Corporate Vision January 2017

8 CORPORATE VISION / January 2017 , IBB Building for the Future As Managing Director, Jacek Ambrozy has led IBB Polish BuildingWholesale, a company responsible for supporting construction businesses with their material needs, to continued success. With the expansion of their brand through various elements, IBB is hitting new Established in 2005, IBB Polish Building Wholesale (IBB) supports small and medium-sized construction businesses with all of their wholesale material needs. Having had experience in conducting construction works in many European countries, including Poland, Sweden, Germany and UK, the company decided to establish economic foundations through the import of construction materials. The firm has four branches in the UK – London, Croydon, Birmingham and Manchester. At first, these materials were mainly imported from Poland but have since expanded into other countries. The imported materials have to meet the following conditions. Firstly, they have to be the same quality but at a lower price, they have to complete the diversity of the products available on the market and have a better quality than thematerials available so far. All of these goals, which the company has consistently achieved for more than ten years, has allowed us to build a base of over 10,000 customers, builders, investors etc. and the prospect of approximately 7,000 building materials. As the owner and managing director, Jacek Ambrozy speaks to us about his role and how this affects the business goals of the company. “My role is to set goals for the company and clearly set our mission on the market. The next challenge is to find and build tools to allow us to reach these goals. Maintaining high standards in ethics and innovation are our main objectives, which are the same as building sector goals everywhere. Both of them have to be regularly implemented to the construction sector to build its strength and its position in the UK economy. Professional behaviour and open mindedness are important characteristics of every builder.” Jacek explains how the IBB has expanded their brand. The firm has implemented many components which have greatly benefited the business including software tools, a mobile app and magazine. “Our aim is to be the first builders merchant in the world selling materials with a small margin. Our customers subscribe to our PRO version of IBBestimator app – we are giving them the best building material prices on the market. The deal has been going for two years now. More and more customers understand the idea which benefits both of us.” Other brand components include: • IBBestimator – An online construction software, estimation tool, built by builders for builders and investors. This mobile application makes life easier for customers. The app has many features which include estimating labour, materials, plant and tools and overheads equipment, filtering estimates using the convenient on- hide-off options, generating automatic workload and work schedules, description of the building object, the description of construction work covered by the calculation and archiving estimates - having access to the saved, written estimates and editing • IBBBuilder – company monthly magazine 64+4 pages, 5k copies every month and online versions. The magazine provides excellent advertising opportunities for construction related businesses and is a great way to reach local building trade. It is read on a regular basis by IBB Polish Building Wholesale customers, builders, architects, developers and all involved in the construction industry. • IBBTherm – new innovative brand for External Render Insulation System materials; joining other companies to lower their CO2 footprint. Products are based on a special combination of ingredients that allow for easy application, whilst maintaining good adhesion to the substrate. Properly configured additives regulate the time that products take to work, and enable easy application on every type of surface especially important in case of rendering, where the desired structure must be obtained without risk of premature binding. • Earn with IBB – networking programavailable 24/7 online. If customers recommend IBB, we receive extra income as a commission • IBB Polonia London VC – volleyball team are currently English champions in 2016 • IBB Polonia London FC – the main sponsor of young football teams The IBBestimator mobile app was launched over two years ago and has been a tremendous success for IBB as more customers have been reached in a quicker time period. The app contains a base of construction specialists and prices of building materials. Customers can use the app to perform a quick and professional valuation of construction works or download the latest edition of IBBBuilder company monthly magazine. Technology is important to IBB. The firm uses their own software for their accounts, stock control, client database and emailing system. In addition, all their branches have installed online CCTV systems and all the company’s vans are working under track online and mobile control. 1611CV10