Corporate Vision Issue 9

16 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 , Established in 2006, AccionMicrofinance Bank’s mission is to economically empower micro- entrepreneurs across Nigeria in a sustainable and ethical manner. For their exceptional work in this important sector, Accionwas awarded the title of Most OutstandingMicrofinance Bank inNigeria in the esteemed 2018 Corporate Excellence Awards programme. Following this success, Corporate VisionMagazine took amoment to profile the bank and find out how they have driven the business sector inNigeria. Building Nigeria’s Economy One Client at a Time For twelve years, Accion Microfinance Bank has been a key figure on the Nigerian business landscape. Through its savings, loans, micro-finance and e-commerce services, the bank has swiftly grown a name in the country for its ethically-minded, client-centric policies. For this, they have also been the recipient of numerous accolades, including the Lagos State Enterprise (LEAD) award for Best Microfinance Bank in Lagos on multiple occasions. It is clear from the outset that Accion has a crucial part to play in creating Nigeria’s booming business sector– Africa’s largest economy. Advocating an ease of use, and comprehensive client options, Accion has made a swift impression on an emerging market that champions the entrepreneurial spirit, and nurtures those that are dedicated to capitalising on the opportunities the market presents. Lagos particularly, offers an environment that has, in recent years, come to be as dynamic as any of those in Asia and the Middle East – no small achievement by any means. Perhaps more important than that is Accion’s stability; with shareholder investments from three major banks; Ecobank, Zenith and Citi Bank. On top of this, Accion also has considerable investment from the International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank and Accion Investments. This guarantees a robust foundation, that can scale as needed, to service an ever- increasing number of customers. Accion’s client-centric approach reveals itself in other areas too, with a corporate social responsibility that has a keen focus on education, and makes frequent donations of educational materials to pupils of local primary schools. Ultimately, Accion has plans to become the market leader in the microfinance sector, achieving a ‘world-class’ standard of services. By any metric, this dream looks set to become reality sooner rather than later. Operating in an industry that perfectly complements their approach to financing small businesses, they have made a dramatic impact on Nigeria’s economy, driving a formidable, and growing market. 1805CV58 Company: Accion Microfinance Bank Limited Address: 4th Floor, Elizade Plaza, 322 Ikorodu Road, nthony, Lagos, Nigeria Website: Telephone: 00234 127 193256