Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2019

14 Corporate Vision - Logistics, Warehouse & Supply Chain Awards 2019 , RC Inspection Predominantly, the firm’s services fall into two key categories: sampling/ inspection and analytic services. With regards to the former, the firm draws on its vast experience to offer unique expertise to its clients. Being approved as a type A inspection body, RC Inspection provides services provided in the fields of hard coal, coke, ferro alloys, ores, inspection of storage facilities, transshipment equipment, gauging, draught survey and loading compartment inspection, are conducted according to ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation. Services provided in the fields of concentrates, noble alloys, biomass, fertilizers, ferrous/ non-ferrous scrap and agricultural products are conducted under ISO 9001 certification so that clients can rest assured that the firm is always fully compliant. Within the analytical services market, RC Inspection ensures that all chemical analysis are performed according to ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation having its own state-of-the-art laboratories, operating as RCI Analytical Services and which are to-date strategically located in the Netherlands, Ukraine and in Mongolia. The laboratories are fully equipped with the most modern and advanced instruments to produce accurate, reliable analytical results and to guarantee accelerated turnaround times and up-to the minute reporting through a service driven approach. The guaranteed fast turnaround time is a key advantage for clients using these services. Looking to the future, RC Inspection aims to build upon its current success and continue to offer clients the same exceptional international support that they have come to expect and rely upon. Best Maritime Inspections Service 2019 - Western Europe Jun19183 RC Inspection Group is an independent inspection company supporting a wide range of clients across a range of markets including ores, metals/minerals, concentrates, solid fuels, biomass commodities, fertilizers, oil, agricultural products andmarine survey related services. We profile the firm to find out more about how it came to win one of this year’s coveted Logistics, Warehouse and Supply Chain Awards. Since its inception in 2006 RC Inspection has been providing its clients with fully-compliant, innovative inspections support and services. In order to live up to the high standards of the global commodity market, RC Inspection understands the international value chain from A to Z offering a team of specialists with more than 40 years of collective experience and knowhow. The companies forming the group are able to offer clients the highest possible quality services in the fields of inspection, sampling, sample preparation, maritime related services and analytical services. The operational offices and laboratories are strategically based around the globe and represented in each important, active economic centre. This gives the group advantage of being able to perform the requested services on short notice and guarantee unbeaten turnaround times for reporting and providing the analytical results. CONTACT DETAILS: Company: RC Inspection | Contact: Ben Bender Website: rc-inspection.com

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