Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20167 Most Innovative Digital Marketing Agency 2020 - Surrey Based in Surrey, Summer Day Media is a boutique creative marketing studio established to help brands escape from the traditional agency structures and navigate the ever-changing marketing world with a new way of working. Summer Day Media is a full-service agency that provides brand strategy with innovative and authentic creative content from digital through to print. We take a look at how the company achieves this. Summer Day Media was founded by Alistair Bendyshe-Brown in 2017. Prior to this, he headed up a Global Digital Marketing team for LEGO. His career also includes working in the creative department of Saatchi & Saatchi & Ogilvy. With two decades of experience at his disposal, Alistair is undoubtedly the best person to lead this small team of highly experienced creatives and technical gurus who are dedicated to the success of their client’s projects. Since being founded just three years ago, Summer Day Media has created digital experiences for the likes of LEGO and Rubik’s, they recently rebranded all of the Rubik’s Cube core packaging range which has been met with a hugely positive response across the world. It is not just the global brands however, as the company also works with the start-up stars of tomorrow. Everyone can benefit from the passion, creativity and experience that is given to every client at Summer Day Media. The team at Summer Day Media has vast experience across top creative agencies, as well as global in-house marketing teams to create the best strategic and creative approach across all channels for a variety of projects. Working closely with its clients, the company makes sure that they get the ultimate user experience that influences their purchasing decisions to drive sales. Summer Day Media gathers data and insights on everything it does in order to optimise the experience around this data, and make sure that the client gets the best ROI from their budget. Alistair’s dedication and focus on each individual project ensures that the team also operate with the same dedication, quality, agility, and drive to deliver results. Digital marketing and branding is an industry that is constantly in a state of flux, with new trends, insights, advancements, and developments being made all the time. Working with those latest trends and insights, Summer Day Media transforms data-driven research into creative storytelling that connects with the audiences in the real world. The company conducts online research to reveal consumer needs that dive deep into the core USPs of the client’s products. In everything it does, Summer Day Media strives to be insightful, diligent, and self-expressive, which often means having the courage to ask the difficult questions to produce something truly memorable. With practical research and strategy, combined with an ability to look at projects with youthful exuberance, Summer Day Media delivers unique and impactful content in every area. Ever since the company was started, it has been set up to be both agile and cost-effective for every single client. The core team that is the beating heart of Summer Day Media may be central to the success of the company, but Alistair also knows when to bring in the best talent around to work with the company on projects when needed. Not only does this enhance what the company can offer, but it also gives clients a dedicated and experience team that is always at their disposal and can be scaled up in an instant to fulfil any project requirements. Summer Day Media is the new way of working that brings together and blends creativity, efficiency, and agility to bring even greater returns for client’s marketing budgets than ever before. Ultimately, Summer Day Media is the epitome of media innovation. It takes what is known, and transforms into real, tangible, and measurable growth for clients using the latest trends, techniques, technologies, and data available. With Alistair and his team on board any project challenges become creative opportunities for growth. The team’s understanding of brands and objectives is second to none, and they are more than capable of making any brand truly shine in the world today. Company: Summer Day Media Contact: Alistair Bendyshe-Brown Email: [email protected] Website: