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MarTech Awards 2022 Best Social Media Agency - Middle East Since 2013, Humanize Digital Media Group has been shaping the marketing world, constantly pushing for innovation and the betterment of the industry. At the epicentre of the company lies a desire to lead companies into the future of digital marketing – it does not focus upon B2B or B2C, instead, it has crafted its own effective method. Indeed, Humanize Digital Media Group opts to utilise human-to-human solutions, forging bonds between its clients and their customers in order to ensure long-term results.

Introducing the MarTech Awards Throughout recent years, marketers have seen an increased dependence on automated and targeted advertising and marketing techniques. Through developments of intuitive artificial intelligence and innovative data-driven targeting, the MarTech industry has grown exponentially. As such, Corporate Vision are proud to introduce the MarTech Awards 2022 to its roster of globally recognised award campaigns, with the endeavour to recognise the world’s most committed and cuttingedge marketers – whose innovative solutions and strategies assist brands in accurately, efficiently, and effectively reaching their desired customer base. Encompassing a broad spectrum of specialisms, the MarTech Awards 2022 will accept nominations for companies, individuals, and products globally. From SEO experts and advertising technology specialists to mobile and influencer markets, our 2022 awards will assess and acknowledge leaders in this evolving sector. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Daniel Long, Writer | Rebecca Scotland, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

Contents 4. Humanize Digital Media Group: Best Social Media Agency - Middle East 8. Sudan Digital: Best Marketing Strategy Solutions Agency – MENA 9. Funnel Boost Ltd: Best Lead Generation Services Provider - UK 10. The Crouch Group, Inc: Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency - Texas 11. DWH Design Limited: Best Digital Brand Development Agency – Midlands 12. Fully Promoted of St Charles: Best Global Branding & Marketing Specialists - Illinois 13. AXAD Capital: Best Performance Marketing Agency - USA 14. KPI Media: Performance Marketing Agency of the Year - Singapore 15. Door No. 3 Design, Inc: Most Creative Print Design Solutions - Maryland 16. Fab Brands: Best Marketing & Visual Design Agency - Pacific Northwest 17. SPLICE Software: Best Customer Service Automation Software Specialists 2022 & Most Innovative Virtual Line Management Tool 2022 - SPLICE FastPass 19. Desarrollo Web Total: Most Trusted Web Development Agency - Spain 20. IDEAS Marketing Solutions: Best Strategy & Branding Agency - Sydney

Best Social Media Agency - Middle East Since 2013, Humanize Digital Media Group has been shaping the marketing world, constantly pushing for innovation and the betterment of the industry. At the epicentre of the company lies a desire to lead companies into the future of digital marketing – it does not focus upon B2B or B2C, instead, it has crafted its own effective method. Indeed, Humanize Digital Media Group opts to utilise human-to-human solutions, forging bonds between its clients and their customers in order to ensure long-term results. Social media is a global phenomenon – for example, as of 2022, Statista states that Facebook sits at approximately 2.89 billion active users per month. It is a source for news, communication, and connection. Henceforth, social media can be utilised as an effective marketing tool for your brand. More and more companies are embracing the power of social media, turning it into one of the most popular digital marketing tools. This is evident from the fact that in 2020, social media ad spend stood at approximately 132 billion U.S. dollars, and by 2024, it is expected to exceed the 200-billion-dollar mark. When done right, social media marketing can be incredibly fruitful – by enlisting the help of a social media agency, you can ensure that your platform generates a buzz. Humanize Digital Media Group is a shining example of one of these agencies. Marketing strategies have changed greatly over the years; however, a new wave is on the horizon. The industry simply refuses to slow down. Humanize Digital Media Group falls at the forefront of this wave, shifting away from the traditional B2B and B2C methods and instead moving towards human-to-human marketing. In essence, ‘people don’t buy products, and services, they buy feelings!’ Humanize’s goal is self-explanatory – it is on a mission to ‘Humanize’ brands, thereby breathing life into the company or service. Humanize is an innovative social media agency that boasts 56 talents across Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and the UAE, that are equipped to provide up to date brand insights. Moreover, this allows Humanize to provide its clients with services that will bolster their brand’s social media activities in an innovative and unique manner. This then provides the client with a competitive edge – something that has become significantly more important in recent years. Of course, both strategic and creative solutions can be left to Humanize, giving the client more time to focus on what’s truly important. ‘Your customers will forget what you said or what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel,’ the company writes. In turn, it focuses upon invoking feelings within its customer’s audience – it wants them to have an experience that they won’t forget. Humanize understands that it is imperative that the audience gains an awareness of what its client does – who they are, what services they offer, how they conduct their operations. Therefore, it offers a range of services, each designed to bolster the customer’s connection with their audience. The company endeavours to deeply understand its client’s assets and, most importantly, their audience. Without this data, Humanize would not be able to design the focused and targeted content that it prides itself upon. Henceforth, the company takes a wholly transparent approach when working with clients as it hopes to ‘build relationships not profiles.’ There should not be a grey area when working with clients, it is imperative to forge clear communication that relays information in a concise way. Working across a plethora of industries, including aerospace, banking, and fashion, the company offers content creation services, social media monitoring, advertising, PR campaigns, and much more. If it relates to brand management via social media channels, Humanize does it. Due to the bespoke nature of these services, Humanize believes that no partnership can be cultivated without ensuring openness and accountability during the collaborative process. Humanize is an innovative social media agency that boasts 56 talents across Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Lebanon, and the UAE, that are equipped to provide up to date brand insights.

It is with this approach firmly in mind that Humanize has built a diverse portfolio and dozens of partnerships with some of the world’s leading brands. From Nivea Men to Snickers, and Samsung to Starbucks, the agency has developed an extensive network of household names. Subsequently, this places Humanize at a great advantage as it has built a positive reputation that transcends the barriers of scale, location, and language. Maintaining such a portfolio has enabled the company to expand upon its services – over the years the company has become more refined, aware, and skilled, which has resulted in an increase in exposure throughout the region. Further, this success can be attributed to the company’s highlytalented team. Over the years, Humanize has built a workforce consisting of graduates from prestigious universities, including the University of Jordan, Ain Shams University, Cairo, and The University of New Mexico, United States. As such, the team is flooded with the potential to accomplish great things. The team members stem from diverse backgrounds, however, they are united by the same vision – to create digital solutions that allow brands to grow. Moreover, it thrives upon communication, pushing for transparency throughout each element of the company. This has resulted in a great level of trust, forging friendships and solid bonds between the team members. Humanize’s team can be described as a family. From an impressive portfolio to a professional team, Humanize has it all – but what can its services do for you? It’s simple, MarTech Awards 2022 5 Humanize will establish your brand’s social media presence. Its techniques have been created in order to maximise exposure and forge brand recognition. Utilising a deep understanding of social media, SEO, and algorithms, the agency guarantees measurable results, primarily through the creation of targeted content. Additionally, Humanize possesses an abundance of knowledge surrounding marketing techniques that span from voice of customer to identifying pain points. Perhaps its most defining feature is its dedication to telling a story – academic studies have shown that information presented in story form is 22 times more likely to be remembered than information shown as facts. In the age of social media, understanding these elements is vital for brand recognition. When delving into this world, you are, in effect, competing with internationally renowned corporations. However, with Humanize by your side, you can go head-to-head with such brands. Indeed, working with an agency can help you carve out a niche that will forge efficacy. Yes, hiring a social media agency is an investment, however it does pay off. Working with a team of professionals to manage your digital presence is significantly more cost- and time- efficient than sinking money into doing it yourself – especially if you get it wrong. Statista notes that there are, on average, ten million active Facebook advertisers a month in the U.S. alone. This figure pays a significant contribution into the annual global social media advertising spend of 154 billion USD, and the subsequent generation of 114 billion USD in Facebook ad revenue worldwide.

As of January 2021, Facebook served to be the most popular platform used by social media marketers – according to a global survey, 93 percent of digital marketers utilised the site to promote their services. As Facebook receives over two billion users a month, it is unsurprising that marketers are avid Facebook users – it is home to a bustling marketplace rife with potential customers. Moreover, each application under the Meta Platforms, Inc umbrella (Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram,) receives over one billion active users monthly. Everyone is on social media – men, women, old, young, and everyone in between. It’s a simple fact that it plays an integral part in people’s lives, as its one of the few places where location and language does not form a barrier. In essence, it is its own form of community. As a consequence, it is the perfect place for companies to draw in a diverse audience across both the B2B and B2C spectrum. For example, on Instagram, Statista confirms that approximately 36% of the app users from the United States use it to follow brands and companies. In terms of brand content interactions, Instagram’s U.S. share grossed over 67%, resulting in Instagram becoming one of the most impactful platforms for digital marketing. Humanize remains on top of such statistics – it is greatly aware of the booming industry, its pros, and its pitfalls. It knows where to focus its attention, and where to avoid. Such statistics have greatly informed the company over the years, contributing monumentally to its success. However, the rise of social media has offered some challenges. For one, the social media agency market has grown exponentially in recent years, forcing Humanize to devise more ways to stand out. It was with this in mind that the company pushed its human-to-human approach. Whilst other agencies use traditional B2B and B2C methods, Humanize focuses upon people. Connections. Therefore, it strives to make its clients relatable, be it through stories, pain points, and targeted advertising. Humanize is proud to take a bold and unique approach, as it sets it apart from its competition and provides its clients with immediate results. In addition, Humanize has had to adapt with the ever-changing social media trends and algorithms. One prime example of this is the change in what advertising is effective. Once upon a time traditional advertising proved to be popular, with click-through rates being much higher. Over time, these numbers have fallen, with the click-through rate reaching 1.3% in the second quarter of 2020. In 2022, passive advertising, largely through videos or story posts, is more successful. Statista shows that social media impression numbers have improved year-on-year by close to 20 percent, meaning that advertisements are gaining more views. Humanize has altered its approach in order to keep on top of these changes – it consistently uses statistics and customer insights to form solutions that actually work. Many of these elements have made Humanize popular with global brands and start-ups, resulting in the agency cultivating a loyal clientele. Across 50 Google Reviews it has garnered a 5-star rating, with many of these reviews offering shining testimonies. It is clear that customers have a lot to say about the company, as there is a wealth of praise evenly spread throughout the ratings, complimenting Humanize’s professionalism, its efficacy, and willingness to go above and beyond for its clients. One customer, Mohammad Moshasha, states, ‘“Humanize Social Media Agency” is your way to create the right message, to communicate it to your customers, to achieve your objectives.’ This is backed up by Ahmad Jafari’s review, in which he says, ‘A highly dedicated team, motivated with high performance and great reputation. A creative go to social agency.’ Humanize is, quite simply, the only option for the title of Best Social Media Agency - Middle East. Over the years, the company has consistently offered a premium service that has furthered the development of the marketing industry – it has created a method that provides clients with advanced solutions that subvert the status quo. It has cultivated long-term bonds with many of its clients, garnering a positive reputation that has led the company across numerous borders. Company: Humanize Digital Media Group Web Address:

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Dec21282 Best Marketing Strategy Solutions Agency – MENA Sudan Digital’s Team of Middle Eastern digital marketing experts helps to make digital strategies take off and succeed. With a diverse team of graphic designers, copywriters, content producers, video editors, and social strategists, it’s clear that training is key at Sudan Digital and plays a large part in the firm’s overall success story. We find out more as we speak to CEO, Abdelaziz Musa, in the wake of the company being recognised in the MarTech Awards. Sudan Digital is a pureplay digital marketing agency whose mission statement is “the proliferation of digital across Sudan.” Its unique model allows for delivery of world-class digital marketing solutions to clients at a significantly discounted price to that of its competitors. With a varied client base predominantly situated in the GCC, including the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and of course Sudan, the firm also has clients in Singapore, the UK and South Africa. Chief Executive Officer, Abdelaziz ‘Aziz’ Musa, tells us more about what makes the business different to the rest. “We focus on IMPACT,” he begins. “We don’t create content for the sake of content, we deliver targeted marketing solutions that move the needle in our client organisations. We are retainer exclusive. All our clients work on a minimum 12-month contract, meaning we get to build long term strategies that actually IMPACT our client’s business.” Sudan Digital also operates as a social enterprise, with a recruitment model which is based on hiring exclusively Sudanese graduates who undergo six months of intensive training before specialising in a given digital marketing field. This is combined with a strict policy of each employee spending 40% of their office time training. “We hire exclusively on attitude,” Aziz elaborates. “We don’t care about degrees, backgrounds or employment history. We care about how hard you’ll work, your hunger for learning and your passion. We use the term ‘relentlessness’ internally. It perfectly describes how we operate. We care deeply about our staff and in turn they care deeply about our clients.” As the only true digital marketing agency in Sudan, retaining the firm’s strong client base is critical in order for it to stay ahead of technology. Aziz is extremely proud of the work done with all of the company’s clients shares some specific examples with us that particularly stand out in its journey to success. Sudan Digital helped to launch the very first Spartans Boxing Club gym in Dubai, bringing in 400 leads in the very firth three months of operation. The brand already operates 13 gyms throughout Singapore. Recently, the firm was bestowed with the prestigious accolade of Best Marketing Strategy Solutions Agency – MENA in the Corporate Vision MarTech Awards and Aziz and the whole team are very proud of this achievement. “We were nominated for this award for our work with The University of Garden City, where over 12 months we have been able to shift their NPS from -57 to +39 using only digital channels,” Aziz tells us. Looking to the future, Sudan Digital intends to expand into Egypt whilst retaining a 100% Sudanese workforce. Aziz concludes, “We are comfortable being the agency of choice for mid-size companies who operate in English and Arabic but need to be able to service more of the demand we currently have.” Contact: Abdelaziz Musa Company: Sudan Digital Web Address:

Dec21278 Best Lead Generation Services Provider - UK When it comes to business, lead generation is key. To thrive, however, it must be done with deliberate intention. We take a look at the team from Funnel Boost who started out as events promotors and have grown over the last two years into a leading lead generation services provider. In Corporate Vision’s MarTech Awards 2022, the team achieved incredible success. We dig a little deeper into how they do it. Established in 2018, Funnel Boost has always prided itself on being able to connect businesses with potential clients. Four years ago, this came into the form of events which the team assisted their clients in organising and promoting, but this halted with the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, the business shifted significantly and is now thriving through the provision of lead generation for any B2B products and services. Their unique knowledge of the industry has helped many of their customers to grow. Working with a wide range of businesses the length and breadth of the UK, the team at Funnel Boost have been able to attract many new customers for their clients. Their sales and marketing experts work closely together with clients to identify the appropriate customers, and then to create killer copy that sells to key decision makers. This proposition has supported clients in many industries, ranging from web development to finance to recruitment to hospitality. No matter how small or large the organisation, the Funnel Boost team believe everyone deserves a chance at success. The core of the firm’s business model is generating leads through conversational emailing. High quality marketing systems, alongside the latest artificial intelligence, offers a clear path forward when it comes to increasing sales conversion. Whilst the latest technologies lie at the heart of what the team offers, it is supported by a strong network of staffers who make sure that it is leveraged to the best of its ability. Every email is targeted with laser precision, custom designed to showcase the unique selling points of a product or service. The sheer range of clients is possible because the team see lead generation as a bespoke process. What works for one client, even in the same industry, will not work well for another. The onboarding process for each is designed to ensure that they have the right information to position their customer proposition just right. The techniques used by the team were used when they were working in the events industry, which means they are uniquely finessed to ensure the best possible results. The marketing landscape is changing rapidly, but the agility of the team at Funnel Boost means that they are more than up to the challenge of staying on top of it. The team has committed many resources to staying abreast of the latest developments, allowing them to improve the efficiency of their email marketing campaigns. There is a culture of continuous improvement at the firm which has allowed them to thrive even during these challenging times and these benefits are passed on directly to the customers though a bespoke dashboard. Every client is able to access their unique insights into the direction of the marketing sector and how best to mobilise resources to secure success. Looking ahead, the team are aiming to take what they have done to the next level. Having increased by their client numbers by 800% in 2021, they have an exceptional starting point. Now they have opened up a major recruitment drive to grow the team, and are looking for additional campaign planners and new sales staff to generate leads for clients. It’s an exciting time to work for this leading in the lead generation sector, as they combine the latest technology with the ultimate in people power. For those looking to reach out to others, this must be your first port of call. Company: Funnel Boost Ltd Name: Brandon Leeming Email: [email protected] Web Address: MarTech Awards 2022 9

Working to build a sense of community with a focus on personal relationships, The Crouch Group values the time it shares with its clients, helping them to explore ways to enhance their businesses and develop their own thriving communities. We find out more from TimCrouch as the firm is named in the MarTech Awards. The Crouch Group was established in 1996 as a full-service marketing and advertising agency. The business’s core activities’ focus has shifted in recent years primarily to digital marketing, and it specializes in legal marketing and in marketing for swimming pool companies, as well as serving other industries including ranching, insurance, and distillery, with clients that are located throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Refreshingly, one of The Crouch Group’s core values is on its employees leading a full life and having a great work/life balance. “We encourage participation in the community and to prioritise family,” explains Tim Crouch, one of the firm’s founding partners. “We allow our employees to take time off to attend children’s events.” With a background in broadcast and media advertising sales and management, Tim established the company in 1996 along with his colleague, Ron Ray. What initially began as a company providing traditional PR and marketing services, has now grown considerably to include all aspects of graphic design, website design, social media management, search engine optimisation, email marketing and other services in-line with the growing necessity of a strong corporate digital presence for almost every company worldwide. “Marketing is moving swiftly, so swiftly that is hard to keep up!” Tim elaborates. “We try to stay on top of change but at the same time are cautious about implementing new unproven ideas. Most of our clients target a 35+ demographic which also tend to be slower in adopting emerging technology.” The Crouch Group has a specialized knowledge of the Collaborative Divorce process which is a niche area in family law. Having a Collaborative Divorce Attorney on the staff, it now works with collaborative professionals in 14 states and countries outside of the United States. Tim says, “We have been working with Collaborative Divorce Texas and Collaborative Practice California for several years and have grown the website traffic dramatically during that time. We have also created special events that have significantly impacted the website traffic. “Divorce with Respect Week” was held in California October 31st - November 5th. Over 200 divorce professionals participated which raised awareness of Collaborative Divorce as a divorce option. The website traffic more than doubled, numerous cities in California issued proclamations for Divorce With Respect Week and over 200 media outlets picked up press releases on the event.” The Crouch Group is particularly proud of its customer response rates and meets with every client each month to review progress on their plans and has established an internal expectation that it will respond to a client the same day in most cases – or within 24 hours at the very latest. Internal culture is also a key part of the company and by prioritising living a good work/life and seeks to create an environment that is rich and full. “We want employees to become part of the company for the long term,” explains Tim. “Our brand image in the legal arena has been an important part of our growth. We attend conferences both in person and virtually and offer free initial consultations to collaborative professionals and organizations.” Prior to the pandemic, The Crouch Group had already adopted Zoom as one of its business tools and had been actively using it to help grow the business. “Before lockdown there was some hesitancy about technology with some clients, but that has gone away, and we meet not only with clients by Zoom but conducted our staff meetings by Zoom. Even though we are all in the same building,” Tim shares. Despite the pandemic, last year was a good year for The Crouch Group as it continued to expand and now, it is hopeful that 2022 will be similar. Tim has hopes to grow the marketing share in the collaborative divorce community and to more fully develop a third vertical to go with legal, swimming pool companies that could come from agriculture or distilleries. Tim adds, “We are planning to expand our social media marketing department in 2022 to take advantage of some of the emerging areas that are proving to be viable.” Most recently, the company was recognised in the Corporate Vision MarTech Awards and named as Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency Texas for 2022. The prestigious title is indicative of the hard work and the dedication of the firm and all of its staff. Contact Details Contact: Tim Crouch Company: The Crouch Group, Inc. Web Address: Dec21284 Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency - Texas

Dec21274 Best Digital Brand Development Agency – Midlands DWH is a creative design agency that can help to tell a brand’s story and engage with its customers. Underpinned with a full range of creative design services, marketing strategies and web design expertise, DWH is geared towards helping businesses to flourish. In the five years that DWH has been trading, the firmhas managed to gain, retain, and nurture the relationships it has with its clients, all whilst keeping up with advances in the industry and evolving its services to match. We speak to Founder, David Huskison, to find out more. Award-winning Coventry-based creative design agency, DWH Design Limited (DWH) offers a full range of services including branding, graphic design, web design, and digital marketing. Its creative solutions aim to elevate its clients’ brands to successfully reach their intended audience and it has a long list of customers, from start-ups, small businesses, charities, public sector, and FTSE 100 companies. “We are storytellers at heart and we love telling our clients’ stories!” enthuses David Huskison, the firm’s Founder and its namesake. “A brand is more than just a name and a logo; it is a promise you make to your customers. We don’t just deliver a set of guidelines – we’ll help you tell your brand’s story.” In 2021, David added video editing, motion graphics, and 3D visualisation services into the mix to support the major shift to remote working and online marketing due to the pandemic. These services are growing at a rapid rate and are becoming an integral part of what DWH can offer clients to enhance their online presence. “We’re seeing a growing trend towards video, motion graphics and animation and we can see these services playing a major role in our clients’ strategic communications moving forward in the post-pandemic era,” David elaborates. “The shift to online communications, be it for team meetings or virtual events, has also meant adapting how we can support our clients. What makes us stand out is our adaptability, passion, creativity and resilience and our passion and enthusiasm for design is what attracts customers to us, but our attention to detail, knowledge, and amazing team is what keeps them coming back.” The team at DWH may be small, but it is highly flexible and adaptable – something which served it well during the pandemic. When recruiting new team members, David looks for people who have a raw, natural talent and he then helps them to nurture it. “We’re firm believers that no matter how experienced you are, you are constantly learning, so if there are any skills or tools that will help our team to deliver the best creative service for our clients, we do our best to provide access to this,” he says. Since starting out, the company’s services have naturally evolved over time. From bringing in new staff with exciting new skill sets to simply reacting to the shift in what its clients are looking for, David wanted to make sure that DWH was shouting about everything it can do. So recently, the DWH brand became the subject of a complete refresh. David tells us why he thought this was a necessary process. “We decided to move away from our toned-down black-and-white branding, and inject a little colour,” he enthuses. “Although we loved the confident, professional feel of our monochrome identity, adding a little playful colour felt like a no-brainer for a creative design agency. We opted for a palette of blues and teals, evoking intelligence and responsibility, while also creating a sense of calm. Everything we produce for ourselves and our clients has branding at the forefront. That’s why we want our brand image to give our clients the confidence that we can tackle similar projects for their brand.” David is also a firm believer in giving something back and, with protecting the environment and fighting climate change being more important than it’s ever been, DWH are proud partners of Ecologi, an organisation which is committed to reduce 50% of global CO2 emissions by 2040 and responsibly plant billions of trees every year. “By becoming a Climate Positive Workforce, we are helping to fund over 30 climate projects around the world as well as offsetting over 65 tonnes of CO2 through the 1,684 trees we have planted so far!” Recently, DWH was recognised in the eminent MarTech 2022 Awards and named Best Digital Brand Development Agency – Midlands. But what does the future have in store for this ever-evolving firm? “Over the next 12 months, we aim to continue to grow our customer base and look forward to working on some upcoming exciting projects with our existing clients,” David states. “We’ll also be looking to expand our team to fill some developing roles as the need arises.” We look forward to seeing what DWH achieves next. Contact Details Contact: David Huskison Company: DWH Design Limited Web Address: MarTech Awards 2022 11

Producing exquisite, printed items is the norm for Fully Promoted of St Charles – be it embroidering logos, or printing images and text onto shirts, the franchise simply supplies quality. Clients can trust that they will receive not only fabulous products but also a great customer experience. Indeed, Fully Promoted of St Charles is the perfect example of a branding specialist that places excellence at the heart of what it does. Acting as a full-service branding company, Fully Promoted focuses upon the creation of branded apparel and promotional products for businesses, charities, teams, and events. The company boasts numerous franchises, including the one featured in this article. Stemming from St. Charles, Illinois, the female-owned and familyrun business supplies an abundance of solutions that cover embroidery, screen printing, vinyl, sublimation, print and more. Moreover, it believes in putting people first – building relationships with each of its clients to ensure a fun branding process. From outdoor tents to shoes, if it can support a logo on it, Fully Promoted of St Charles will work to print a logo for it. It has numerous methods of adhering the logo, using traditional methods such as embroidery, screen printing, and vinyl, to more innovative methods. However, Fully Promoted of St Charles doesn’t only work with material items, it is also equipped to manufacture printed products like business cards, envelops, and banners. Each product that it creates is produced to the highest quality, ensuring longevity, durability, and most importantly, customer satisfaction. Further, both the company and the client benefits from the showroom, which provides a place for clients to try on apparel, see the quality of the materials, look at promotional items, write with different pens, and try out different products. It provides a unique experience – one that differs greatly to its online competitors. Of course, it is a greater risk for a customer to order 10,000 items online without knowing the quality. Consequently, Fully Promoted of St Charles draws in clients that want to ensure perfection, those who want to try before they buy. In turn, this bolsters Fully Promoted of St Charles’ position within the market. Garnering a loyal clientele, the franchise is exceptional within its ability to guarantee repeat clients whilst bringing in new customers. Furthermore, its dedication to remaining ahead of industry trends has proven to be a great benefit. Michelle Bottino, the franchise owner, works with suppliers so that she can see what the newest products are, what is working, and more importantly what isn’t. On top of this, she regularly attends events and expos for the industry, to see the newest items. Bottino regularly shops for the latest fashions, and always purchases with the client at the forefront of her mind. Perfection is the standard at Fully Promoted of St Charles, and this begins from the top. Bottino has been named Humanitarian of the Year in both 2021 and 2022 for her work during the pandemic, in which she provided PPE for first responders, nursing homes, and front-line workers in 2021. Additionally, she was again recognised for her philanthropic ways by Fox Valley Magazine. In essence, her actions serve as an example for her employees, from whom she expects the highest standards. 2022 is playing out to be an exciting year for the company. Recovering from pandemic-induced closures and a decrease in demand, it is expected that 2022 will see the return of trade shows and events, which will boost the franchises’ business. Contact: Michelle Bottino Company: Fully Promoted of St Charles Web Address: Feb22379 Best Global Branding & Marketing Specialists - Illinois St . Charles, Schaumburg & Crystal Lake

Dec21343 Best Performance Marketing Agency - USA AXAD Capital is helping its clients reach their sales goals through targeted web and phone leads. Working predominantly in the insurance and finance sectors, AXAD works in partnership with direct sales organisations, advertising agencies and lead aggregators to find new customers for its clients. John Krawczyk is CEO of the New York City based firm. We speak to him to find out more. Digital performance marketing agency, AXAD Capital, may be based in the Big Apple, but its seasoned team of industry professionals are scattered across the globe. AXAD works with businesses of all sizes to generate leads and close sales. Specialising in web lead and pay per call campaigns, the company has worked with major players such as All State and State Farm Insurance. AXAD’s unique capabilities include the creative development of web properties across various product verticals and the global reach of its innovative team. John describes the company as “a digital firm with a human touch”. AXAD prides itself on the trust it builds with clients by always being transparent and accountable. John says, “Our company values are innovation, trust, and accountability. We haven’t wavered from these values since the start. Client success is our first priority.” Valuing its clients time, money, and reputation, AXAD takes a consultant approach to account management. Every interaction with a client has a defined purpose and asking the right questions is a vital means of achieving excellent customer service. John explains, “We offer our knowledge and resources to our clients to ensure they reach their business goals. Our first priority is our clients’ goals. The intention is to uplift clients not upsell them for our own gain.” Remaining current on all industry trends and new regulations that affect marketing compliance is essential to AXAD’s continued success. To ensure they stay up-to-date, team members attend live meetings at major conferences, events and seminars. Trends are also researched daily using online resources. John tells us, “The senior members of our team have a long history of watching trends develop. It’s vital that we stay ahead of developments to continue to be a pacesetter in our industry.” We ask about the culture at AXAD, “Our culture is one that celebrates the creativity of the individual. All ideas are welcome from anyone on the team. A bad idea can lead you to a brilliant idea. We want to hear them all. And everyone is encouraged to share feedback, positive or constructive. The team is not only diligent but resourceful too. The digital advertising landscape changes rapidly. We look for people that will find a way to get it done when there is no instruction manual. Sometimes you have to create your own playbook.” The team spirit at AXAD not only makes it a great place to work but helps make goals more attainable too. The management at AXAD is in constant communication with the wider team to ensure the company brand remains consistent. Looking to the future, AXAD is currently expanding the verticals it markets to its audience. “Recently we’ve entered into both the online education and legal lead generation space. Our home improvement web properties are gaining momentum too. We‘re also seeing a major upward trend in insurance-related advertising,” John tells us. The company is also continuing to expand its team with a view to developing a proprietary platform. John adds, “This will change advertising as we know it. Stay tuned.” Contact: John Krawczyk Company: AXAD Capital Web Address: MarTech Awards 2022 13

A company named for and specialising in key performance indicators, KPI Media is an expert in highgrowth performance marketing. With a new business unit focusing on new technology being brought in soon – one that will be responsible for developing its own MarTech and AdTech software – KPI is currently pivoting towards focusing onmore pre-series A and pre-IPO deals. Part and parcel with this, it has been hard at work organising meetings and get-togethers with its staff so that they canmove towards the future with enthusiasm and drive, keeping the spark of ambition lit. KPI Media, a high-growth performance marketing agency based in Singapore, has set itself apart from other agencies in its region with its specialist services. Fundamentally, performance marketing solutions are highly dedicated and incredibly well organised, all made possible by the fact that this is the only type of marketing it offers. By keeping itself so specific and specialist, it has ensured that each of its performance marketing services is the best it can possibly offer, setting itself head and shoulders above its peers, offering a vast range of solutions that by nature cannot achieve the depth of KPI Media. KPI’s diligent, tenacious, and committed staff are each expert media buyers who have gained experience working with the biggest brands in the world. Nominally, each of them is an outstanding and leading mind in their field, proven across a variety of jobs, and able to deliver on all key performance indicators on a reliable basis, having made its very name – KPI Media – a reminder of this. Its clients can trust that for its work, KPI Media’s focus will always be on them, their project, and their specifications; undaunted by a challenge, its staff will always strive to go above and beyond expectations, surrounding itself by people who never falter when it comes to delivering its brand promise. This, a promise to always help a client hit their brand goals, is something that has gained KPI significant notoriety as a trusted brand partner. Emphasising automation, it lets the logistics take care of itself whilst its specialists focus on the numbers and the resulting growth, resulting in a streamlined way of working that its customers directly benefit from, especially the venture-backed start-ups amongst its customer-base. Additionally, thanks to its aid of MarTech clients with elegance and sophistication, it has won a regional account with Meltwater APAC, the world’s first online media monitoring company. Its customer-facing account managers promise to continue using such Feb22406 Performance Marketing Agency of the Year - Singapore By keeping itself so specific and specialist, it has ensured that each of its performance marketing services is the best it can possibly offer, setting itself head and shoulders above its peers, offering a vast range of solutions that by nature cannot achieve the depth of KPI Media. innovations to positively impact the performance of its client’s brands, embracing change and keeping its finger on the pulse of the current shifting paradigm so that it can keep abreast of its deeper nuances. Partnered with Google, Meta, Microsoft, and Tiktok, its current growth spurt shows no signs of stopping thanks to the excellence it continually demonstrates. Moreover, through providing a positive working environment to its employees and introducing a new technology business unit responsible for developing its own in-house MarTech and AdTech software, it is excited to continually improve its work efficiency, looking forward to where the new year will take it. Company: KPI Media Contact: Yashwin Naidu Website:

What does it mean to communicate? To sell a message simply, cleanly and clearly. To the team at Door No. 3 Design, it means everything. In Corporate Vision’s MarTech Awards, the firmwas recognised for offering design solutions that push the boundaries when it comes to connection. We caught up with this impressive firm to see how they have been able to thrive for so many years. When looking for a creative studio to design something truly unique, you can’t turn to yes men. You need people who will question your decisions, ask for detail that you’d never considered, and will push you to the very limits of what you want to do so that they can create a vision that goes above and beyond. No matter what you need in the print, digital, or presentation space, the team at Door No. 3 are always able to deliver. Brilliant communication is something that cannot be overstated. It builds an image for businesses that is hard to overturn, but easy to lose in the wrong hands. The role of design is not merely to look pretty, but to clearly communicate effectively with customers and clients. For companies connecting with an audience, finding the right way to do it is an essential step. It’s this very thing that the team at Door No. 3 excels at. They take the time to understand their client’s core message and find ways of producing an effective plan that is flexible enough to adapt for the needs of the moment yet be effective well into the future. The demands of the digital age means that design solutions must be comprehensive, covering a host of different areas. Whilst the team know their limits, their passion as designers and creatives means there is very little that they cannot do with aplomb. From presentations to publications to package design, the Door No. 3 Most Creative Print Design Solutions - Maryland team offer a way forward that is consistent, thorough, and pays attention to the specific needs of the individual situation. It’s to their credit that they can offer such exceptional service. Since opening their doors, the team at Door No. 3 have been proud to work with numerous companies on their various design challenges. Each is treated with the same high standard of service and offered a bespoke solution to suit their individual challenges. It’s little wonder that such successful brand names as Sony, Under Armour, Home Depot, and Kimptons Hotels and Restaurants, to name but a few, have all trusted the Door No. 3 team to sell their stories and showcase their talents to the world. As a business grows, the need for a consistent brand is clear. The team at Door No. 3 make it easy to build that brand, with an approach that offers clarity in a field that many don’t understand. We celebrate their success, due in no small part to their commitment to customers, their honesty, and their creativity. We cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: Door No. 3 Design, Inc. Name: Stephanie Ottavan Email: [email protected]

Based in Portland, Oregon, marketing and design agency, Fab Brands works withmission-driven organizations across a multitude of sectors. The company provides creative solutions to brand strategy, web design and visual identity. Founder and Chief Marketing Strategist, Beth Erlendson, lets us into the secret of what makes a ‘Fab Brand’. Boutique marketing agency, Fab Brands, has been helping clients stand out in a crowded marketplace fabulously since 2009. Their mission is simple: to work collaboratively with their clients to create fresh, compelling, and dynamic brands, fuel consumer demand, and drive sales. Combining strategy with design, Fab Brands services include strategic marketing planning, brand identity, visual design, and digital marketing. Working with clients in industries such as professional services, agriculture, food and beverage, health and beauty, and non-profit, Fab Brands has developed a reputation creating colourful, visually striking designs that are au courant and memorable. Beth introduces us to Fab Brands values, “Our overriding goal is to just “Be Fabulous,” and that means to be bold and committed to awesomeness in everything we do.” Fab Brands markets itself as a boutique agency and feels that their size offers client’s benefits that just aren’t possible with a larger agency. “Limiting the number of clients we work with provides us with the luxury of getting to know them closely and develop a deeper understanding of their business needs and goals,” explained Erlendson. Identifying with its customers is important to Fab Brands. Beth tells us, “All our clients, from non-profits to agriculture companies, share one trait – an abiding desire to make a positive impact in the community. This is something that each member of the Fab Brands team personally embraces.” They recently expanded their services to include website accessibility review and remediation. The increased use of e-commerce and other online experiences during the pandemic put a focus on the important role the web plays in so many aspects of life: education, employment, government, commerce, health care, recreation, and more. To provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities, it’s essential that the web be accessible, and it is defined as a basic human right by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD). “By making your website accessible, you are ensuring that all potential users, including people with disabilities, are able to easily access your information. When you implement accessibility best practices on your website, you’re improving the usability of the site for everyone, and that’s good for society and good for business,” explains Fab Brands founder and managing director, Beth Erlendson. Recent projects include a website for the Fair Housing Council of Oregon (FHCO). FHCO is a state-wide civil rights organization. Its mission is to put an end to illegal housing discrimination. The Council strives to ensure equal access to housing choice through education and enforcement of fair housing laws. Beth explains, “The project entailed a high level of complexity due to the diversity of the audiences it needed to serve. FHCO’s clientele comes from many different cultures, speaks a wide variety of languages, and has differing levels of education. The website – and supporting materials and processes – needed to be accessible to all. It was rewarding to see how our work made a significant difference in FHCO’s ability to deliver services and to better advocate for justice, equality and inclusion.” The wide variety of Fab Brands projects is evident as Beth selects another recent favourite, “We particularly enjoyed doing the branding and design for a new Mexican restaurant - Chicali Cantina (www. The restaurant industry is a crowded and competitive space and having a unique and engaging brand identity is essential. This type of project allows us to be a little edgier and stretch our creative ‘legs’. We had a lot of fun creating a logo, backlit building signage, a website, product packaging, A-Boards, print ads, flyers, floor pattern designs, social media assets, apparel, swag and more for them.” Of course, brand is everything at Fab Brands and the team are always looking for ways to stay ahead of trends and technology. Beth explains, “Our designs are always on the cutting edge, whether it’s a website or visual identity design. They’re forward-thinking, colourful, engaging and result-oriented by design. Nothing that we design is going to look dated in a couple of years, but rather work to stand the test of time. We incorporate animation when it makes sense and will provide more visual interest and keep the reader engaged. And, every website is designed to meet web content accessibility guidelines.” Contact: Beth Erlendson Company: Fab Brands Web Address: Dec21421 Best Marketing & Visual Design Agency - Pacific Northwest