Corporate Vision March 2017

CORPORATE VISION / March 2017 97 , Frank Fernando tells Corporate Vision about the growth he has experience in the luxury goods industry with his brand, Goldgenie. All that Glitters is Gold Goldgenie has been the industry leader in gold-plating and customisation services for the past 20 years. “We have grown our company steadily to offer not only just digital products but also luxury gifts, franchise opportunities globally and even a high end concierge service,” explains Frank Fernando. “Our clients range from private business owners, bankers, celebrities and the Royal courts. “Our company’s main objective is to be seen as providing ‘gifts for the ungiftable’ - this mantra has been planned for our company to be not only see as just a luxury customisation business for digital products but for non-digital products with the same level of detail and craftsmanship that we are internationally famed for. “Our head office is in London, however our strongest customer base is located in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, India and China. This has been a huge challenge in the past as there have been no showrooms, but this has now changed as of 2016 and we now have a luxury retail store in Dubai, Malaysia and soon our latest opening soon in Doha Qatar which has led to great interest and many more orders because our clients can finally see our products in the flesh. Our top sales staff in-store also create a positive customer experience and engage with all clients wanting to see our products.” Frank continues to explain what it is that sets Goldgenie aside from its competitors and marks it out as the best option for clients. “We have been in business for over 20 years and have seen the industry change drastically, we not only offer the best possible finish for our gold-plated and precious metal products but we offer exceptional customer service that we believe is missing these days. “All our customised devices come with a lifetime warranty with master craftsmen working with precision on their orders - no other company in our industry invests this level of time and effort to ensure that all are clients are 100% happy with orders. Our extensive celebrity and corporate clientele is testament that we are the leaders in our field.” Staying ahead of the game and being abreast of emerging trends is also key in ensuring ongoing success for Goldgenie. “One of our many skills in gold- plating is the ability to plate non -conductive metals and plastics in 24k gold. We have invested many man hours and resources to develop a specialist technique to be able to offer this. As new materials are developed we have been able to develop techniques to stay ahead of the curve.” The internal culture at Goldgenie ensures that all staff are equipped to provide the best possible service to clients. “Our staff are selected through a thorough three-step interview process and chosen for their strengths and past successes,” states Frank. “We personally nurture their talent and offer mentorship as an added bonus. We have a culture of supporting each other in times of difficulty and I always encourage my staff to call me 24 hours a day for any input or guidance. We have a very tight team with all team members demonstrating the highest level of integrity and business ethics, this bond ties us together to create the corporate culture of performing to the best of our abilities. “Our reputation is one of our strongest assets in our industry so we require our staff to come not only from a multidisciplinary background but also have a strong track record in previous top-tier companies. We look at each staff member’s background and past achievements carefully against our recruitment criteria and only select the few we feel will add a new perspective to our operation and will move our business forward.” Goldgenie has experienced a rapid growth in profits over the years which has given rise to hopes and aspirations for the future. “Ideally we would also like to be seen as the leader in all categories of luxury gifts outside the luxury Smartphone market,” says Frank. “The Goldgenie brand is now expanding its brand image by incorporating Crystalgenie. This is a range of products featuring Swarovski crystals and includes watches and fashion items such as handbags, shoes and sunglasses.” K Company: Goldgenie Global Ltd Name: Frank Fernando Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 37 Churton street, London SW1V 2LT Telephone: 0208 804 6200 1702CV50