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Issue 9 2022 Sigma Solutions: Calm, Collected, Calculated

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Issue 9 2022 3 Contents 4. News 6. Sigma Solutions: Calm, Collected, Calculated 7. Expandise: Expand with Expandise! 9. ATFX: A Better Way To Trade 10. Florida Drivers Can Now Use EzFill App To Fill Their Tank 12. Revolut launches online checkout feature with one-click payment - Revolut Pay 14. The SEOWorks appointed to lead SEO strategy for Fashion Retail Academy 15. Foresight VCTs invest £3.5 million in SaaS technology provider Ruleguard

4 Putting The Supply Back In Supply Chain Integration System? — Nisun Claims To Have Solutions To The Crisis Disruptions to the supply chain have caused massive economic damage in the past couple of years. Restrictions on global supply networks meant that the average country lost over $180 billion to supply chain disruptions while the U.S. lost $228 billion, according to a recent survey. However, these setbacks may also provide potential new opportunities as those both upstream and downstream in the supply chain seek new innovations. Some U.S. companies that managed to protect their supply chain despite global disruptions reportedly include technology company Cisco Systems Inc. and pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson. Nisun International Enterprise Development Group Co. Ltd. is one example of a company looking to fill the supply chainmanagement vacuum. Based in China, Nisun aims at a sophisticated supply chain integration (SCI) through an ecosystem that it reports is made to fulfill all the financial and logistical needs of partnering companies. It is seeking to solve the integration of industry and finance to create a supply chain system serving as an essential intermediary in both upstream and downstream transactions. It also has the goal of helping small- to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which it says it accomplishes by providing SMEs with capital access through a closed-loop financial technology platform. Linking Businesses For A Stronger Supply Chain Nisun is focusing its partnership efforts in five industries: e-commerce, gold, coal, chemical and agriculture, aiming to create a network out of this $305 billion cluster. The company seeks to provide collaborators with logistics and warehousing along with modernized financial services. One example of SME collaboration Nisun provides is with the merchants in the Henan Wanbang International Agricultural Product Logistics Park. Fintech (Shanghai) Supply Chain Management Co. Ltd (Fintech Digital,) a supplychain management subsidiary of Nisun, serves agricultural merchants by providing themwith financial and logistical solutions. The downstream merchants place purchase applications, which Fintech Digital then negotiates and fulfills with its network of upstream suppliers, ensuring quick response to merchant product needs. Nisun also partneredwith two companies to helpwith streamlining and digitizing the agricultural goods supply chain in late 2021. Through its partnerships with Sichuan Wanglianxing Agricultural Technology Development Co. Ltd. and Henan Xingyue Communication Technology Co. Ltd., Nisun hopes to bring its supply-chain expertise and resources to China’s National Rural Revitalization Programandmodernization of the Chinese agricultural industry. A subsidiary of Fintech Digital and a controlled affiliate of Nisan, Fanlunke Supply Chain Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. signed a deal with Yunnan Pinhutang Distillery Co. Ltd., which brings them into the Chinese medical market. This supply-chain and procurement contract, with the plan to expand to sales, hopes to maximize the upstream and downstream market trading and meet the greater demand for Pinhutang products, which are available on online stores such as Inc. and Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Through these strategic partnerships, Nisun may help produce solutions to the supplychain crisis and make itself a bigger player in the supply chain. It claims its current success will continue into the future and maintain its 74% annual growth year on year.

Issue 9 2022 5 News FactSet and Alveo Collaborate to HelpClients with Last Mile Data Integration Following the successful integration of FactSet’s ESG content into Alveo’s data management platform, FactSet and Alveo are pleased to announce a collaboration that combines their respective data and data management capabilities to provide customers with integrated solutions that more easily puts FactSet content into clients’ workflows and databases. The collaboration will minimise the required time needed to onboard new data sets and business applications to help customers optimise the full range of FactSet’s data. This includes FactSet’s ESG and wider corporate actions services, as well as FactSet’s Concordance for security identifiers and legal entity recognition. With the help of Alveo’s data management solutions, FactSet content can be cross-referenced and linked with client data sets or content sourced from other data vendors within a client’s business process. Additionally, the collaboration will provide the capabilities for data lineage, data governance, data cleansing, and cloud sharing delivery and integration into customer’s workflows and cloud data warehouses. Jonathan Reeve, SVP, Head of Content and Technology Solutions at FactSet, said: “We are pleased to work with Alveo’s cloud-based data management so that clients can cross-reference and integrate our content and blend it with their internal data to slash the time required to onboard new data sets, reports, and business applications, as well as expedite the incorporation into their business workflows.” Alveo focuses on the integration of market and reference data from multiple external and internal sources covering all asset classes including pricing information, referential information, ESG data and issuer, and corporate actions data. Alveo’s cloud-based data mastering and data quality solution tracks the collection, integration, and quality-vetting of a diverse set of content providers. Concurrently with collaborating on integrated solutions, Alveo has extended its set of off-the-shelf integrations with FactSet content including corporate actions data. Mark Hepsworth, CEO, Alveo, said: “Combining data and data management into a Data as a Service offering that enables clients to more easily onboard new data, is we believe a growing requirement across the industry. Clients have a lot going on within their internal ecosystems and we need to enable the integration of data to be as simple as possible. We are very pleased to work with FactSet on this initiative. They have a wide range of content and data management capabilities that we can further extend by combining our solutions within the cloud.”

12 months, Arounen says, “I can say that he is very knowledgeable, methodical, and diligent in his approach.” Constructing plans with such a vast background of experience and dedication, Mr. McCash guarantees only the best for each company he works with. “He can easily combine science and business together and make it work. This I believe is a separate talent on its own” enthuses Arounen as he describes Mr. McCash’s approach. As an extension of this, Mr. McCash has built Sigma from the ground up and continues to nourish his creation. Promising brighter days for clients, Mr. McCash has made a name for himself both academically and professionally. His presence has been recognised as he is elected and appointed the Instiutte of Physics’ Group Chair of Mathematical & Theoretical Physics, a prestigious honour that reflects his many achievements. Sigma can work with any issue, from resource dynamics to modelling and prediction, complex system analysis to research acceleration, and much more. Mr. McCash tells us that a lot of businesses take preexisting models and they change some parameters to try and solve the issues. The problem with this is that businesses are trying to find solutions that inevitably miss the mark. Rather than trying to make something fit, Sigma takes all of the information and invents a new system to deal with the problem. All of this is done with intricate advanced mathematical modelling that is rapidly changing business’ capacity for development and problem solving. This tailor-made system is designed to greatly improve businesses and their industries, and Sigma has truly excelled in this area. Sigma is a business consulting firm that offers original ideas and innovative data analysis to a variety of businesses across many industries. Working with a variety of sectors from oil and gas to life sciences/ healthcare, green industries to agriculture/food and transportation/ infrastructure, Sigma understands the importance of mathematics for a plethora of businesses, sectors, and – most importantly – lives. With a team of mathematicians, scientists, engineers, data analysts, and data scientists, Sigma is a force to reckon with. Not only does it work to increase productivity and accuracy, but it guarantees increased traffic and revenue. Sigma believes that optimisation is one of the keys to success of a business – the entire team understands the pain points of their clients and they can solve any problem with a swift and intelligent combination of analysis methods and forward thinking. With a plan to continue aiding businesses in their endeavours, Sigma is determined to keep its skills streamlined and focused on problem solving. It is with great pride that we present Sigma with Most Innovative Leader in Business Analytics – 2022. Wishing Mr. McCash and the team at Sigma all the best as they all look to collaborate with universities and business in 2023. Contact: Luthais McCash Company: Sigma Solutions Web Address: Jul22286 Calm, Collected, Calculated The power of mathematics, science, and unwavering data analysis influences our world every day. Sigma Solutions (Sigma) offers bespoke services that echo how important the analysis and optimisation process is for individuals and businesses everywhere. Here we learn more about Sigma’s work under its strong leader, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Scientific Officer, Luthais McCash. Mathematicians, physicists, and engineers are a valuable asset to any team and, with their support, a company can truly flourish. Statistical analysis allows us to understand and forecast business trends and expansion; decision making strategy quantification ensures we understand risks; mathematical modelling and computational simulation helps us to develop bespoke solutions – all of these processes are reasons why Sigma Solutions (Sigma) is the consulting firm for better business. CEO and CSO of Sigma, Luthais McCash ensures that Sigma offers the best bespoke services to alter the trajectory of its clients’ business. With over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, and a degree in quantum physics, Mr. McCash understands how to push the boundaries of optimisation in business – in order to enhance outcomes for all. Mr. McCash began his career young and has always worked hard with regards to his academic achievements, gaining early career prominence in the field of mathematical biology where he constructed models in the field of cancer research. He successfully built and lead the developing mathematical models within the utilities sector to ensure that UK customers had sufficient energy at as low as possible price during the Beast from the East episode in 2018, and in a lesser case in 2019. He gained a fellowship for his achievements and developed proprietary IP for these mathematical models contributing to his current net worth exceeding 100 million GBP. Most recently, this year, Mr. McCash finished working with Arounen Arnasalon, Director at Adstrum Consulting. After working together for

Issue 8 2022 7 Despite the inherent difficulties of expanding into a foreign market, Expandise has developed a system with a proven track record of success. Combined with the support and care it puts into the businesses it works with and the extra steps it takes to ensure its client’s success, its award for Best Boutique Business Expansion Consulting Firm 2022 in Germany is very well deserved. Contact: Nina Walters Company: Expandise Web Address: Jul22072 Expand with Expandise! many things to consider when taking that particular step, and often, businesses do not understand the intricacies until it is far too late. Companies need all the information and expertise they can muster for projects of this scale. The Best Boutique Business Expansion Consulting Firm 2022 – Germany, Expandise brings that and much more! Expandise is a partner in internationalising businesses. Its consultancy is customised, from international strategy and managing country rollouts to deep diving into market performance. Operating globally, it has built up over a decade of experience across 50+ markets, centred around – but not limited to – Europe and Asia. Any company looking to expand its scope to the world beyond its own borders should look no further. Expandise has all the help its clients may need at hand, having built an extensive network of global partners to facilitate this. These include tax experts, lawyers, trademark experts, HR services, and many more. Connecting its clients to the right resources is a point of pride borne of the enthusiasm Expandise has for the process of expansion. That passion underwrites every action Expandise performs. The team is highly driven when it comes to helping companies to understand other countries, their customers and their cultures – using that knowledge to help them grow. Guiding organisations on the delicate balance between scalability and local adaptation are what gets us out of bed in the morning and what gets you results. One of the first things Expandise does is assess whether the client business is prepared to make the leap. It focuses on a variety of crucial factors. It works to develop an overall international strategy and a GTM strategy for the chosen market they are looking to enter. Before anything, it does every bit of research it can to get to know its clients. Expandise is far from the type to appear, give a sales pitch presentation and be on its way again. It takes a very hands-on approach to this process, working closely with its clients before, during, and after to properly understand the business. From here, it ensures its recommendations are fine-tuned for their specific needs. One element Expandise looks out for is the human element. It is a people-focused organisation and its priority is ensuring the business and the team are both in a good place at every stage. Expandise takes great dignity in its work and doesn’t believe in half measures or compromising on the pathway to results. From there, Expandise employs its tried and tested framework, combining market, industry, and country data with the information it has gathered from the client’s business and culture. It determines which markets a client would be best to expand into, as well as how to best position their output. Whether the product or service is fine as is, or if it will need some local adaptations, Expandise guarantees it will lay a foundation for success long before any actions are taken. Having managed many launches and country operations, its team is very experienced. Whether the client needs a short-term Country Manager to kickstart operations or a Head of International to coordinate several new market entries, Expandise has them covered. Whether its client is expanding for the first time or already managing multiple markets, Expandise ensures they get it right. Working not just to provide information and guidance but to inspire the necessary internal change to deal with the potential chaos of a new market. Expandise helps implement the structures and processes needed to make an expansion work and has done so to great success over four continents. “Expand your business with us!”

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Issue 9 2022 9 Jul22122 A Better Way To Trade The trading experience is one which is unique to everyone, but the team at ATFX are determined to ensure that their customers have the best in every way. Putting the client first, it’s little wonder that in the 2022 Corporate Excellence Awards from Corporate Vision, the team were named 2022’s Leading International Retail FX Broker. We take a closer look to find out more. Every company says that it puts its clients first, but what does that actually mean? How can you create a user experience that not only stands apart from the crowd, but provides a path to success that evolves to meet ever-changing specific needs? These challenges are what the team at ATFX have become renowned for facing down. To do this, it’s worth turning to the team’s company values and exploring precisely what they mean. When the team says that they are serving their clients’ needs, it means they design the entire process around the end goals of their clients. Once this has been clarified, they work backwards from there. The development of the various processes involved means that traders have to be given the knowledge and tools from the first day of using their services. From the first day, the ATFX team will make the experience fantastic. The easier the team can make their clients’ lives, the more likely they are to come back. It’s little wonder that such a comprehensive approach to trading requires an eye for innovation and invention. ATFX has created an experience that is able to perpetually adapt to the changing world of trading. Their standards are such that they continually push the team forward to breath-taking new heights of success. The promise is that ATFX will always exceed expectations when it comes to online trading, and through continually pushing the boundaries, this is a team which always delivers. Doing this in a way which ensures the ultimate in service is not always easy, but providing incredible service has always been the cornerstone of what the ATFX team offer. Loyalty and custom is the ultimate advertisement, and without it, the team would be unable to grow in other areas. Therefore, the team see their success as directly linked to the success of their customers. Such an attitude sets the ATFX team apart not purely as a service provider, but as a fintech partner who is always looking to find new ways of offering support. Every step of the trader journey will see the team by your side offering unique forms of support. As such, the relationship is one which is entirely personal, joining together the forces of both forex and fintech brokers as well as colleagues and friends. The culture that drives this innovation forward is inherently inclusive and family focused. Starting from the top, the care and detail that staff apply to their various teams travels through management and extends out to clients. Because ATFX operates around the world, communication, cooperation and connectivity are key. 450 staff members, speaking 20 languages and working out of 14 offices based in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America play a crucial role in delivering a service that is second to none. It’s clear that customer service goes a long way, and by delivering service that is a cut above the rest, the team at ATFX have established themselves as true innovators in every respect. With a bright future ahead, we cannot wait to see what the team does next. Company: ATFX Name: Weems Chan Email: [email protected]

Florida Drivers Can Now Use EzFill App To Fill Their Tank EzFill Holdings Inc. is a player in the reportedly growing and emerging ondemand mobile fuel industry — the Florida-based gas delivery app began delivering fuel directly to customers at the start of 2022 and has doubled its revenue in the past year. Since its initial public offering last September brought in over $28 million, EzFill has reported focusing on rapidly expanding its fleet of delivery vehicles and making plans to expand into new territories. As part of that expansion effort, the company launched Orange Dawn, a new marketing campaign that will target individual consumers for a service that’s primarily used by commercial customers right now. The EzFill App Brings On-Demand Convenience To Fuel Industry As on-demand services like DoorDash Inc. (NYSE: DASH) for meals and Uber Technologies Inc. for rides and Instacart for groceries signal a rapid shift toward direct-to-consumer products and services as the new standard, EzFill is bringing that model to the fuel industry. Similar fuel delivery models have popped up across the country like Booster Fuels and Yoshi, but fuel variety is what EzFill says is one of its strengths, giving the Florida-based company an edge when it comes to heavy machinery, boats, construction sites, and other market segments. More than just a way to fill the gas tank on their cars, EzFill app users can order fuel for their generators, boats, and machinery, saving them the hassle of hauling gasoline from the pump and the dangers of storing gas cans at home. As simple as ordering a Papa John’s (NASDAQ: PZZA) pizza for dinner. Drivers can schedule routine refills based on how often they typically run through a tank or schedule an on-demand refill through the app as needed for wherever they happen to be at the time. The EzFill team will fill their tank where it’s parked so customers can keep working — or relaxing — without worrying about stopping at a gas station. This model has attracted dozens of commercial customers in the company’s first year of deliveries, bringing an expected demand for 1.2 million gallons per year from new customers signed since the beginning of 2022. In its second quarter alone, EzFill delivered nearly 790,000 gallons across southeast Florida, representing a 34% increase over the first quarter. New Marketing Campaign Seeks To Make EzFill A Consumer Name Orange Dawn, the company’s new brand-awareness ad campaign is aimed at growing the consumer end of the business, adding more individual users to the app. As part of that campaign, EzFill signed Miami Heat star Victor Oladipo as brand ambassador. The NBA veteran and EzFill customer will promote the pioneering gas delivery app to his fans. Meanwhile, EzFill believes that it is still very much in its growth stage, but it’s poised to grow rapidly as it reported no long-term debt as of June this year and a strong cash position, thanks to its successful IPO. EzFill is a leader in the fast-growing mobile fuel industry, with the largest market share in its home state of Florida. Its mission is to disrupt the gas station fueling model by providing consumers and businesses with the convenience, safety, and touch-free benefits of on-demand fueling services brought directly to their locations. For commercial and specialty customers, at-site delivery during downtimes enables operators to begin their daily operations with fully fueled vehicles.

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Revolut launches online checkout feature with one-click payment - Revolut Pay • Revolut Pay is a new feature that lets consumers pay at an online checkout with just one click • Revolut Pay offers fast, secure, one-click checkout and options to earn cashback, providing a best-in-class payment experience for consumers Revolut, the global financial super app with over 20 million retail customers, today launched Revolut Pay - a new secure online checkout feature which allows UK and EEA merchants to present ‘Revolut Pay’ as a payment method across product, cart, and checkout pages. Revolut Pay aims to disrupt the payments ecosystem by making shopping online even easier as it facilitates direct payments, while providing best-in-class security for Revolut users: payments will be validated via secure features such as Face ID, or fingerprint unlock, and no account number will be shared. This in turn will help to prevent fraud and keep users’ funds safe while shopping. Revolut Pay is a fast, frictionless and secure method to checkout online or on mobile. Consumers can pay with just one click and earn cashback on purchases as they spend. Existing Revolut users can use Revolut Pay and pay via saved cards or directly via their Revolut account balance. Non-Revolut users can pay just as easily by using saved Mastercard or Visa cards issued by any other providers. Revolut Pay will solve problems for vendors as well as shoppers: online merchants lose up to 80% of their sales due to customers abandoning their shopping carts Shoppers often cite long and confusing online checkout processes and limited choice of payment methods as reasons for leaving a website before they purchase. Revolut Pay will reduce cart abandonment with its fast and frictionless checkout. Revolut Pay merchants can accept payments with low fees in more than 20 currencies. Revolut Pay follows the launch in July of Revolut Reader, a card reader payment terminal, as well as the launch of Revolut’s payment acceptance platform in 2020 for businesses to accept payments easily. Since launching Revolut Business in 2017, Revolut has developed 20 products designed to empower businesses looking to increase conversions and more effectively manage finances. Revolut Pay is already being used by merchants including Shopify, Prestashop, WH Smith and Funky Pigeon, and will become available on more vendors in coming months, including Club L London and the flight booking company FlyGo. Revolut Pay is powered entirely by Revolut’s payment technology and is a move towards building Revolut’s payments ecosystem, whereby Revolut enables transactions between retail and business customers. Revolut’s new direct payments solution will also deliver lower fees for its business customers. Nikolay Storonsky, Founder & CEO of Revolut said: “With its speed, convenience, security and low pricing, Revolut Pay gives merchants a competitive advantage in a rapidly growing e-commerce market. At Revolut, we constantly strive to make it faster, easier and cheaper for merchants of all sizes to accept payments, wherever they are, and to make it more convenient and secure for customers to pay. That’s why we’re launching Revolut Pay.” Revolut Pay features include: • A new way to pay that’s fast and frictionless • Best-in-class security, leveraging two-factor authentication when needed • Low transaction fees with no hidden or monthly charges • With Revolut Pay, funds will be settled directly into a merchant’s Revolut Business account within 24 hours at no extra cost (compared to businesses typically receiving funds settled to their account in up to seven days and having to pay for quicker funds arriving) • SMEs can can add Revolut Pay to web and mobile checkout pages and be up-and-running in minutes via our easy-to-install plug-ins • For larger businesses and start-ups, Revolut Pay has a set of easyto-integrate plug-in API and SDKs (Software Development Kits) that allows enterprises to go live in a matter of days • Option to incentivise customers with cashback on their purchases Revolut Business is a borderless financial superapp for businesses - rapidly improving how start-ups, scale-ups, and large-scale businesses accept and make payments, control spending and empower their teams. Our mission is to help companies do business globally, from day one, from anywhere. Launched in 2017, today hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on Revolut Business as their platform for growth. Revolut Business is a borderless financial superapp for businesses - rapidly improving how start-ups, scale-ups, and large-scale businesses accept and make payments, control spending and empower their teams. Our mission is to help companies do business globally, from day one, from anywhere. Launched in 2017, today hundreds of thousands of businesses rely on Revolut Business as their platform for growth. Revolut, the global financial super app with over 20 million retail customers, today launched Revolut Pay - a new secure online checkout feature which allows UK and EEA merchants to present ‘Revolut Pay’ as a payment method across product, cart, and checkout pages.

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Jun22200 The SEOWorks appointed to lead SEO strategy for Fashion Retail Academy London based fashion academy select multi-award winning digital agency The SEO Works to bring them further visibility online. Fashion Retail Academy are an industry-led college who boast over 16 years of experience in providing students with a range of courses and industry involvement, ensuring their readiness to begin a career within fashion. The academy was established in 2005 by four founding partners (including household names such as Next and Marks & Spencers), and has been supported by the UK government in conjunction with these partners to allow Fashion Retail Academy to achieve the reputation that they have today. Following on from a domain migration, Fashion Retail Academy were in need of extensive technical knowledge to assist them in navigating the after effects that a migration can bring. This led them to approach The SEO Works for guidance on regaining any lost ground from the move and also furthering their visibility online from where it once was. After the initial interest from Fashion Retail Academy, the SEO team carried out an in depth website audit to help identify areas that needed attention. The results of the audit were then presented in a competitive pitch process which impressed the academy so much that they decided to go ahead with the proposed strategy from The SEO Works. “After redesigning our website in 2021, we partnered with The SEO Works to increase our organic traffic and reach more prospective students. In the last few months, we’ve already seen huge successes, including our 2022 Clearing Campaign. Our website reached a top 5 spot on Google’s SERP for all our targeted keywords, which has contributed to a significant increase in our UCAS Clearing applications this year,” said Elizabeth Willis, Marketing Communications Executive at the Fashion Retail Academy. The structure of said strategy will begin with a total focus on the technical performance of the website to ensure required standards are met. Once complete the SEO team will shift their attention onto content within the website itself to build relevance for keywords, with a goal of improving search visibility. “Our portfolio of clients in the education sector has been one of notable growth recently, so we are very excited by the opportunity to lead a strategy for a college as prestigious as Fashion Retail Academy. We believe that our team here will be the best option to make sure we deliver extraordinary results and obtain the visibility level that Fashion Retail Academy desire” said Alex Hill, Sales Director of The SEO Works. The SEO Works specialises in SEO, PPC, Digital PR, Web and Paid Social advertising and has many clients within the education sector, including Cambridge Online Education, The Source Academy, IPAG Business School, Edge Hill University and Maudsley Learning.

Issue 9 2022 15 Jun22366 Foresight VCTs invest £3.5 million in SaaS technology provider Ruleguard • Ruleguard is a rapidly growing London based SaaS leader in financial institution regulatory governance, risk and compliance (“GRC”) • Investment will scale Ruleguard internationally to cover a broader set of regulations, markets and platform capabilities Foresight Group (“Foresight”), a listed private equity and infrastructure investment manager, has completed a £3.5 million growth equity investment into Ruleguard (the “Company”), a London based SaaS technology provider supporting financial institution regulatory compliance. Ruleguard was established by founder John O’Dwyer in 2013 as a software development consultancy. John spotted an opportunity in 2015 and developed a software platform to support the newly incoming Client Assets Sourcebook (“CASS”) regulations. Since then, Ruleguard has grown rapidly by winning business with a growing blue-chip customer base and expanded its capabilities to become one of the most competitive GRC platforms in the financial sector. The global Regulation Technology (“Reg Tech”) market was valued at $15.9 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 24%. This is driven by increasing regulatory burdens, the need for firms to save costs through automation and the size and complexity of financial institutions and regulated functions. Ruleguard is uniquely positioned as a specialised platform for regulatory compliance and has broader coverage than point solution providers while being more focussed than generic enterprise grade risk management platforms. Its platform enables customers to navigate the ever-growing challenges of increasing regulatory compliance requirements with less effort and lower risk, while also enabling them to save money on audit compliance costs. The investment from two of Foresight’s VCTs, Foresight VCT and Foresight Enterprise VCT, will help the Company to continue to develop additional platform capabilities while also scaling up sales and marketing to capitalise on a large and growing market opportunity. Commenting on the investment, Stephan Gueorguiev, Investment Director at Foresight, said: “Ruleguard represents a great opportunity to invest in a rapidly growing Reg Tech business with high quality recurring revenues and excellent customer feedback. The Company’s target market is large and expanding, with increasing regulatory complexity necessitating increased adoption of specialised technology. Ruleguard’s well-rounded team is well placed to drive further rapid growth, and we look forward to being part of the Company’s next growth stage.” John O’Dwyer, CEO at Ruleguard, added: “We had a lot of interest in our equity raise from the VCT sector and held numerous conversations with potential partners, but Foresight was the ideal fit. What stood out was the quality of their people, their skill at relationship building, their obvious integrity and their passion for the technology sector. Foresight understood our ambition and unique proposition for our clients better than most and we are excited that this meeting of minds will accelerate our growth as RegTech continues to transform the financial sector.”

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