Media Innovator Awards 2019

22 Corporate Vision - Media Innovator Awards 2019 , Cognitive Limited Cognitive Limited: Best Animation & Illustration Studio - England Jul19264 Cognitive is an award-winning animation, infographics and illustration studio working alongside a range of clients and helping them to engage and communicate more powerfully with their customers, employees and other audiences. We spoke to Richard Gray to find out more about the firm’s service offering and how this sets it apart and helped it to win one of our covetedMedia Innovator Awards for 2019. Working with this range of discerning clients, Cognitive works hard to drive them to success through its creative solutions. Richard explains how this focus is personified in the firm’s mission and drives every member of the firm’s expert team when working on any project. “Fundamentally, at Cognitive our mission is to help our clients supercharge their story. This means taking client content and making it more engaging, memorable and shareable. We achieve this through our unique ability to turn words and data into strong visual stories. We illustrate every animation to fit our clients’ stories making the end product unique, visually rich and engaging. We are experts at developing visual metaphors that help to make complex and technical content understandable and more entertaining; resulting in much better recall and a higher likelihood to share.” Thanks to the experience and expertise of its team, Cognitive has become a pioneer of whiteboard animation, creating animations which are bespoke and unique for each of its valued clients. Richard offers a detailed overview of the firm’s service offering and how this benefits its clients throughout the corporate landscape. “Here at Cognitive, we are experts in turning complex, technical and dry content into engaging, memorable, and attention-grabbing stories. Our talented team work on everything from launching new corporate visions and strategies, explaining new services or products and even educating the public around major social challenges. “Through our expertise and unique service offering we have helped a range of clients, including the Royal Society of Arts, who we worked with to create a YouTube empire with over 100 million views by creating the RSA Animate series. We also work with a huge variety of organisations and have been honoured to collaborate with; great brands like the BBC, Coca Cola and Rolls Royce, great institutions like The Royal Society and the OECD; and great thinkers such as Dan Pink, Ha-Joon Chang, Sir Ken Robinson and in the past Professor Hawking. This diverse range of clients is united by the need to tell their story. We helped them to supercharge their content, engaging a much wider audience and bringing their stories to life.” As he looks to the future Richard sees many exciting developments for his dynamic and innovative company, as he is proud to conclude. “Moving forward, at Cognitive we are delighted to be growing as a company, and we see many opportunities to continue this momentum. Our corporate market is still growing, particularly helping CEOs and their leadership teams engage their internal and external stakeholders around their vision and strategy for the future. We are also involved in an education start-up that will use our animations to excite, engage and inspire students in their studies and ultimately achieve better exam results. “Finally, we are also starting to see more opportunities within TV series, complementing shot footage with animated segments. All of these developments will help to cement Cognitive as the best possible option for any client seeking innovative communication that will make them stand out from the crowd.” Company: Cognitive Limited Name: Richard Gray Email: [email protected] Address: 55-57 Tontine Street, Folkestone, Kent, CT20 1JR, UK Telephone Number: +44 (0)1303 253 693 Web Address: