Issue 8 2022

Time For Change! The climate crisis is one that demands solutions, but few have taken the steps necessary to make a real difference. The team at We Don’t Have Time has made it their mission to recognise the efforts of those who have taken action and name those who haven’t. In 2022’s Corporate Excellence Awards from Corporate Vision, the team was named Most Innovative Environmental Technology Startup – 2022. We dig a little deeper to uncover precisely how they achieved such success. Dealing with the climate crisis is a challenge that cannot be overcome by any singular solution. To make a real difference and protect our way of life, it’s vital that people come together and engage in a dialogue that encourages and empowers the making of impactful decisions. Acting as a Tripadvisor for the climate, We Don’t Have Time acts as a review platform for climate solutions, bringing together the brightest and best, the most passionate about saving our planet, to discover precisely what the future will bring. Companies from around the world, from multinational companies and organizations like Volvo, Microsoft, BT, Ericsson and UNDP, to start-ups, municipalities, media organisations and smaller NGOs, work with We Don’t Have Time. They do so because the team is focused on practical steps that can accelerate the green transition for all. This community shares a passion for the environment, and is regularly called upon to join the We Don’t Have Time team on solution-oriented broadcasts and global digital summits. These often reach millions of viewers, shaping the arguments put forward regarding the climate emergency. The network that We Don’t Have Time relies upon isn’t purely corporate, however. More than 70,000 business leaders, scientists, academics, journalists, activists, and engaged citizens from over 100 countries have been brought together by the need to effect real change in how we live. This impressive reach has been crucial to how We Don’t Have Time has shared and spread its content. Now the team boasts a monthly social media reach of over 75 million, and it’s a reach that continues to grow. When the team at We Don’t Have Time had their idea, the development of an app was a crucial factor. This vital platform provides a place for members to leave reviews on people and businesses, offering climate love for those doing great work in the sector, climate ideas for those who need new ways of doing things and climate warnings for those who might be performing practices which harm the climate. By making people aware, and more importantly people who have an intrinsic interest in the topic, We Don’t Have Time can uncover the worst offenders and empower members to prioritise the change they wish to implement. The social aspect of We Don’t Have Time has been crucial to its success. By building a broad base of support, the team hopes to have the maximum amount of impact. The principle of the start-up is that if enough people want change and are able to showcase the fact, then change will come. The aim is not to dictate a way forward, but to create an environment where a dialogue can take place and consensus on a path can be built. By putting people at the heart of how We Don’t Have Time operates, the team knows that they will be able to create real change. An enormous amount of effort goes into the various events that the team operates, and they put an incredible amount of effort into every single one of their projects. Determined to punch above their weight, their most recent success was the Stockholm+50 Climate Hub. Working with the UN, the event was an incredible achievement for a company of this size. Such a team is not just built on people with talent, but on people with a passion and belief that the climate crisis can be solved. Working collaboratively is the only way to solve this crisis, and that’s how this team works. A key part of the success of We Don’t Have Time has come from a determination to practice what they preach. As such, when the going gets tough for the We Don’t Have Time team, they get going. The variety of the events held by the team has also been a crucial part of their success. In 2018, the team began to organise global digital nofly climate events, showing the world that it was not only possible, but often preferable to achieve results without flying around the globe. The last couple of years have not only proven this to be right, but have seen the We Don’t Have Time team standing well ahead of the curve when it comes to hosting events in the digital space. The pandemic had a negligible impact on the way in which they operate, and in fact brought them to further public attention. As one of the few organisations which were prepared for the challenges of transmitting digitally at scale, other companies and organisations such as the UN and the Nordic Council of Ministers reached out to ask for much-needed support with their digital broadcasts. These collaborations have yielded exceptional results, and the team has been invited to the UN climate meeting COP27 in Egypt in November. They will be working with several exciting partners that have yet to be announced. The team’s incredible growth has also seen them invited to broadcast from the NYC Climate Week in September. This will be undertaken from their US office. To keep track of all of the activities that the team is doing, it’s worth downloading the app and checking in to see what developments are underway. The climate crisis is one that requires urgent and unified action. Few understand this better than the team behind We Don’t Have Time. To them, finding practical solutions that can make a real difference is paramount, and finding ways of sharing these solutions with as many people as possible is key. Their success in 2022’s Corporate Excellence Awards from Corporate Vision is another accolade to add to an impressive collection. We cannot wait to see what they do next! Company: We Don’t Have Time Name: Ingmar Rentzhog Email: [email protected] Web Address: Acting as a Tripadvisor for the climate, We Don’t Have Time acts as a review platform for climate solutions, bringing together the brightest and best, the most passionate about saving our planet, to discover precisely what the future will bring.