Media Innovator Awards 2019

, SquirkyMusic Ltd Best Music Production House 2019 - London Jul19301 From its base in the heart of the UK’s creative powerhouse, SouthWest London, SquirkyMusic Ltd provides award-winning TV and filmmusic designed to enhance its clients’ on-screen creations. To learnmore about how the firmachieves the ideal fit for every project, we profile it and share an insight into its unique take on the business which has earnt it one of this year’s Media Innovator Awards. There’s a vast amount of music available and the current market is enormously competitive. A plethora of music production companies offer up reams of music, blandly packaged in predictable genres. Squirky looks at things a little differently. Using a global composer base and a truly unique art direction, Squirky takes an innovative approach to composition and crafts new music in unusual hybrid genres based on influences from around the world. Working with a wide range of production companies and advert agencies, Squirky creates their unique brand of original music for films, film trailers, TV shows, video games and TV adverts. Not only that, the firm provides a large and distinctive catalogue of pre-written music that their worldwide client base can use in their media productions. Thanks to its innovative approach to music creation and focus on using only the best talent on the market, Squirky has been fortunate enough over the years to work with some of the world’s most renowned brands and businesses from across the corporate landscape. These include household names such as global network TV shows such as The X Factor and Top Gear, as well as major brands such as Coral, McDonalds, Red Bull and Mercedes Benz. As part of its diverse portfolio of clients, previously the firm also wrote the theme song for The Liberal Democrat Party at the last UK General Election. There’s a increasing demand for high quality music due to the ever expanding output of films and TV productions around the world, so the future looks bright for firms such as Squirky, although they admit that there are many challenges ahead. Currently record companies, music publishers, bands and artists are starting to offer production companies the right to use their music for free in return for the exposure that a worldwide TV series can bring them. Also, there’s competition from many TV broadcasters who have formed their own internal music libraries and insist on exclusive use in their own network programming. To cap it all, there’s the rise of massive new ‘sync’ sites where any musician around the world can upload their own tracks – one of these behemoths now has over two million tracks… you can get anything you like from these sites. But Squirky finds that its unique style of music and its mantra of high quality over high quantity is and will still be the most important factor for the continuing success of this dynamic and creative music company. Whilst the global production music market is incredibly competitive and saturated, by keeping its image distinctive and output fresh, Squirky is positive that it will find no problem to continue expanding its client base around the world over the years ahead. Thanks to the dynamism of its team, Squirky has many exciting opportunities ahead of it that will ensure 2019 is an exceptional year for the company. Recently, the firm formed a trading alliance with some of the best independent production libraries based in the UK; the Indie Production Music Alliance (IMPA). This provides a superb variety of high quality music in one online ‘one stop’ shop and gives the Alliance collectively much more selling power and influence in the UK market, which has traditionally been dominated by long established major record companies /music libraries. Overall, this development, and others still to be announced, is helping to establish Squirky as the core innovator in the music market and help the company to achieve its mission: to craft a unique, beautiful catalogue of film and TV music that’s available in every corner of the world. Company: Squirky Music Ltd Contact: Chris Bemand (MD) Website :