Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2019

g AMS Fulfillment also works with community and charitable programs such as Special Olympics, Domestic Violence Center of Santa Clarita, Senior Concerns, Single Mothers Outreach and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, to name a few. Ken Wiseman, Chief Workforce Development Officer (Former CEO) at AMS Fulfillment says: “We believe strongly that community support is essential to building a positive future for many generations to come. Throughout our organization, we keep our community in our minds and in our lives as we dedicate energy, effort and financial resources towards numerous community programs and charitable organizations.” AMS has set itself apart from other businesses as a B Corporation and Social Enterprise, which carries an obligation to be good for the world. A successful social enterprise has the goal of upholding a social mission while maximizing the productivity and sustainability of the business. The social mission and achievements of AMS have been primarily in the arena of education and workforce development. When a client chooses AMS, the company gives a great deal of attention to a client-specific transition process. They rely on understanding the intricacies of the new business, and the rules associated with managing that business. A guidebook is created and updated as the business evolves, and from this careful beginning trust is established and AMS is able to operate as the clients’ business partner. AMS states its Mission as follows: To provide a seamless transition of information and products from their clients to their customers in a manner that recognizes growth and financial performance are not goals unto themselves, but merely outcomes achievable through uncompromising attention their clients, organization, community and themselves. On 8 May 2019, AMS announced that it sold it’s majority stake of the business to Fort Point Capital of Boston, a private equity firm that specializes in the logistics industry. Fort Point Capital will step in as a resource to help AMS expand in the rapidly growing and competitive sector of e-commerce, warehousing and fulfillment. AMS’ previous owners, Ken Wiseman and Jay Catlin continue to have ownership in the business. Ken Wiseman is staying on at AMS serving as AMS’ Chief Workforce Development Officer, Jay Catlin has transitioned into the CEO role and Betty Lou Wiseman, EVP of Client Services serves as President. Speaking about the changes in his future, Ken Wiseman said: “As I step down from my CEO role, I look forward to having more time for the community ventures I’m involved in and focus on providing employment opportunities to those struggling to enter, or re-enter the workforce.” Moving into the CEO role, Jay Catlin offered his thoughts about AMS: “We’ve had nearly 17 years of amazing experience and growth at AMS, and together as a team we have evolved into a quality- driven top tier provider of complex fulfillment solutions. Now is the right time for us to partner with a great firm like Fort Point to provide us the leadership and additional resources we need to build AMS into a powerhouse global fulfillment provider.” AMS is grateful to be named among the most trusted, and the company plans to remain worthy of the trust of their clients, employees and the communities in which it operates. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: AMS Fulfillment | Name: Jay Catlin Website: www.amsfulfillment.com

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