Media Innovator Awards 2020

far-flung coastal towns such as Bournemouth. Where previously the school would only be able to teach students in person and exist primarily for the local market, this pandemic and lockdown period has meant that Sandbach Music can offer even more to students wanting to get involved with music. Innovation in media has become integral to the survival of so many businesses during what has been an understandably difficult period for all involved over the last six months. Sandbach Music is a real success story, having built relationships with organisations to further share music with people. This includes the local youth theatre, the local rugby club, and the local town brass band, and these partnerships have helped Sandbach Music give things back to the town and help embed music at its heart through media innovation. Company: Sandbach Music Ltd Contact: Daniel Keen Website: Jun20453 Music School & Retailer of the Year 2020 - UK Music is something that everybody should be able to enjoy, regardless of any factor. Music can be created by anyone, and is for everyone. Sandbach Music aims to be a one-stop-shop for musicians in Cheshire and Staffordshire looking to take lessons on many different instruments, as well as specialists and theory classes. Catering to musicians between four and eighty four years old, discover what makes Sandbach Music an award-winning music school and retailer in the heart of the United Kingdom. The beauty of music can be found in both its diversity, and its uniquity to each person that hears it. Two people could hear the same song, beat, or lyrics, but both individuals could take something remarkably different from the same piece of music. Sandbach Music is the place to be for musicians in and around Cheshire and Staffordshire, offering students lessons in many different instruments, as well as a small but well-stocked retail space that enables people to pick up anything they need. The entire team at Sandbach Music believes that music should be accessible for all, and works tirelessly to make sure that finances are never a barrier to musical learning by working with local and national partner organisations. Everyone at Sandbach Music also believes that all lessons should be of the highest quality, and the firm constantly develops its teaching knowledge and techniques. Sandbach Music currently operates with a team of twelve tutors, each one just as committed as the next to deliver lessons both face-to-face, and also online just Zoom and other online teaching platforms. The firm has begun to explore the delivery of online lessons during 2019, but this was fast-tracked into operation after a nationwide lockdown was announced in March 2020. Since then, Sandbach Music has expanded to deliver approximately two hundred lessons per week for individuals, pairs, and groups fully online. Pushing the bounds of its innovation even further, the firm is also currently working in collaborations with other organisations to create teaching apps and other ideas to help keep music relevant and accessible to everyone. Clients are always treated more like friends at Sandbach Music, which is easy given the informal nature of the lessons and the relaxed atmosphere created by the staff themselves. The firm invests a lot of time and energy into finding the right staff, so that everyone has a team mentality and loves what they do. This feeds into how the client responds to lessons, with all parties enjoying themselves and the beauty of music. Sandbach Music’s director is a qualified teacher who still spends time in classrooms, as well as running community choirs. Armed with extensive knowledge of techniques past and present, the director leads the staff of Sandbach Music in staying ahead of emerging techniques and trends, as well as advising the staff on how to deliver the best and most up-to-date practices. Branding at Sandbach Music is about the teachers. Everyone performs as the highest possible standards, with consistent levels of excellence across the entirety of the business. The list of deputy teachers that Sandbach Music is small and carefully selected group to ensure the standards remain high and the teachers themselves are fantastic, willing and able to step in a moment’s notice to ensure teaching levels do not drop. Knowing that the teachers at Sandbach Music have working lives outside of the business as well, the firm offers team meals out together, as well as discounts on the retail products that the business sells, and free safeguarding training that can be used in other places of employment. COVID-19 may have forced Sandbach Music to move many of its lessons online, but the benefits have far outweighed the difficulties in getting to that point. Not only can existing students continue to learn from the best teachers, but more students than ever are beginning to enrol. Thanks to being online, Sandbach Music is now able to teach students from across the United Kingdom, including Media Innovator Awards 2020