Corporate Vision Issue 9

36 CORPORATE VISION / Issue 9 2018 , 1808CV24 The SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys is the first private lawfirmwhich combined the knowledge of attorneys at law, with patent attorneys that granted SBGK to provide full range of legal services in the field of industrial property and copyright law together with commercial, corporate and competition law. Recently, the firmwere selected in Corporate Vision’s Leaders in IP 2018 proving that SBGK is still an IP power house. We asked one of SBGK’s recently joined junior partner, ÁdámGyörgy to provides us with a detailed insight into current status of the dynamic lawfirm. 50 Years of Experience Since their inception in 1969, SBGK Attorneys at Law and Patent Attorneys has been a leading light in intellectual property as well in different industry sectors. With years of experience and success, the firm are proud to boast an extensive network of international contacts, among which are well known national and international firms with attorneys at law and patent attorneys guaranteeing high quality services in cross- border matters. From a young lawyer’s prospective, Ádám explains the firm’s overall mission that has kept their market leading position in IP, allowing them to expand further. “Here at SBGK, we aim to provide a high-quality service to the greatest satisfaction of our clientele. SBGK endeavours not only to provide a complete work and mandate while following the clients’ specific needs and instructions, but also to establish an excellent relationship with our clients. We think that one of the keys to the success is achieving a positive experience in our clientele. Our firm is unswervingly committed to provide professional services with up to date international know-how on this niche market with emphasis on time-efficiency. Overall, our goal is to maintain and reach the loyalty, satisfaction and confidence of clients. “During my training here at SBGK, I have learned that our way of providing continuously a personalised attention is the most important part of our ethos. We explain to our clients the possible scenarios and outcomes legally by taking into account their business needs. As such. this enables them to make informed decisions regarding their IP and business strategy. “What makes us unique among other law firms in Hungary, is that we show the advantages of the national firm with an international style. In other words, we have been international firm from the beginning, not many know that our firm’s name back in the 70’s used to be ‘ S.B.G.&K. Budapest International Law Firm ’. We have left this name behind for understandable reasons, but its meaning remained in the DNA of SBGK. Thanks to the structure, we offer a local knowledge covering all process of intellectual property, commercial and corporate law with an international law firm attitude. In accordance with the midsize local law firms, SBGK represents the responsiveness to the client’s needs which can be achieved with proper and well-equipped support staff, thus thanks to the division of responsibilities our attorneys can focus on the legal work only.” SBGK recognised in early stages that the economic growth and globalisation would result in a