Corporate Vision June 2017

74 CORPORATE VISION / June 2017 , Clinica Q-Dental, winner of the Pharmatech Innovation Awards 2017, is a dental clinic in Madrid, withmore than 40 years of experience in dentistry. As specialists in implants and dental aesthetics and smile design, we took the opportunity to profile aspects of the firm’s work. Knowing the Drill The main aim of Q-dental is the pursuit of excellence in all their treatments, since the firm’s inception in 1975. In addition to the latest technological advances in the field of dentistry, the firm’s services are designed to make their clients’ stay as pleasant as possible. They offer a relaxation room so that the patient can enjoy the comfort of a relaxing chair while waiting to be attended to, or after treatments have taken place. Relaxing views of a Japanese garden with various bonsai can be enjoyed whilst sitting in the dental chair. Dental aesthetics and digital design To achieve excellence in aesthetic dentistry, this is achieved by following a systematic process through diagnosis, communication, planning, implementation of the case and maintenance over time. The Digital Design of the Smile (DSD) is a new and innovative concept, offering some advantages when it comes to achieving the perfect smile. Thanks to exhaustive planning through external and internal means, a true and accurate communication of the result that Clinica Q-Dental wants is achieved. Recent DSD cases (Digital Design of the Smile) The DSD is based on a facial analysis, taking dental measurements using digital photographs and high quality videos. By analysing such photos and videos, they understand the relationship between teeth, gums, lips and smile. On the digital photographs, 2D is designed the perfect smile according to the previously established parameters. Christian Coachman, a talented Brazilian and Prosthetic Dentist, began to develop the DSD technique after realising that there were problems in the diagnosis. This fact had a negative effect on the final result. Drs. De la Torre joined the international team of DSD since its inception, with Dr. Eduardo de la Torre being one of only two professionals with the highest degree awarded by the DSD (DSD lecturer) team. With this idea of implanting the DSD protocol, dentists around the world have developed aesthetic, emotional and artistic dental treatments. The DSD (Digital Design of the Smile) aims to achieve healthy, naturally beautiful and aesthetic smiles to favour the self-esteem of their patients Composite veneers Composite veneers are an option to rehabilitate the smile and dental aesthetic both quickly and economically. At Q-Dental, they use the latest composite application techniques used in prestigious clinics in cities such as Tokyo and Los Angeles utilising the latest generation materials. The composite used are nano- hybrid, photopolymerizable, radio-opaque type based on the latest filling technology in direct obturation therapy, such as the Tetric EvoCeram. The results obtained are incredibly accurate without having to spend a lot of time and money on them. The porcelain Rehabilitations with porcelain sleeves or bridges helps the firm to achieve highly aesthetic results in the problems that they have a single dental piece or to replace absences of one or several dental pieces (aesthetics). What is a sling or crown? Porcelain crowns are, as its name implies, a highly aesthetic total covering of the tooth that simulates the entire coronary anatomy. They can be made only with porcelain or with a core of another material to give it more consistency like the zirconium that gives the crown the same resistance as the metallic alloys but without the drawbacks of these like margins of the gaze darkened by the vision direct from the metal or stains of the gum itself, or the poor aesthetics of the metal-porcelain crowns. With the use of the most modern technologies such as CAD- CAM at Clinica Q-Dental, they can realise porcelain crowns or sleeves in a single session, thus improving the effectiveness and reducing the inconveniences of having to go to the clinic several times, in addition to the use of temporary. What are they used for? They are used when a large amount of dental tissue has been lost, for example after a large cavities or trauma. They are also used in cases of teeth with endodontics, to give consistency to the entire tooth and to avoid possible fractures. Its main advantages are the aesthetics, the retention and above all the great versatility that they present in correcting defects of size, shape or colour dentar. They can last for many years, as they are harder than the actual teeth themselves. The preparation and placement procedure is very like that of the veneers, but somewhat more sophisticated due to the amount of tooth structure that needs to be removed, in order to be placed. Once the tooth reduction is done, a temporary crown should be made while the laboratory makes the piece, for reasons of aesthetics and comfort for the patient. Whitening Finally, dental whitening is an aesthetic treatment (aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry) that manages to reduce several shades leaving the whiter, brighter and healthier teeth in the firm’s dental clinic in less than an hour. At the Clinica Q-Dental, they use the combination of the best whitening products with the cold light technique. Tooth whitening can also eliminate stains produced by drugs or extrinsic causes such as tea, coffee, tobacco, mate, cigarette, red wine, among other substances and foods. 1704CV17