Corporate Vision March 2017

CORPORATE VISION / March 2017 11 Capital Gains ## Company: Andurand Capital Management Name: Hakon Haugnes Web Address: g “We have a very talented team at Andurand Capital. By virtue of our reputation and Pierre’s industry leading performance track-record, we tend to be approached by very high calibre investment and operations professionals.” Over the past year, Andurand’s AUM has grown from $695m to $1.6bn. The focus going forward continues to be on delivering superior returns for investors. “There will continue to be pressure on returns as markets continue to be volatile due to changes in regulation, capital flows driven by central banks, and the cyclical nature of the markets we are in. Transparent and well-managed funds will have the best chance of maintaining the trust and investment of investors, and only the best will survive and thrive. In our markets, OPEC will continue to be a very important driver, as well as the physical reality of oil field decline rates around the world, new production coming in the short term almost exclusively from US shale and the balance supply and demand will continue to be distorted for years, leading to strong opportunities in the oil market, as always.”