Corporate Vision March 2017

52 CORPORATE VISION / March 2017 , Tony Boyle talks to us in the wake of being voted Canadian CEO of theMonth – Ontario about his firmand what it is that truly keeps himmotivated. People Power HRdownloads was founded in 2008 in London, Ontario and since that time has become the Canadian leader in providing results-driven and tailored human resources products and services. Today, HRdownloads provides thousands of Canadian businesses with cost-effective and time-saving documentation, live HR advice, employee and customer surveys, and online employee training solutions to transform and maximize the efficiency of HR processes. Tony Boyle is Chief Executive Officer of HRdownloads. Tony is ready to share his broad-based HR experience and advice with HRdownloads clients on topics like industrial relations, contract negotiations, recruitment, training and development, benefits management, organizational planning, health and safety, attendance management, emergency management response, coaching, counselling and has previous experience as an ISO Auditor. With more than 25 years of experience in HR and operational management, Tony has accrued extensive first-hand knowledge in the construction industry and IT related companies. He also has experience in the public sector employed in HR management training/safety roles with a Municipal Government. He has worked in both union and non-union work environments where he held operational and HR managerial positions giving him a broad scope of business expertise. Tony tells us more about the firm and its ongoing strategy. “Our business today and since our inception continues to focus on providing practical solutions to both HR professionals and business owners, we assist in everything relating to employment from on boarding to succession planning. HRdownloads offers live HR support, documentation, training and virtually every aspect of human capital management is our number one focus. One of the key principles we strive to adhere to is providing affordable solutions to small and mid- size enterprises and from an internal standpoint we put a very concerted effort on providing a great workplace founded on the an employee centric approach and we ensure that every day is healthy mix of fun and high productivity.” The process for HRdownloads undertaking a new client or project is quite unique and tailored to each individual project or customer. The firm does not employ a blanket approach that one-size-fits-all and the approach is very individual based on the client or project in hand. “For us, technology is very important,” Tony says. “Tracking your customers usage of your products and engaging in digital marketing constantly is a very crucial part of any modern business. How we ensure it used effectively is through rigiorous training and retraining we put a very strong emphasis on utilizing all the most technologically advanced tools available today.” Recently, Tony was given the title of Canadian CEO of the Month and tells us the attributes he possesses which make him award-winning. The key attributes I believe in, and that have helped me succeed, include my continuous thirst for knowledge and my ability to motivate,” he says. “I have spent years leading teams of people and truly enjoy speaking and engaging my staff. Also my sense of humour as I believe it is incredibly important for me to have fun and share laughs with my colleagues at work on a daily basis!” Tony tells us that his motivation comes largely from his family and his dedicated team of hard- working staff at HRdownloads. “I believe when you make your employees daily activities fun and their wellness a priority they in turn will make your business and customer interactions a high priority. “The most common challenge for me as CEO is trying to make more hours in the day! There is always something to do and it can be challenging to spend time on everything I would like to.” The HR industry is absolutely booming and more and more organizations of all sizes have come to realize the importance of talent acquisition and retention. Tony confirms this: “Our greatest asset as a business is our people and therefore making HR and your staff morale a priority will have an immediate and lasting effect on the health of your business.” So what does the future have in store for HRdownloads? Well Tony doesn’t believe in following trends, but he does believe in creating them! “Over the next five years we expect to see dramatic and disruptive change in the HR space - driven by HRdownloads!” 1703CV14