Media Innovator Awards 2019

18 Corporate Vision - Media Innovator Awards 2019 , Visual Experience Best Virtual Reality Development Company - GCC: Visual Experience Jul19057 Dedicated to innovation and invention, Visual Experience provides end-to-end virtual reality VR/AR solutions. We showcase the firm’s talents and explore how it came to win one of this year’s Media Innovator Awards. Ultimately, Visual Experience is on a mission to showcase new possibilities for individuals and organizations using virtual reality technology. Moving forward, the firm foresees a strong focus in the market on photogrammetry techniques and innovations, and the team adopt such trends by innovating their own methods and devices. There will also be a new application in Augmented Reality for transporting goods and products virtually to shoppers’ homes, and this will be a new challenge for this driven and creative company over the years ahead. Company: Visual Experience Name: Abdulwahid Zaydi Address: Ash Shawqiyyah, Makkah 24351 6649, Building No. 2510, Saudi Arabia Telephone Number: +966504701690 Web Address: Since its inception in 2013 Visual Experience has provided both B2B and B2C products in a range of sectors including education, health, real state, and tourism. A pioneer in the industry, as the first VR company in the Gulf Cooperation Council region, the company aims to bridge the gap between virtual reality and mainstream audiences. By providing every aspect of VR service the firm is able to meet the varied needs of its clients and showcase the versatility of this unique medium. From the production which includes 360 images, 360 videos and 3D graphics, the making of the application for any kind of platforms, to distributing it to the right channel, the firm can provide quality solutions to suit any client. Visual Experience owns its own patented VR viewer BeThere, which is the first foldable set of VR glasses and combines content with unlimited branding customization. Mohammed Al Harbi CTO Abdulwahid Al Zaydi - CEO