Issue 9 2021

Jul21823 Good As Gold Named Best Precious Metals Royalty & Streaming Company – 2021 at this year’s Corporate Excellence Awards, Vox Royalty Corp. is at the fore of an exciting revolution in an investment opportunity that has moved from an alternative option to a viable and mainstream choice of many. A precious metals royalty and streaming company operating worldwide, Vox offers a knowledgeable, better risk-adjusted means of unlocking value in mining assets. Established in 2014, Vox Royalty Corp. (“Vox”) is a growth precious metals royalty and streaming company dedicated to offering investors a better risk adjusted means of generating commodity exposure. Boasting a portfolio of more than 50 royalties and streams across four continents and spanning nine jurisdictions, Vox’s purpose is to buy third party mining royalties, thereby helping to unlock value in assets that are esoteric and generally illiquid for mining royalty holders. While Vox’s mission and purpose has not changed since the company’s inception, elsewhere the business has seen a great deal of evolution in just under a decade. Since 2014, the firm has built unique intellectual property in its proprietary database of more than 8,000 global royalties which has been developed over almost ten years to yield wider transactional opportunities and therefore equip Vox with an unmatched competitive edge in the royalties sector. In addition, the global sourcing network it has cultivated over the years has combined to establish Vox as the fastest growing royalty company of its sector. Issue 9 2021 25 Central to this successful growth is the Vox team, comprised of mining engineers and geologists that are capable of deeply understanding mining assets. Consequently, Vox holds the industry-leading expertise that enables it to identify and secure the most interesting royalties which will build value for its shareholders. As its reputation has grown, Vox has continued to acquire a technically focused transactional team that shares over 40 years of royalty-specific deal expertise and has been linked to more than a billion dollars of royalty transactions. The excess of 20 separate transactions that Vox has been able to announce since the beginning of 2019 to acquire more than 45 royalties is an erudite testament to the strength of this team, at the helm of which is Founder, CEO and Chairman, Mr Kyle Floyd. Formerly the Vice President – Practice Lead of the global mining investment banking department at ROTH Capital Partners, Mr Floyd went onto create the Vox concept, build the team and raise the capital required to commence the company’s operations. Today, he remains responsible for the business’ general operations and strategic direction, playing a central role in affirming Vox’s strength and fast growth over the last two years. So, what is it about Vox and the Royalty and Streaming Business Model that has seen it become such a popular investment vehicle in recent years? Principally, for those looking to gain exposure into the mining sector, it is an ideal solution that avoids the risks commonly associated with directly taking a position within a mining company. Consequently, the opinion on royalty and stream financings has shifted away from a perception of alternative financing instruments to a viable, mainstream option. From its exceptional operating margins that are typically three to four times greater than those of miners; to the exposure it proffers to a diverse portfolio of projects; to its opportunity for win-win transactions and much more. Vox’s own portfolio, which is predominantly geared towards precious metals royalties with over 70% of its weighting, has consequently become the prime choice for investors looking to enter this fast- growing market. In addition, Vox has underlying exposure to a more diverse array of commodities, including base, battery, and certain bulk commodities, in a portfolio which spans four continents but is heavily weighted to Australia and North America, where more than 80% of its assets are located. In addition to having both immediately cash-flowing royalties generating recurring revenue and royalties over several long-life, economically robust development-stage assets with great operating counterparties, Vox also boasts an exceptionally strong M&A pipeline that includes existing royalties over Tier 1 and Tier 2 assets globally. The company is actively evaluating more than $500 million worth of potential royalty acquisitions, a feat made possible by its incredible proprietary database, which it has acquired and developed as part of its acquisition of Mineral Royalties Online (MRO). When combined with the strength of the Vox team and the firm’s well-reputed status as one of the fastest growing royalty companies in its sector, it is unsurprising that Vox and its diverse portfolio has become the premier investment option for investors across the globe. This year, following its success at the Corporate Vision Corporate Excellence Awards 2021, in which it won the award for Best Precious Metals Royalty & Streaming Company – 2021, Vox is looking ahead with continued ambition and drive. Just as it has since 2019, Mr Floyd expects Vox to continue leading the industry in growth for the remainder of 2021 and many years beyond. There is no doubt that Vox will be one to watch as it continues to pursue this ambition in years to come. Contact: Kyle Floyd Web Address: