Corporate Vision January 2017

, CromodoraWheels, winner of ‘Best International AlloyWheels Manufacturer - Czech Republic’, has been producing forged and cast magnesiumalloy wheels for competitions for over 50 years. Managing Director, Rene Hilscher spoke to us about their accomplishments. Driving Through Success Since 1962, Cromodora Wheels was one of the first producers of forged and cast magnesium alloy wheels for competition use as well as being the technological innovator in the process of low pressure casting heat treated aluminium alloy wheels. In the recent past, Cromodora has successfully introduced the flow forming technology which enables to obtain lighter wheels. The leadership in wheel production have awarded Cromodora Wheels with the certification of official supplier to the world’s most prestigious car manufacturers such as: BMW, Jaguar-Land Rover, Daimler (Including AMG and Smart), Porsche, AUDI, Volkswagen, Skoda, and FIAT. Currently, Cromodora has two plants. The first located in Ghedi (BS), Italy, also includes the headquarters and the R&D centre of the Group. It mainly produces large size and flow formed wheels. The second located in Mo š nov, Czech Republic, has operated since 2008. Through such manufacturing facilities, the firm satisfies its customers’ cost competitiveness requirements. Cromodora’s mission is to become the best producer of aluminium wheels fulfilling the expectation of their customers, employees and shareholders through the continuous improvement of processes and people. In addition to the company’s unique mission, Rene describes what else makes them stand out from their competitors. “Our company always concentrate on our customer needs to provide them with maximum flexibility, competitive price, high quality and services with the respect to satisfy also our employees and shareholders expectations.” The automotive industry in the Eastern Europe region is still growing through new facilities or the extensions of existing ones. As this process started 20 years ago, the industry is starting to face some limits of this growth especially related to the labour resources. Rene explains what the benefits are of being based in Eastern Europe. “In most of the countries in Eastern Europe, there is relatively good infrastructure and educated people with reasonable experience in industry field. This gives this region together with the lower cost base the competitive advantage.” Cromodora ensures it hires staff that adheres to the company’s ethos and ensures they are all working towards a common goal as Rene explains. “We work with our employees in a way to fulfil their and company expectations as much as possible, using all kind of motivation tools including continuous training to comply with and exceed if possible the customer requirements. “We expect our people to be loyal, active in process improvements keeping in mind all company and customer standards to reach the company mission and objectives. Furthermore, we expect our staff to lead and motivate our employees to be satisfied with the company, their own work and their life.” Rene outlines the latest developments in the industry and also highlights the firms’ plans for the future. “We just finished in Mosnov the next step of our expansion so we now need to concentrate on the process optimization. As for future plans, they depend on the market situation and if there is a continued, positive trend from the last several years, we may realize the further capacity increase in our plant. “The automotive industry is changing very fast so it is not easy to express shortly the particular developments in this field. The main trends as the digitalization, automation, robotization including autonomous robots, mobility connection and last but not least electric cars mean for us the further challenges for the future development in our company on which we of course work already now to be in line with this trends.” K Company: CROMODORA WHEELS s.r.o. Name: Rene Hilscher Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Prumyslova 369, Mosnov, Czech Republic Telephone: 00420 556 414 811 EEB16031