Large Business Awards 2017

6 Corporate Vision / Large Business Awards 2017 , Headquartered in London, VocaLink designs, builds and operates world-class payment systems. Its technology makes it easier for people and businesses to make payments seamlessly and securely. The organisation has been at the heart of the payments ecosystem for more than fifty years, and during this time has developed a strong focus on ex- cellence which sets it apart from its competitors. “At VocaLink, our strong herit- age and pioneering role within the industry means that we have a unique perspective - one that provides us with great insights on how best to serve our custom- ers. The complexity of our indus- try means that we engage with a broad set of customer groups ranging from banks and finan- cial institutions to governments, small businesses and major in- ternational corporates. Serving the growing demands of consum- ers requires constant innovation from all parts of the payment ecosystem. With our expertise in real-time payments and mo- bile technology, we’re committed to shaping the global payments landscape. “Our success in implementing re- al-time payment systems in the UK has led us to develop imme- diate payment solutions for coun- tries such as Singapore, Thailand and the United States. Our prod- ucts and services have set the bar for the payments industry for years, revolutionising the way that money moves throughout global economies.” Over the last year, VocaLink’s renewed strategic commitment Embags Hamburg GmbH is a special- ist luggage and suitcase manufac- turer based in Ger- many. We invited Ralf Krus- chak to tell us more. Embags is an expert in creating a wide variety of luggage products, including professional aluminium cases, briefcases, presentation cas- es, tool cases, industry cases, brief- cases, aluminium casing, demo cas- es, protective cases, special cases and aluminium boxes. Ralf believes that the firm’s success is driven by its dedication to excellence, as he proudly explains. “Here at Embags, we are absolutely proud and feel very honoured about this award. Nevertheless, we are de- termined not to rest on our laurels, and instead take it as incentive to im- prove our service offering. Our suc- cess is based on our team spirit and our common will to offer a high qual- ity service and high quality products. Every single person in our company identifies with the Embags spirit. We are not just an employer which pays salaries, we are a family. Everybody feels responsible for every single or- der we get, and this spirit you can feel as customer. “Our mission is to make sure that every customer gets exactly the case or box what they need and what they want as quickly as possible. In order to achieve this, we are always listen very carefully what are the require- ments of our customers and imple- ment it.” Moving forward, growth is the firm’s focus as it seeks to provide its quality products to a wider range of clients, as Ralf concludes. “Looking ahead, we are keen to ex- pand our business and move into larger premises in order to offer a wider range of products to our clients. The future will bring many challenges but we are keen to master each and every one.” to customer service excellence, based on a determination to ‘de- liver world-class customer ser- vice and innovation’, has resulted in a record year for the VocaLink Customer Services team. Addi- tionally, our business has a Gold accreditation for the Investors in People Standard, which places us in the top seven per cent of ac- credited organisations across the UK. Moving forward the organi- sation will maintain this momen- tum as it seeks to build upon its current achievements and reach international markets. “As we look to the future, we can see momentum building for the next phase in VocaLink’s history - a phase that will focus on inno- vation and growth. Real-time is an essential compo- nent of innovation in payments today and delivering world-class payment technology will require sustained investment. As such, we will continue to invest in our core infrastructure, and in our people, to drive innovation and meet the growing needs of our UK and international customers. “The diversification of our offering is well underway and the next few years will focus on deepening our international relationships and providing our customers with ac- cess to VocaLink’s payment tech- nology and infrastructure.” Best Specialty Suitcase Manufacturer - Germany Global Payment Systems Company of the Year - UK VocaLink is a global payments partner to banks, corporates and governments. Marketing and Customer Insight Director, Cara O’nions, talks us through the organisation and the services it provides. Company: Embags Hamburg GmbH Name: Ralf Kruschak Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Am Schiffbeker Berg 2; 22111 Hamburg, Germany Telephone: 0049-40-7313318 Company: VocaLink All enquiries: [email protected] Web Address: LB170008 LB170009