MarTech Awards 2022

Working to build a sense of community with a focus on personal relationships, The Crouch Group values the time it shares with its clients, helping them to explore ways to enhance their businesses and develop their own thriving communities. We find out more from TimCrouch as the firm is named in the MarTech Awards. The Crouch Group was established in 1996 as a full-service marketing and advertising agency. The business’s core activities’ focus has shifted in recent years primarily to digital marketing, and it specializes in legal marketing and in marketing for swimming pool companies, as well as serving other industries including ranching, insurance, and distillery, with clients that are located throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Refreshingly, one of The Crouch Group’s core values is on its employees leading a full life and having a great work/life balance. “We encourage participation in the community and to prioritise family,” explains Tim Crouch, one of the firm’s founding partners. “We allow our employees to take time off to attend children’s events.” With a background in broadcast and media advertising sales and management, Tim established the company in 1996 along with his colleague, Ron Ray. What initially began as a company providing traditional PR and marketing services, has now grown considerably to include all aspects of graphic design, website design, social media management, search engine optimisation, email marketing and other services in-line with the growing necessity of a strong corporate digital presence for almost every company worldwide. “Marketing is moving swiftly, so swiftly that is hard to keep up!” Tim elaborates. “We try to stay on top of change but at the same time are cautious about implementing new unproven ideas. Most of our clients target a 35+ demographic which also tend to be slower in adopting emerging technology.” The Crouch Group has a specialized knowledge of the Collaborative Divorce process which is a niche area in family law. Having a Collaborative Divorce Attorney on the staff, it now works with collaborative professionals in 14 states and countries outside of the United States. Tim says, “We have been working with Collaborative Divorce Texas and Collaborative Practice California for several years and have grown the website traffic dramatically during that time. We have also created special events that have significantly impacted the website traffic. “Divorce with Respect Week” was held in California October 31st - November 5th. Over 200 divorce professionals participated which raised awareness of Collaborative Divorce as a divorce option. The website traffic more than doubled, numerous cities in California issued proclamations for Divorce With Respect Week and over 200 media outlets picked up press releases on the event.” The Crouch Group is particularly proud of its customer response rates and meets with every client each month to review progress on their plans and has established an internal expectation that it will respond to a client the same day in most cases – or within 24 hours at the very latest. Internal culture is also a key part of the company and by prioritising living a good work/life and seeks to create an environment that is rich and full. “We want employees to become part of the company for the long term,” explains Tim. “Our brand image in the legal arena has been an important part of our growth. We attend conferences both in person and virtually and offer free initial consultations to collaborative professionals and organizations.” Prior to the pandemic, The Crouch Group had already adopted Zoom as one of its business tools and had been actively using it to help grow the business. “Before lockdown there was some hesitancy about technology with some clients, but that has gone away, and we meet not only with clients by Zoom but conducted our staff meetings by Zoom. Even though we are all in the same building,” Tim shares. Despite the pandemic, last year was a good year for The Crouch Group as it continued to expand and now, it is hopeful that 2022 will be similar. Tim has hopes to grow the marketing share in the collaborative divorce community and to more fully develop a third vertical to go with legal, swimming pool companies that could come from agriculture or distilleries. Tim adds, “We are planning to expand our social media marketing department in 2022 to take advantage of some of the emerging areas that are proving to be viable.” Most recently, the company was recognised in the Corporate Vision MarTech Awards and named as Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency Texas for 2022. The prestigious title is indicative of the hard work and the dedication of the firm and all of its staff. Contact Details Contact: Tim Crouch Company: The Crouch Group, Inc. Web Address: Dec21284 Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency - Texas