Media Innovator Awards 2020

Jul20528 Most Innovative Digital Communications Agency - USA Founded in 2002, Velocitas Interactive Marketing + Public Relations has since been one of the most innovative digital communications agencies in the United States, and has duly earned that title in this year’s Media Innovator Awards from Corporate Vision. As the firm looks forward to another eighteen years of success and growth, we examine what it has to offer clients, and what makes it a truly outstanding firm in the industry. Working with corporate enterprises, start-ups, and entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes, Velocitas endeavours to build, grow, publicize, and polish their clients’ brands and company executives. Every client that works with Velocitas is positioned as an industry thought-leader, through the power of media outreach, original content, and social media distribution. The firm always delivers at 110% in everything it does, analysing and strategizing to ensure that what it is providing, whether it be website copy or a creative piece, is the best it can possibly be. This thoroughness and dedication is something that has defined the success of Velocitas over the last eighteen years, as clients can rest assured that their brand is always in capable hands. Specifically within the media industry, Velocitas provides public relations, advertising, social media, interactive, and consulting services in a myriad of ways. At present, the firm is working with a client who has partnered with a world championship-winning Major League Baseball team. Though this may seem an interesting time to make such a move, it has proven to be a resounding success for the brand’s national exposure. Now more than ever before, sports is bringing people together on a local and national level within the United States, and this has turned out to be a tremendous time to put the spotlight on the athletic community’s various partners. With every client, the approach to service is focused on communication. Regular agency-client communication facilitates big ideas and propels the marketing campaigns. This communication can take the form of regular team calls with clients to catch up and brainstorm, as well as keep them informed as to what Velocitas is working on and what is in the pipeline. Clients, in turn, appreciate the transparency and professional approach to their campaigns. Alongside cost-effective service, Velocitas seeks to be especially beneficial for small businesses and start-ups looking to gain a foothold in their respective industry. In order to ensure that clients are getting the best service, the agency attempts to stay ahead of the competition by joining in on webinars, reading blogs, and doing out-of-hours research to learn how to leverage the latest and greatest technology available. Being at the forefront of emerging trends in technology has allowed Velocitas to take its campaigns to new heights, and get in front of more targeted audiences than ever before. As far as the internal culture goes for Velocitas, the exceptionality is much the same. The website and all materials recently underwent a full renovation, including internal memo formats, letterheads, and social media designs, in order to achieve higher standards of excellence than those that had gone before. When a new client or employee comes on board to work with the firm, they always get the full brand experience in everything that is done. Particularly when recruiting new talent, Velocitas looks for people who are creative and results- oriented. Velocitas, as its name would suggest, is a fast-moving business, and its team is always able to keep up. Looking to the future is one of excitement and crucial importance for digital communications. COVID-19 has definitely impacted the industry, and has meant a major pivot in all media and marketing plans for Velocitas. Fortunately, the firm was able to make the shift quickly, and now there has never been a more important moment for digital marketing. When in-person communication simply isn’t an option, digital communication becomes an invaluable lifeline. Ultimately, Velocitas is one of the most important firms for its clients today. As it continues to grow globally into a limitless virtual world, there are no limits for where it can go. For any company looking to build a brand in the United States, Velocitas is the perfect partner. Company: Velocitas Interactive Marketing + Public Relations Contact: Patricia Beitler Website: