Media Innovator Awards 2019

20 Corporate Vision - Media Innovator Awards 2019 , 1WL Agency Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency 2019 - Bedfordshire: 1WL Agency Jul19119 Fromhumble beginnings in Bedfordshire, 1WL Agency has gained a loyal base of clients seeking expert digital marketing and website development solutions that will really engage with their target audience. As part of our showcase of some of 2019’s Media Innovator Awards, we profile the firmand share an overview of how it makes its clients stand out from the online crowd. From entrepreneurs and sole traders, through to multinational corporations with websites in multiple languages, the firm’s diverse client base all have one thing in common: the exceptional standard of service they receive when they work with 1WL Agency. Each client is carefully selected by the agency so that its portfolio reflects its quality-driven values. Thanks to its experienced and talented team, the firm can deliver everything from website design and development through to brand design and beyond. With over two decades of experience in the market, their services span a wide range of specialised design techniques and skills, which include among others; After Effects animation; SEO and PPC setup and management; malware removal for ‘compromised’ websites; bespoke WordPress development; system and data integration; as well as fully bespoke CMS creation for precision requirements. In the current corporate landscape, where digital solutions and online stores have become the norm, consumers are bombarded every day with online options and exciting new content that will tempt them to buy, select or explore a variety of products or topics. As a result, standing out from the crowd has become increasingly important to brands throughout the business market. Every company is keen to make sure that its website, online marketing and digital solutions are unique and eye-catching so that they can help guide clients towards their brand over the myriad of others online. Seeking to provide the innovative and creative solutions clients need, 1WL Agency has gained wide-reaching experience working with clients from throughout the corporate market on projects of all shapes and sizes. 1WL AGENCY When working with any client, the team at 1WL Agency combine their technical prowess with a meticulous eye for detail to ensure their clients understand how to achieve the maximum ROI from their online solution. They focus on conversion first and create systems that marry the right aesthetics with clear functionality and obvious calls-to-action; making the most of their wide-reaching expertise. Members of the team have always been personally interested in technology, particularly with innovation in web design, legal changes such as GDPR, website and server security, and website optimisation. As such, the team at 1WL Agency is constantly reacting and adapting to the latest technological and marketing developments, to ensure elegant, cutting-edge solutions for clients. Over the years the team at 1WL Agency have achieved incredible success, including strong online reviews and client retention. Moving forward, the firm’s focus will remain on creating quality solutions that will ensure the success of its valued clients and, by extension, an even greater reputation for excellence for this dynamic and creative agency. Company: 1WL Agency Contact: Andrew Swindell Website: “1WL Agency has gained wide-reaching experience working with clients from throughout the corporate market on projects of all shapes and sizes.”