Media Innovator Awards 2020

Most Innovative Lifestyle & Documentary Production Company - South Atlantic USA A good video tells a good story. It’s the key to success in the industry. For John Patrick Crum, founder of Dionysus Productions, a good story is a story about people. Through his production company, he has been lucky enough to tell stories about some of the most interesting people in the world. We take a closer look at the firm to see how it is able to celebrate so many people. For as long as he can remember, John Patrick Crum has loved movies. The way in which the silver screen can tell stories that transcend every barrier spoke to him on a personal level. He has spent his life telling stories, finding new and intriguing avenues that elevate him and his team above the norm to deliver something truly unique. Dionysus Productions derives its name from the Greek God of wine and celebration, and this is what John Patrick hopes to bring to each project. The aim is never to do a hit piece on a person, but to amplify their best qualities. The team manage this through treating every client with the utmost respect, taking the time to understand and deliver their vision. Quality is paramount, which is why each project is given its own special focus. When a client works alongside Dionysus Productions, they choose the valet service of video production. The valet service means that every aspect of production can be catered for, all the way from initial concept to final render. This includes writing, producing, editing, cinematography, post-production, color-correcting, crew, locations as well as camera and equipment to name but a few aspects. One of the company’s most recent clients was McDonald’s, for which the team wrote a script based on their marketing deck to help launch a new internal training program. This is the seventh time McDonald’s has hired Dionysus Productions to assist with their internal training. Clearly, the unique business model that John Patrick and his team champion has allowed them to build up strong relationships with many well-known names. Since inception, Dionysus Productions has done work with Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Zaxby’s, TEGNA, and was imperative in the launch of two of the most successful multi-cast networks in America: Justice Network & QUEST. Adding to this impressive portfolio of work, John Patrick also created and successfully launched an online show called “SVTV”, which was based in Sun Valley, Idaho. Hosting live weekly shows which featured local happenings, events, artists, to name but a few, SVTV was also a local news source for weather, police concerns, and more. The purpose of the show was to be the local resource for what was happening that week from entertainment to safety. Of course, in an industry like film and television, it pays to keep an eye on the latest developments. John Patrick ensures that Dionysus Productions remains on the cutting edge of what technology can bring. The gear that a Dionysus Production is equipped with is formidable indeed, including DSLRs & lenses, DJI Drones, light kits, green screens to bring a story to life in the most effective way. Of course, the success of Dionysus Productions comes not from its gear, but from its approach to people both inside and outside the business. Clients are treated with the utmost respect, and staff are trusted to get the job done. John Patrick firmly believes that he does not buy people’s time, but their ability to deliver. As such, team members are allowed to work from home or in the office. As long as the assignment is completed on time, everyone is happy. This is not to say that staff are free of the brand’s image, but that people are happier working without the limitations of a time-clock. Great content doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s brought about by passion and determination to deliver something really special. Dionysus Productions always makes something special, because they take the time to understand what people want before they start the work. It’s why the team have been so intrinsic to the success of so many different organizations, playing a vital link in the storytelling machine. Company: Dionysus Productions Name: John Patrick Crum Web Address: Jun20547