Issue 8 2022

Digital Temperature & Air Flow Sensor, specifically in order to monitor the air flow (or lack of air flow) from fans & vents, such as HVAC vents or cooling fans. This can help Room Alert users detect potential cooling or ventilation issues before they occur, saving companies valuable time and money. The growth of AVTECH and its incredible range of products has been built not purely on the quality of the Room Alert infrastructure, but on the way in which the team’s customer service puts people first. Those who use Room Alert are able to move forward safe in the knowledge that their property and their people are secure, guaranteeing a level of productivity that won’t be held back by unforeseen environmental issues. We wish the team every success as they continue to push the boundaries of what the security that technology can offer. Company: AVTECH Software, Inc. Name: Russell Benoit Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jun22678 Most Innovative Environment Monitoring Solutions Provider – 2022 Peace of mind is never easy to come by, but the team at AVTECH Software, Inc have developed solutions with this end in mind. Their incredible journey started in 1988 and has allowed them to care for people, property and productivity. In Corporate Vision’s 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards, we celebrated the stunning efforts of this amazing team and their Room Alert platform. We dig a little deeper to uncover more about the secrets of their success. For over thirty years, the team behind AVTECH Software has been developing solutions to keep people safe. Their initial offering took the form of hardware and software designed to help warn staff of environmental issues that might have arisen. The impact of extreme highs or lows of temperature were just the beginning of the process for the AVTECH Software team who have grown into a business which can also track unexpected power loss, water leaks or flood conditions and smoke to name but a few. One of the leading products from the team is their Room Alert platform. This comprehensive suite of monitors, sensors, software and accessories has proven immensely popular for those businesses which want to find ways of avoiding downtime caused by environmental factors. Such is the popularity of this product that it has found itself being used in 187 countries around the world. These organisations the rely on Room Alert vary enormously from the humblest of SMEs to the world’s largest retailers. Over 80% of the Fortune 1000, the United Nations, every branch of the US military, and many state and local governments turn to AVTECH to provide the ultimate in protection. The damage of downtime on any business can be massive. AVTECH goes above and beyond to ensure that any damage that might be caused by outside circumstances is taken care of as soon as possible. The team works with nearly every type of industry, and nearly every size of company, meaning that they have had to adapt to an enormous amount of different and unique requirements. Most companies approach AVTECH after they’ve had a problem, such as a HVAC unit failure causing their data centre heat to spike, causing server failure, data loss, and customer service interruption. This sort of situation might happen to anyone, but Room Alert is a key part of ensuring that it doesn’t happen twice. With the ability to maintain the environmental state of any room, the team have been able to secure truly breath-taking success. Over the years, a more proactive approach has seen new customers anticipating the need for AVTECH’s products. They have added Room Alert to their business continuity plans before problems have arisen. Environmental monitoring was once considered nice to have, but not it is thought of as a necessity because the impact of any downtime can be catastrophic. The future for this impressive organisation seems positive indeed, with the introduction of new features within the team’s Room Alert Account and Room Alert Manager monitoring platforms. The team have also launched their latest sensor, the