Corporate Vision March 2017

CORPORATE VISION / March 2017 95 , Alexis Pratsides of MintTwist tells us about the current digital environment, the challenges it faces and what the future holds following Brexit. Minty Fresh Thinking MintTwist is a full service creative digital agency headquartered in London that works with brands to build immersive digital experiences. Working with clients from around the world, the firm has offices in both London and Dubai and plans to open new premises in the UK and Central Europe soon. The firm’s mission is to create digital campaigns that are not only innovative and market leading - but most importantly, deliver commercial success. Alexis Pratsides goes into further detail about the firm’s objectives and the strategy it uses to ensure they are met. “We aim to be a forward thinking digital partner to our clients, helping them deliver against their core business objectives - typically these are to connect with customers, increase brand awareness and grow revenues,” explains Alexis. “We place a large emphasis on an upfront strategy phase. This ensures that every campaign we undertake has a much more robust approach to ensuring success. Often the campaigns we end up delivering have deviated from an original brief as a better way to deliver success is uncovered.” The firm regularly works on individual campaigns for clients, but more and more often it is being asked to either revamp a brand’s entire digital offering, or recreate it from scratch. “In these instances, we audit the company’s existing digital infrastructure to ascertain what assets they have and what they are missing, putting in a plan to create or amend where necessary. “Following this, we dive into at where they spending their digital marketing budget and how successful it has been in the past. Using these sets of data, we combine this information with their core business objectives to design and develop a digital strategy target and engage precisely the audiences that the brand is keen to connect with.” Staying ahead of the curve is vital in the fast-paced digital industry and Alexis ensures that the firm and its staff are always one step ahead of emerging developments. “We hire great staff who are immersed in the industry and can visualise future trends. Our team often give talks on what we can see on the digital horizon and how to prepare for it. “It’s important to us that we provide an environment that allows people to grow and develop as individuals as well as ensuring that there are some very cool projects to work on. The result is a fun place to work with a close knit team that are all working for the success of us and our clients.” It’s clear that Alexis places great emphasis on a happy working culture within the firm and embellishes on how MintTwist strives to ensure that staff satisfaction is a priority. “Our staff are crucial to our success and therefore we want to consistently invest heavily in them. “Our remuneration packages are above market rate, we ensure that they have all the latest technology and equipment as well as providing training regularly. “Recruitment is a very time- consuming process and we have a policy to always be on the lookout for talent, even if a potential role is a way off. “It is crucial that we hire from a culture first perspective. Training can be applied where necessary but the DNA match must be there in order for the individual to succeed.” With regards to the future of MintTwist and the digital space, Alexis sees Brexit as a huge opportunity to expand the firm’s presence overseas. “We have traded off the British Flag for a number of years now and with the competitive nature of the pound, there is even more reason for overseas business to choose to work with exceptionally talented British companies. To this end, we are reinforcing our business in the Middle Eastern market, investigating a central European office as well as putting the wheels in motion for an entity in the Far East. “We are also planning to accelerate growth in the next couple of years with a few select acquisitions. “We’ve already addressed the issue of work streams being pulled back in house – this has helped us with the forecasting of our retainer based income and given us clarity on how we pitch for work. “Mobile usage is still very much on the rise, so building out products from a mobile first perspective is a must. “The way that consumers are consuming information across multiple devices is complicating campaign acquisition models so unpicking this complex web is going to be crucial in the coming year when proving ROI to our clients. “As the arena becomes ever more competitive for our clients with everyone employing the same tactics to stay ahead of the game, we feel that innovation across the board will drive success. To this end, we have created an R&D business to create new products and embark on joint ventures with our clients to disrupt existing markets to achieve competitive advantage. It’s exciting times ahead for our business, our staff and the clients we work with.” K Company: MintTwist Name: Alexis Pratsides Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 800 Highgate Studios, 53–79 Highgate Road London NW5 1TL Telephone: 02072849750 1702CV57