Corporate Vision January 2017

## Company: IBB Polish Building Wholesale Name: Jacek Ambrozy Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 18 Gorst Road, London NW10 6LE Telephone: 020 8965 7972 IBB Building for the Future g As well as technology, there are other challenges in the industry over the last few years which have affected IBB including change in customer needs and business relationships. However, Jacek acknowledges that the main issue that is most concerning to the construction industry is Brexit. “The latest challenge not only for us but also for all UK citizens are the changes affecting the construction industry after Brexit. We believe that the costs of the decision to leave the EU will be paid by weak companies and ordinary citizens. We are doing what we can to keep tight material prices and not increase them, which I feel should be a duty for all UK businesses. IBB are keeping well aware of any economy changes in the UK after Brexit,” Jacek comments. “For everyone in business, our main challenge is our competitors. Thanks to them, we strive to maintain development so I wish all the best to my competitors.” Ethics is something which Jacek believes is the most important aspect of any business. “It’s not possible to be perfect all the time. We are human,” says Jacek. “But how we deal with problems, how we resolve them and how we deal with other people, makes us successful businessmen and gentlemen. Ethically, this helps us to achieve our goals. “In addition to ethics, it is important for our company to continue to innovate, work hard and keep an open mind in order to build a successful team. To keep the business going, the UK has to be free and open for others.” Through online construction software, an app and online magazine, IBB’s brand is getting stronger and the company can look forward to a bright future.