Corporate Vision Issue 9

CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 35 take their job details, and gives whatever advice is asked for or needed. Lemos runs the Candidate side of the business and takes great care to ensure that Candidates are listened to, registered and interviewed properly, given career advice when required, and that the right Candidates are put forward for the right jobs. That way there is consistency for both Clients and Candidates. They believe, fundamentally, in presenting the best candidates possible for any job – with them it is quality not quantity. To borrow Rodell Heald’s own words, “we aim to be masters of our craft, and not a jack of all trades”. Rodell Heald takes a moment to emphasise on this point, “Our aim is to give a personal service and we have the experience to help with all aspects of recruiting staff for your home – from a simple request for a daily housekeeper or a new domestic staff member, through to helping with interviewing, or even advising on recruiting a whole team for your new property. We recruit our candidates, who come from all over the world, very carefully. All candidates are interviewed thoroughly and must have a minimum of at least three years’ experience, suitable references that can be checked, alongside good spoken English and other languages if required”. As a result of this approach, Town and Country have become a pace-setter in the domestic staff recruitment sector. While others may struggle to emulate their success, Town and Country thrive, enjoying exemplary client testimonials and recommendations. Indeed, in 2016 Town and Country opened their second office in Oxfordshire to cover the Cotswolds and country vacancies in the South of England, and are about to open their third office in Cheshire that will look after this area and recruitment for the North of England. These offices compliment their office in Covent Garden who specialise in London and International vacancies. In this, Town and Country aim to distinguish themselves further, offering their services across all corners of the UK and Overseas. “Our mission is simply to be the best Domestic Staff Recruitment Consultancy that our clients could use. There are no specific steps that we take to achieve this – we aim to achieve this in everything that we do every day.” Moving on to discuss the merits of Town and Country outside of pure recruitment concerns, Rodell Heald highlighted that they have never borrowed money to fuel the growth of the company. “We started the business during a recession, but our market is fairly recession- proof as we provide clients with a type of staff who will always be needed, although those needs may change a little over the years - i.e. as your children grow up you may not need a dedicated nanny but you may need a housekeeper who is ‘child friendly’. We started the business with our own capital, not a bank loan, and have built the business on the back of our success. We have never borrowed any money and have no plans to do so.” Unlike many other recruitments agencies, Town and Country is owned in its entirety by Rodell Heald and Lemos; they have no investors, and no stock, only the drive to succeed, and the skills to do so. Being an independent firm allows Town and Country to offer a service that is tailored specifically to meet its clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. For Town and Country this is a personal business where they are recruiting staff for people’s homes and so need to balance tradition and good recruitment with new developments and techniques that will enhance their Client’s recruitment process. As an example, they are now able to give a Client a brief ‘video’ presentation of a Candidate talking about their CV and work experience when they recruit senior level staff. They believe that organic and sustainable growth finds its foundation in operational excellence. They have achieved incredible success on the back of hard work and their efforts alone, which speaks volumes about the calibre of their services. Looking to the future of Town and Country, Rodell Heald stresses the importance of continuing in much the same way as they have previously; “We have seen year on year growth since starting the business – we see no reason why this should not carry on for the future.” By all regards, Town and Country can be considered stalwarts of a traditional era of service whilst also being a thoroughly modern business. Where others race to adopt the latest technologies, or the newest trends, Rodell Heald and Lemos have maintained the importance of doing a job well, and to the best of their considerable abilities. Their dedication to providing outstanding, expert services has fuelled impressive growth year on year, and warranted recognition and acclaim from clients and industry-leading establishments alike, which Town and Country hopes will continue for many years to come. Name: Bibi Lemos and Andrea Rodell Heald Web Address: www.tandcstaff. com For London and International Vacancies: 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ Telephone: 020 3174 2446 For Cotswolds and Country Vacancies in the South of England: Wittas House, Witney, Oxfordshire, OX28 4BH Telephone: 01451 812220 For Cheshire and Country Vacancies in the North of England 1st Floor, Rutherford House, Warrington Road, Birchwood, Warrington, WA3 6ZH Telephone: 01925 357885 Ones to Watch 2018 g