Issue 9 2021

Best Social Care Training Specialists – UK There are more than 4.18 million people working within the health and social care sector, with the workforce making up around 15% of the labour market in England and Wales. It is vital that this workforce is able to demonstrate the right qualities and skills as well as gain the appropriate qualifications in order to support the people in their care whilst keeping them safe, happy and comfortable. Think Tank Academy believes that through its online and blended training, it can empower young people and care professionals to connect and develop their skills in a meaningful way, and ultimately revolutionise the health and social care industry. Think Tank Academy was founded by local authority and private sector care professionals, forensic psychologists and psychotherapists, who have over 100 years’ combined experience in their individual fields. This collaboration has brought about an innovative and heartfelt approach to training that has never been achieved before. Each training course truly grasps the attention of every learner and is undoubtedly at the forefront of raising the standards of the training received by care professionals nationally. Think Tank’s extensive range of accredited Health and Social Care training and qualifications are available from level 2 to level 5 and are delivered both in online and virtual classroom formats, as well as in blended learning sessions which offer a unique learning experience. With courses covering Safeguarding, Equality and Diversity, First Aid Awareness, Self-Harm Awareness, Radicalisation, and many more, Think Tank’s thought-provoking and reflective course content provides an innovative, engaging and interactive solution for those who are looking to enter the health and social care industry or progress their career within it. Available 24/7 on any internet-enabled device, each foundation course on average lasts only 45 minutes and enables learning anywhere, anytime, making it the most flexible and time-efficient training option. Think Tank designs its courses using 2D and 3D animation to drive engagement and create an enjoyable learning experience. Each course includes real-life scenarios, printable infographics, and reflective practice workbooks. With courses aimed at individuals and organisations, Think Tank’s dedicated inhouse team works with companies to create bespoke training packages, so they can get their staff inducted, trained and qualified to suit their own business needs. The qualifications are approved by a number of accreditation and awarding bodies including Highfield Qualifications and Open Awards, to give companies and regulators confidence. One learner, a residential worker who has completed a course with Think Tank, commented, “I really enjoyed this training. It’s a very productive use of my time with great skills to bring back for the children, and delivering training by a virtual classroom definitely makes this easier for me as a worker. This format is definitely the way forward to upskilling workers.” “This format is definitely the way forward for upskilling workers.” The training provider also works with a number of public and third sector partners to help connect and empower Health and Social Care professionals, providing them with access to webinars and conferences led by keynote speakers, with the benefit of bringing people together after many months apart. Additionally, Think Tank works with a third-party organisation called Eventbrite to create a themed programme of monthly events as well as offering free courses and access to articles and resources, with the intention of empowering and enhancing connectivity and enriching development for health and social care professionals. The next upcoming event is its free Introduction to Mental Health First Aid webinar, accredited by Open Awards, which will be taking place on Friday 15th October in support of World Mental Health Day on Sunday 10th October. The webinar will focus on emotional wellbeing, mental health awareness and how to develop resilience. To register for any of our free events, please go to Think Tank’s website. Company: Think Tank Academy Contact: Carley Bolton Email: [email protected] Phone: 07415060191 Website: Jun21442 Shaping the ‘Invisible Leaders’ of Tomorrow In just five years, Autopilot Leadership Lab (ALLab) has led more than a thousand senior leaders across the globe in the implementation of the Autopilot Leadership Model TM , a co-consultative cultural transformation journey that combines ancient Oriental wisdom with proven modern management theories. We take a closer look as ALLab celebrates its recent award from Corporate Vision Magazine for Best Management Consulting & Transformation Provider 2021 – Hong Kong. In the words of Lao Zi: ‘The best leaders are those who are barely known’. This philosophy, which describes the concept of the Invisible Leader, was first mentioned in the 6 - 4th century Chinese literature of Dao De Jing, one of the most popular works of philosophy that has inspired poets, thinkers, artists, readers and more for generations. Among the concepts it has inspired is the Autopilot Leadership Model TM (AP Model), championed by Autopilot Leadership Lab Limited (ALLab) in Hong Kong. The AP Model combines the Invisible Leader concept with modern management theories of the Western world through a consultative Autopilot Leadership Journey that is designed to increase operational efficiency and strategic effectiveness within organisations by enabling management with ease and thereby unleashing the full potential of their teams to meet goals and achieve sustainable evolution. The AP Model incorporates six key elements: Choosing the Right Talent, High Trust Environment, Highly Effective Teams, Common Goal, Effective Empowerment and Coaching and Developing Talent. These elements form the co-creative process that business leaders, people-managers and entrepreneurs explore together, resulting in a collaborative journey that nurtures tomorrow’s Invisible Leaders. Since June 2016, ALLab as an independent Cultural Transformation Consultancy under the LKK Health Products Group of the Lee Kum Kee family, has been devoted to promoting and practicing the AP Model in partnership with business executives around the world, helping them to identify bottlenecks and then develop strategies to resolve their organizational and team issues within their businesses. Having seen how much of these executives’ time is lost to administrative tasks, meetings and the general chaos of managing the work-life balance, the founding team of ALLab sought to inspire companies derive their own solutions that would gradually transform organisational May21063 cultures through a co-creative process that translated into “Autopilot” organisations, culminating in the achievement of company goals. Enter the Autopilot Leadership Journey – a structured co-consultative framework that is customisable to the needs and ambitions of clients, but ultimately seeks to inspire change through a series of spiral-learning workshops spanning around seven to nine months. The aim of this Journey is to gather participants working together to transform the mindsets of business executives into ones that are practical, impactful, and effective. To do so, participants support one another in generating immediate next steps to deal with their own unique challenges and circumstances that may arise in the management of a business; face dynamic discussions within an open and inclusive environment in which entrepreneurs can gain a true understanding of those challenges and their repercussions; and engage in a self-reflective Journey as a team that promotes connectivity and inclusiveness so that participants can draw inspirations from one another. Recently, ALLab is actively developing Cultural Partnerships with SME and Start-up communities, borrowing its sophisticated experiences with listed companies and international organizations, offering consultation and board advisory services to achieve a winning culture that enables fast-growth despite under extreme business climates. As a result, ALLab is now a multi-award-winning company that has been trusted by businesses, professional associations and academic institutions in the US, UK, Greece, Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and beyond. In a time that has been shaped by the global pandemic and resulted in a monumental shift in the new norms of working and leadership culture, ALLab is being relied on for its entrepreneurial spirit that manifests in innovation and technology now more than ever. As it enters its sixth year of operation, we look forward to seeing how ALLab continues to evolve as a trusted partner to the forward-thinking pioneers and Invisible Leaders of tomorrow. Contact: Mr. Jowie Yu, General Manager Company: Autopilot Leadership Lab Limited Email: [email protected] Web Address: / LinkedIn Page / Facebook Page