Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20076 Best Web Design Agency 2020 - Italy Founded in 2011, CRMEDIA is a small web design agency that is located in Lecce, a beautiful province situated in the heel of Italy’s boot-shaped country. Specializing in the design, development, and realization of multimedia applications conveyed on different media, CRMEDIA is at the forefront of digitally transforming businesses in an era that is increasingly digital itself. As an innovative firm at the heart of digitalization, we take a closer look at what CRMEDIA has to offer. CRMEDIA was originally born from an experience in 1997. At the Telemedia Laboratory of the University of Lecce, there was a national project that sought to evaluate the impact of new technologies, and in particular the impact of multimedia applications on the methods of teaching. From there, the firm has since evolved to offer a series of services thanks to its network of professional collaborators and experts across various ICT sectors. Today, CRMEDIA offers services that are focused on web design, user experience, e-learning, system consultancy and maintenance, web marketing, social media management, and much more. Across the country, the firm primarily serves companies, entrepreneurs, and public entities, with a notable client including the supplier of a regional body, for which it is developing learning-object courses to be used online. Despite the wealth of innovation that goes on both internally and externally at CRMEDIA, the firm uses a proven methodology in the design of web portals, and in the execution of services that are used in the world of multimedia. This allows the firm to carry out the work with professionalism, dedication, and also be able to complete the work within the time and budget constraints set by the client. It is also important to emphasize that CRMEDA favours all those solutions that adopt the open source philosophy, in choosing the technologies to be used in the design and development of the client applications. Working in such a fast-paced market however, CRMEDIA also has to remain at the forefront of any emerging trends. Whatever the size or scope of a project for a client, CRMEDIA provides for the use of its own “agile” methodology in the design and development of various multimedia products. In this way, it is possible to respond to changes instead of rigidly following budgets and plans, with customer satisfaction being the main objective at all times. Fluidity and agility are key, it would seem, to the success of CRMEDIA, especially working in an industry that is always changing, evolving, and developing new technologies that clients want to have implemented in their business. Whatever the case however, no matter how agile or fluid CRMEDIA must be, the client satisfaction always comes first. Internally, the culture of CRMEDIA is just as exceptional as its outward- facing service to clients. In each project designed, developed, and delivered by CRMEDIA, the client and the achievement of commonly set objectives are the basis for achieving success. Every single member of staff is equally driven and passionate about creating the best multimedia application and design they possibly can, from the initial drafting stage, to the various steps that define the achievement of milestones that result in resounding success. One of the company’s own growth objectives is to increase the network of professional collaborators already present, alongside whom projects are developed jointly. CRMEDIA has proven itself to be an exceptional partner, and this internal focus on growth and success will only enhance that reputation further. The core business of CRMEDIA has always been, and will remain, the design and development of multimedia applications, online training platforms, and learning objects. The terrible period that occurred with the spread of COVID-19 saw many businesses suffer greatly, and in turn understand just how important digital infrastructures are for survival during times such as these. CRMEDIA is seeking to combine its digital infrastructures with the spread of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, then it can begin to understand how they can influence the growth of society. A future awaits businesses in which it will be possible to carry out jobs that cannot be fathomed yet; a future for which special skills will be needed and online training will be the way to learn them. The exceptionality of CRMEDIA will become crucial, more so than it already is, and its success will be fully deserved. Company: CRMEDIA Contact: Corrado Re Website: