Corporate Vision June 2017

CORPORATE VISION / June 2017 99 , Mahoua Tax AccountingWins Best Online Accountancy 2016 in South Africa, offering services to free up the business schedule. Online Accounting is Less Taxing with Online Services Mahoua Tax Accounting is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive financial services firm. providing the entire spectrum of financial services and products to businesses of all sizes and across al sectors and industries. The company focuses on helping business owners maximize their business and retain profits within legal limitations. The company works closely with clients to teach them how to interpret their financial reports and use them as a tool to improve their bottom line. By taking a twelve-month approach to business and tax planning, Mahoua can monitor changes and new developments to make sure the client is aware of future liabilities and current trends in their industry. Mahoua Tax Accounting aims to give business owners the freedom and time to concentrate on the business’ activities, growth and production, by removing the stresses and time used to carry out accounting, taxation and secretarial functions. With a solid understanding and experience in all forms of accounting, the firm allows business owners to worry about making the money, whilst the taxation responsibilities are taken care of externally. From individuals filing a simple IT12 salary earner to corporations seeking assistance with more complex tax returns, all customers find the expertise necessary through Mahoua. The company also offers a complimentary initial consultation to assess companies’ opportunities to save taxes through retroactive filing and to identify better opportunities and strategies for the future. The company works closely with each client to fully understand their current circumstances, which they feel gives them the edge when compared with other consultants who offer limited services and only contact the company to discuss figures, without taking circumstances and factors into account. The company works to find business activities that may result in tax benefits. To help clients to identify tax deductions or credits appropriate for their unique situation. They also work to identify opportunities for potential tax reductions that may have been overlooked. This means that the accountancy firm can align financial strategies more closely with the business aims and objectives, to create a more harmonious plan and generate more fruitful profits. The company offers online services to remove the need for clients to visit their office. Giving companies across the whole of South Africa the ability to access the services offered, without incurring travel expenses and wasting time making lengthy telephone calls. With an online documentation upload service, which is fully secured and protected, the company enables all taxation, accounting and secretarial services to be carried out remotely. Company: Mahoua Tax Accounting Name: Gilas Tsamina Mahouassa Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 16 Panorama Shopping Center, Corner Kliprivier and Jordie Street, Mulbarton, Gauteng, South Africa Telephone: 0027 11 432 4528 ACE16024