Media Innovator Awards 2020

Best Digital Creative Agency 2020 - GCC In today’s digital landscape, businesses rise and fall based on their digital presence. Not just a shop window for a physical storefront, the internet offers businesses the opportunity to build a reputation for excellence. The team at Triangle Mena have proven incredibly adept int his field, supporting businesses of all times. We take a closer look following their enviable success in this special edition of Corporate Vision. Since being founded in 2012, Triangle Mena has found itself having to adapt quickly in a rapidly evolving landscape. While many businesses are struggling to keep up with the changing needs of the digital marketplace, the team have committed themselves to staying well ahead of the curve as they serve clients looking to remain at the cutting edge. The team at Triangle Mena offer this considerable experience and insight to customers, providing them with the chance to bring their reputation, advocacy, brand, and business results to new heights. As the digital marketplace takes on many different aspects, so do must the team at Triangle Mena. Specializing in web design and development, mobile applications, hosting, live streaming and Video-on-Demand services, the team have been able to develop a comprehensive suite of solutions and technologies to suit each individual task. These solutions can not only define, but connect and protect brands. The team are proud to serve a variety of global names and leaders in technology, media, entertainment, government and retail to name but a few. The team at Triangle Mena pay special attention to the needs of their clients, ensuring that they are entirely comfortable with the service that is being provided. Needless to say, the quality, services, and specialization in everything related to the media industry is second to none. They can handle any sort of work required entirely in- house. This means that everything from design to development, to hosting, live streaming and VOD is a familiar field in which the team excel. To ensure that the team stay at the forefront of technology, Triangle Mena has its own department for research and development. While not working on innovative new projects, it’s an essential branch of the business that allows the company to remain aware of what innovations are on the market and proving popular. The success of this part of the business has seen it being known as the company’s “Center of Excellence”. Every month, the team is able to issue new recommendations, topics to look at, test, as well as implementing and selling where appropriate. Looking ahead, the team see enormous potential for the business, drawing not only on the rapidly changing technological landscape, but on the circumstance brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. This, in particular, has had a tremendous impact on normal users and how they interact with the internet. Many have been forced to become more tech savvy, and dependant on their digital brand. This is an area in which Triangle Mena can really make a difference. As more people come to see digital not just as added value, but as key to the success of a business, the team at Triangle Mena expect to see more digital users across businesses. This, of course, will mean more revenue, which means more customers and therefore more digital projects for the company. Innovation is not just about developing the most exciting product, it’s about ensuring that these products make it out there into the wider world. For the team at Triangle Mena, keeping an eye on where the industry is going is key to their success. It’s what has allowed them to achieve so much, so quickly. Company: Triangle Mena Name: Nadim Bou Yazeck Web Address: Media Innovator Awards 2020 Jun20553