Kalos LLP is a fully regulated Chartered Professional Accounting firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions. The business is based in Calgary, Canada. Kalos strives to provide premium service to midmarket clients. Kalos LLP takes its name from the Greek word for ‘good.’ The word ‘kalos’ was historically used to describe warriors who upheld the most stringent moral standards while engaged in combat. Similarly, the company prides itself on its devotion to integrity. It firmly believes that by empowering the team to do the right thing, Kalos will be a better firm. Kalos was founded to close the gap in guidance for mid-market and small businesses through the financial due diligence process. Smaller organizations need a trusted advisor who can give them impartial expert advice, in their price range, as they navigate acquiring or selling a business. The company represents buyers, sellers and investors. It specializes in facilitating communication and building relationships around the table, so clients can close their deal with confidence. Kalos’ success is predominantly thanks to the calibre of its team. All of its team members cultivated their expertise working for some of the world’s largest banks and accounting firms. Together, they’ve analyzed billions of dollars in transactions. Mid-market companies and small businesses require the same quality of advice when making a purchase or sale as a large enterprise-level organization. Kalos clients retain the experience a big firm offers, with personal attention and fees that the larger accounting firms simply can’t match. Clients can tell when they’re collaborating with someone who is enthusiastic about their role, and Kalos finds its clients want to be a part of this shared enthusiasm. Kalos helps its clients cut through the complex nature of mergers and acquisitions, and guides them through any interruption. It is a

business. One of the core beliefs that drives the CEO is that career opportunities and advancement should be based purely on merit, regardless of demographic characteristics, and it is little surprise that the firm has many women in senior leadership positions. Equality is embedded at an operational level, through the various recruitment policies and HR processes in play. Looking ahead there are still more additions to the team’s suite of digital solutions still to be made, with a workforce that is still growing and must remain dynamic by definition. There is still enormous potential in what the team offer, and much that has yet to be made from the team’s market-leading technological infrastructure, services, and capabilities. For those who want to maximise returns, drive down costs and streamline business processes, the team at Goal Group should always be your first port of call. Company: Goal Group Name: Vicky Dean, Managing Director EMEA and Global Head of Client Services Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jun22093 The Future of Finance Fintech is always moving forward, and the best in the industry are always moving forward too. We take a look at Goal Group, leaders in withholding tax reclaims and securities class action recoveries, to see how they have provided unprecedented value to their clients. Named Best Cloud-Based Asset Servicing Software Provider – 2022 in Corporate Vision’s 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, we thought it was the right time to catch up with the secrets of their success. At the forefront of how Goal Group operates is a desire to stay ahead of what the competition offers. Headquartered in London, with various offices in New York, Sydney, and Melbourne, the team are proud to offer a heady combination of innovative cloud-based technology, unparalleled industry knowledge and legal, tax and securities expertise, all built up over three decades. For this team, nothing is perfect, and they are always looking for the next big thing. The last few years have seen Goal Group totally revolutionise the way in which they work, with a fresh approach to their business, to their service model and to their environmental credentials. Key to this has been a digital transformation program which has opened the door to an extensive suite of cutting-edge digital solutions. These have set new industry benchmarks when it comes to efficiency, cost, service, and sustainability in both withholding tax reclaims and securities class action recoveries. For this intrepid team, technological and service excellence goes hand in hand. Such is the success of Goal Group that many of the major custodian banks, world’s top fund managers, all four of the US depositary banks, as well as hundreds of broker/dealers, private banks, and hedge funds rely on their efforts. They are drawn in by the long track record of success that has come from the team’s three cornerstone of the business, leadingedge technology, excellent client service and compelling, flexible pricing. Whilst the team are always looking forward, it is telling that many of their innovations are focused on serving the needs of their clients. Goal take the time to listen to the needs and preferences of those who use their services and use technology as an aid to business as opposed to a replacement for people. Real human connection is something that is irreplaceable when trying to create a bespoke experience. The team at Goal Group always understands the why, when, and how their clients are interacting with them, proposing ideas based on this. The journey towards digital transformation had already begun when the pandemic hit, but it was thanks to the innovative thinking of the team and their managed IT service provider BJSS that the firm was able to transition quickly and securely to a fully functional remote working model. For clients, Goal Group managed to act throughout the pandemic in much the same way as it had before, launching several new complementary services during the pandemic, such as Treaty Rate Manager (TRM), a digital application giving access to the firm’s in-house withholding tax reference database. The team also redeveloped their client portals on both sides of the business in order to provide a greater breadth of content, functions, and features to those who had wanted access. Whilst this mindset towards innovation is intrinsic to the success of Goal Group, embracing change on a conceptual level has involved taking people on the same journey as the

Issue 8 2022 13 Jun22095 A Bright Future for JMWholesale The distribution industry relies on businesses being able to be flexible, reliable, and – most importantly – customer focused. As the Most Innovative Wholesale Distributor, 2022, JM Wholesale showcases its creativity in its services through distributing not only the right products, in the right way, but the best products. It seamlessly distributes its advanced goods and services with each customer in mind. Here we hear more from JM Wholesale as it wins this award. JM Wholesale does not settle for norms within the industry. We are constantly pushing boundaries and challenging ourselves to offer the absolute best services and programs. The award-winning Dropshipping service was launched in 2019. With over 500 partner websites linked directly to our 15,000 + products, many successful businesses have been built exclusively using our Dropshipping service. Brand Development Manager, Rob Oakley, informs us, “We have the largest integrated Drop-Shipping network with over 500 active partners. Giving our brand partners exposure to not only B2B customers but also capturing a large consumer market through the 500+ online stores. Boosting exposure to both retailers and end-users.” COVID-19 had a huge impact on online sales, thus propelling the Dropshipping program to new heights in a very short space of time and the number of partners more than doubled over a 6-month period – this has continued to grow month on month. We are always looking for ways to improve our current services by conducting client feedback surveys. What’s more, JM Wholesale’s Vape & CBD Whitelabel service was launched in 2019. It has quickly grown to feature the widest variety of products available from any manufacturer, with new options being added all the time. We now have an established R&D (research and development) team within our manufacturing department, whose goal is to create the most cutting-edge, premium products and recipes for our customers. This also means that we are able to offer totally customised options for virtually any type of item for vape and CBD options. To coincide with the success of our Whitelabel Manufacturing department, we have recently finalised the build of our own in-house, fully certified clean room laboratory space. This will take the capabilities of our R&D and manufacturing team to new levels. By adding this clean room, we will be able to increase production by an estimated 500%. This will have a knock-on effect for our R&D team, as part of the investment is allocated for cutting-edge equipment allowing us to increase our product development. With innovation at the forefront of JM Wholesale’s mind, Whitelabel Business Development Manager, Duncan Wood, says, “Innovation is at the heart of manufacturing. Therefore, we have invested significantly in our research and development capabilities. Our R&D team consistently take on new challenges to innovate new products and methods of production.” This year, we will be introducing our own in-house lab testing department and process – Accurex Labs. This will be the final step in making JM Wholesale a fully comprehensive solution for all manufacturing needs. Late last year, we moved operations to a brand new, state-of-the-art, 50,000 sq. ft premises. This premises features excellent amenities for our employees and guests. The property move has taken JM Wholesale to new levels as a company in every respect, including the calibre of employees that we can attract to our team. We are also proud to offer tours of the premises to our customers, suppliers, and partners. JM Wholesale offers an industry-first, automated price beating service and our in-house Design team offers creative solutions for any business. JM Wholesale’s Marketing Department works directly with manufacturers and suppliers to help develop and grow brands within a challenging market. With JM Plus, we have launched a subscriptionbased, free delivery service for our Wholesale customers. We are one of the fastest-growing distributors in the country, with sales revenue more than doubling each year. We are now recognised as a market leader within the Vape & CBD sector, with many prominent brands and companies approaching us for business opportunities. Rob finalises, “At JM Wholesale we are proud to be unique in the way we work with our Brand Partners. Our innovation in the industry is what sets us apart from our competition and is one of the many reasons we are now the UK’s Leading Vape & CBD Wholesaler. By partnering with both market leaders and small start-ups we help push the Vape & CBD industry into unmarked territory by investing in new innovative brands and products.” It is this dedication to the industry that has meant JM Wholesale has truly made its mark – long may its success continue. Contact: Logie Rajan Company: JM Wholesale Ltd Web Address:

Jun22200 Healthcare For All Healthcare has to be accessible to everyone, and innovative solutions are key to this. The team behind Medgate Philippines have leveraged telemedicine to offer a different approach to the people of the Philippines. Recognised by Corporate Vision for the second time, Medgate Philippines is bestowed with the prestigious title of Best Southeast Asian Telemedicine Company – 2022. Since being established in 1998, Medgate has handled over 12 million consultations globally, opening up branches in Switzerland, Germany and the Philippines. Medgate is a founding member of the International Society for Telemedicine and E-health, where Medgate’s CEO Dr Andy Fisher is the current President. This incredible pedigree has positioned Medgate as a constantly growing organisation, that is always setting new and higher standards for the delivery of teleconsultations. Their branch in the Philippines is a relatively new addition, only opening in 2016 ,but has quickly become an invaluable part of the region’s healthcare system. With more than 1.5 million Filipinos who are members of Medgate’s partners in the banking, health, and insurance industries, its impact cannot be overstated. It has opened a new avenue of healthcare to many Filipinos who might not otherwise have access to high quality medical care. Telemedicine has become more common, post-pandemic, but remains secondary choice for many. The Medgate Philippines team know the power of this impressive technology as a quick and efficient way of interacting with patients, and they also know that it is still evolving. Even before the pandemic, the team was able to offer medical consultation over the phone for non-life threatening, non-emergency health concerns. Multiple touchpoints from landlines to mobile phones, websites to social media, and an app in the works for mobile, means no one is left behind. One of the benefits of using Medgate Philippines is that it is proven to be able to manage high-volume teleconsultations to a large member base. Instead of relying solely on individual doctors, the medical experts who work for this impressive company can draw on the experience and knowledge of colleagues globally that has grown over the years. These are doctors who can confidently diagnose and treat patients. The advent of 5G broadband has opened the door to immersive high-resolution video, whilst wearable technology allows medical professionals to capture body temperature, blood pressure, and even blood sugar which will aid doctors to provide a more accurate medical diagnosis. Despite only opening its doors in the Philippines six years ago, the team has managed to establish itself as a market leader incredibly quickly. To keep up with continued demand, Medgate has grown its employee base and has focused on supporting medical consultants who want to practice the art of teleconsultations. The result is a strong unity of purpose which continues to provide care and comfort to Filipinos. The pandemic has changed many things, but for the Medgate team, it’s clear that telemedicine has become a primary healthcare source as opposed to an enforced alternative. As COVID-19 has ripped through medical facilities of all sorts, the chance to consult with a healthcare professional without the risk of exposure to the virus, as well as avoiding the journey and queuing involved with any hospital visit, is incredibly appealing. As the new normal continues to establish itself, the team at Medgate Philippines are sure this trend will continue to take hold. The accessibility of telemedicine has increased dramatically since Medgate first began operating. As better infrastructure and connectivity have become commonplace, the team have found it easier than ever to reach their patients. Before the pandemic, the team had set plans of expanding into key ASEAN markets, and as business travel resumes, these plans will be set into motion. The future for telemedicine looks bright indeed, with new options opening up by the day. The popularity of this impressive resource is one which cannot, and must not, be overlooked moving forward. Not only does Medgate Philippines offer access to quality medical care, but it also offloads hospitals and other health infrastructures of non-urgent, non-emergency cases so that they can focus on patients that need physical care. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: Medgate Philippines Name: Stavros Athanasiou, President Email: [email protected] Web Address:

Issue 8 2022 15 Jun22366 An Integrated Approach To Risk Management Founded by Mathieu Gorge in 2003, VigiTrust provides solutions that enable organisations to comply with legal, industrial, and security standards and frameworks. With offices in Dublin, New York, and Paris, the company has extended its reach to 120 countries. We take a look at why Mathieu Gorge is voted our Most Influential Cybersecurity Executive 2022 – Ireland. For large organisations, compliance can be an uphill struggle. With everchanging regulations and directives, not to mention changes in staffing, it’s imperative to consult with professionals. Expert in Integrated Risk Management (IRM), VigiTrust enables customers to achieve and maintain compliance with a range of standards including data protection, data transfer and retention, Protected Health Information (PHI), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) and ISO 27001. The company also helps global Fortune 500 customers to understand and comply with US Federal regulations, State regulations, and European directives. Collaborating with clients in retail, hospitality and banking, the company has taken its 19 years of experience in the sector and incorporated it into a single SaaS solution – VigiOne. VigiOne brings together all the tools needed to implement and manage security and privacy regulations in one place. The solution uses VigiTrust’s 5 Pillars of Security Framework™ to enable key processes for Preparation, Validation, and Compliance. Founder and CEO, Mathieu Gorge, explains, “The Integrated Risk Management Industry is a busy space. But VigiOne allows for security assessments, compliance validation and continuous compliance as well as providing a full project management function to manage all compliance tasks. Its fully-fledged cyber security education platform boasts more than 250 training sections, and a collaboration platform allows end users to work together with external assessors. It’s very unique.” Always innovating to create new and improved features, VigiTrust has built a roadmap that it follows with precision. This ensures that VigiOne can be adapted to be relevant to any type of organisation around the world. The company is currently venturing into the machine learning and AI innovations space and is planning some major announcements this year. Around 9 years ago, Mathieu founded the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board. The board brought together CISOs, C-Suite members, board members, regulators, law enforcement, industry and academics in a non-commercial setting. The aim being to explore and discuss new trends and to share research and innovation in response to the latest threat vectors relating to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance. Today, over 200 board members meet several times a year with a community of almost 500 senior decision makers. Mathieu tells us, “Previously meeting in locations around the world, these events have now moved to a virtual environment. They are organised in a confidential, non-commercial and non-profit setting under Chatham House Rules. They feature international speakers renowned for their knowledge in specific fields of security and compliance.” Mathieu believes that “security is a journey, not a destination.” His book, The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom, promotes this statement. His book was published by ForbesBooks, in November 2020, and, alongside this informative piece, there have been many podcast episodes to follow. The Cyber Elephant in the Boardroom is aimed at Board members, C-Suite and key decision makers faced with cyber accountability challenges. It is based on the award winning 5 Pillars of Security Framework: a simple, effective, industry agnostic, timeless methodology allowing enterprises and small businesses to map cyber security risks, implement a cyber security strategy and demonstrate cyber accountability to regulators, governing bodies and law enforcement agencies. The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom delivers the strategies and best practices for dealing with today’s issues and provides guidance for the next decade of risks. As companies begin to adjust to mounting security issues, senior leadership teams and CXOs will require simple ways of understanding and addressing these threats. The 5 Pillars of Security Framework™ is the perfect foundational tool. The 5 Pillars transcend industries and can be applied to organizations of any size and type, they are timeless in nature. If you or your business need future-proof cyber-security strategies, The Cyber-Elephant in the Boardroom is an indispensable reference for key stakeholders to understand their roles. You can find all the podcasts with ForbesBooks and Mathieu Gorge at The team at VigiTrust is committed to adapting to the needs of its clients. The company strives to deliver the most accurate technologies and responses to help the companies to maintain their compliance. To help it overcome the challenges presented by the shortage of skills in the sector, VigiTrust partners with specialist recruitment firms. They have been instrumental in sourcing key people for the company. VigiTrust is also involved in many initiatives to bring young smart people into the industry through placement and apprenticeship schemes. The company also works with Cyber4women to improve gender balance and encourage women into the industry. VigiTrust is always looking for cyber security talent and has found the VigiTrust Global Advisory Board provides a great network to spread the word. If you’re looking for a onestop-shop for all your compliance needs, VigiTrust is the one to turn to. Contact: Oriane Masson Company: VigiTrust Web Address:

vehicles, development speed, verification cost, and coping capabilities vary greatly depending on the effectiveness of the simulator. As the autonomous vehicle market becomes larger and more competitive, the need for simulation verification technology will increase. Indeed, there is a huge need for simulators, but many of the simulation solutions currently available are not good enough for the industry to use. For almost every system such as cars, aeroplanes, and ships, as well as autonomous vehicles, simulation is a must. MORAI continues to respond to the growing demand for autonomous vehicle driving simulators by providing the most optimised verification tool for engineers. Additionally, MORAI has recently introduced its cloud-based offering, MORAI SIM to increase the efficiency of large-scale simulation works. MORAI SIM provides a cloud-based solution that builds a myriad of simulation environments without hardware restrictions and enables simultaneous testing. This means increased test efficiency at it enables users to run a large number of simulation tests with a single computer without hardware restrictions (usually, multiple computers are required to perform like this). This solution is useful for a variety of industries including automotive, academia, trucking, defence, aerial, and more. With regards to the long-term, MORAI’s goal is to make its simulation technology the Windows of simulators. It is looking to invest further research and development, and by leveraging its team’s expertise, the plan is to mature its models to the point that they can be adopted as the industry standard. Global expansion is also one of MORAI’s main priorities, with it believing that collaborating and building relationships with international companies is vital. Thus, it is venturing into overseas markets through collaboration with global firms such as NVIDIA, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Velodyne Lidar, Ansys, dSPACE, and more. Alongside this, it will be expanding its business partnerships with companies like HD-map providers and co-simulation companies, and exploring the way to create an ecosystem in the autonomous industry. Company: MORAI Inc Email: [email protected] Website: Jun22604 Simulation Platform for Autonomous Vehicles MORAI Inc is a South Korean technology company that develops simulation platforms to verify the safety and reliability of autonomous vehicles. It is the only company in Korea that develops and supplies full-stack autonomous driving simulation solutions including core simulation engines. Recognised by Corporate Vision magazine as 2022’s Leading Autonomous Vehicle Technology Start-up - South Korea, we take a closer look at the company. MORAI was founded in 2018 as a start-up by former Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) autonomous driving researchers who are dedicated to creating autonomous driving simulation platforms and have now started to provide simulation software for verifying the safety and reliability of self-driving systems. Over 100 clients are using MORAI’s core simulation platform across multiple industries, academia, and the government, including Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai AutoEver, Hyundai Mobis, Naver Labs, and 42Dot, as well as research institutes and universities such as Korea Automobile Testing & Research Institute and Korea Automotive Technology Institute. MORAI’s mission is to make the world a safer place with its best-in-class simulation platforms by helping researchers and manufacturers test their products effectively and make improvements based on the test results. With its autonomous driving simulation platform, MORAI aims to reduce the time of commercialising driving by more than half of what the industry currently expects. Its data-driven simulation approach delivers values along each step of the vehicle development process, from the project inception stage to the testing and acceptance trial stage. MORAI’s autonomous driving simulation helps to verify vehicles and systems by establishing a virtual road environment, digitally twinning everything, from complex traffic conditions to weather and even lighting changes. By offering technologies such as the Digital Twin, which uses HD map data to replicate the complex road environments in virtual space, MORAI helps its customers to verify and validate their driving software and systems more accurately. MORAI’s simulation platforms can be applied to autonomous driving and other areas like urban air mobility (UAM), logistics and smart cities. The technology also uses surrounding vehicle algorithms, meaning it can either allow users to fine-tune key parameters that control the AI driver models and simulated traffic flow using OpenAPI, or take vehicle movement data recorded from real traffic data and reproduce precise scenarios within the simulation environment. Safety is one of the main arguments for using simulations to test autonomous vehicles. Prototypes operated by market leaders are almost always manned by safety drivers, yet they have still caused a wide range of accidents, from minor collisions to major incidents. In addition, any automated system must undergo some form of verification and validation, even more if it involves human safety. In particular, autonomous driving systems directly related to human safety require rigorous verification in order to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. However, as the real road test is to operate an unverified autonomous vehicle, dangerous situations may occur during the verification process, as there is a limit to testing various unexpected situations and weather conditions, and it is impossible to conduct sufficient tests. To solve these problems and achieve full autonomy, virtual test solutions that can replicate the complexity and scale of real road environments and traffic are needed. MORAI believes that simulation is the solution to achieve full autonomy. When developing autonomous