Issue 8 2022

Issue 8 2022 25 6 0 2 11 that allowed it to keep afloat during the pandemic as its clients stuck by it resolutely. Consequentially, as it moves forward into 2022, it looks forward to continuing the good work it has become known for over the years, as well as looking forward to growing and continuing to have fun, implementing new innovations in hair care and bringing its clients the best solutions possible. Company: By Falengreen Contact: Dorte Falengreen Website: Feb22207 Community Focused Haircare By Falengreen, a hairdresser and haircare provider, has secured its place amongst the ‘Small Business 100’ list for its hard work and commitment to client happiness. Over the years it has been in operation, it has been able to hit the ground running, cultivating an exemplary reputation and a long list of loyal clients that is ever-growing as it plies its trade for its community. Offering its haircare products through its online shop, it ensures that damaged hair and scalps can be treated in a way that still feels like the client is being pampered. As a certified haircare provider, By Falengreen has enjoyed over 15 years of development and innovation to turn it into one of the most trusted local hair salons. Bringing trustworthy and healthy products to its client base, its provisions are exclusive and exemplary, resulting in great hair care for the whole family. Fundamentally, it helps those with dry scalps and other haircare issues in order to resolve those issues, providing treatments and professional help that will rejuvenate and cleanse, allowing the client to regain their confidence and love their hair again. Serving end customers with tenacity and dedication, its staff work with excellent chemistry and professional acumen to create the best salon environment possible. Critically, its launch allowed it to begin the development of a loyal client base who each appreciate the honesty, friendliness, and empathy that each of By Falengreen’s staff members work with, cultivating a roster of individuals and families who use it as their one stop shop for haircare. Since then, this has remained the case, gathering more clients to it as its customers go on to recommend its work through word-of-mouth referrals. Having become stronger as a business and as a communityfocused team over time, its efforts have allowed it to develop an unblemished reputation for excellence in this manner, something Feb22207 Small Business 100 25