Corporate Vision Issue 9

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 15 Strategically-Driven Creative Solutions g interactive experiences, state- of-the-art blockbuster rides and attractions, unique live entertainment, and immersive themed restaurants and boutiques. Thinkwell was responsible for the creative development, design, implementation, and attraction production of the entire park. Thinkwell also served as producers of all park media, including hours of original orchestrated music and soundtracks, blockbuster cinema quality media, and more. In addition, Thinkwell also served as the IP representative for the project. Universal Orlando Cinematic Celebration The Universal Orlando Cinematic Celebration is a complex matrix of water fountains, surround sound, lighting, pyrotechnics, projection-mapped buildings, lasers and film media projected onto water screens, creating a tapestry of scenes from Universal’s rich history of beloved blockbusters. The experience brings guests deep into the action through a series of immersive movie moments. Each of the film scenes plays out along with a bold, newly orchestrated score, recorded at Bastyr Chapel in Seattle, WA. From the beginning, the Lagoon location presented many challenges. With a wide viewing area and difficult sightlines, a change in the way guests see and experience the show was required. In collaboration with Universal Orlando Entertainment, Thinkwell designed a dedicated viewing area within the Universal Studios Florida theme park’s Central Park with multiple viewing tiers for guests, defining sightlines of the show space for a more impactful guest experience. The end result is not simply a collection of film clips or a theatrical performance, but a carefully orchestrated dance between media and water that is beautifully abstract. Thinkwell Media - Thinkwell’s recently acquired in-house media team - was tasked with creating a custom media show that showcased Universal’s movies in a way no viewer has ever seen them before. This show is three times wider than the typical film aspect ratio and takes up multiple planes of viewing at once, with the moving image broken up into overlapping layers of screens. In order to adapt to the space, Thinkwell Media recreated and expanded media from the original films. This monumental operation involved complete rebuilds of certain scenes from recognized blockbuster movies, with complex motion graphics and reanimation of assets are now not only seen but experienced through the fully panoramic 350- foot wide water screen. “This is an exciting time for us, as there has been a general shift in thinking across many industries over the past few years as it relates to guest experience. Real estate developers, sport franchises, and healthcare industries, for example, have placed a renewed focus on the guest and every moment of their engagement with their company, property, event, or brand. This fresh perspective is opening up new doors for Thinkwell all the time and we are excited to bring our expertise in storytelling, guest experience, technical integration and immersive design to a wider range of clients than ever before. Award recipient: Joe Zenas (CEO) Contact: Adrienne Kellam Company: Thinkwell Group Address: 2710 Media Center Drive Los Angeles, California 90065 USA Telephone: 818 333 3444 Web Address: