Media Innovator Awards 2020

stronger and better relationships between the firm and other businesses and their customers. Looking to the future, Skye Wellbeing is soon to launch the standalone 24/7 doctors service that consumers will find to be amuch simpler proposition for when they need a doctor at a moment’s notice. COVID-19 may have seen the business’ marketing not yield opportunities hoped for, but it has highlighted the need for the services that it provides. It has raised awareness that companies need to support staff, but also offer reassurance. Skye Wellbeing offers exactly that, with exceptional doctor services to staff and families all over the country. Company: Skye Wellbeing Contact: Andrew Bretherton Website: Jul20373 Best Online GP Solution - UK: SkyeWellbeing As technology has helped to innovate almost every industry in the world, so too has it helped to revolutionise the medicine industry. Patients can now make online appointments to meet virtually with doctors, and prescriptions can be given out over the Internet. Skye Wellbeing & Rewards is a provider of employee benefits and wellbeing services that many people are familiar with. To find out how the firm has become the Best Online GP Solution in the United Kingdom through its innovation, we took a closer look. Founded just last year, Skye Wellbeing has since evolved to become one of the most exciting and innovative players in the field of health and wellbeing across the United Kingdom with its range of online services. All of the services are delivered to employees via simple and easy to use phone applications, online platforms, or dedicated call centres that are based in the United Kingdom. Employees from all walks of life and career backgrounds can have access to a vast array of services. These include an NHS-registered GP who is available 24/7 for the whole family, legal advice via Irwin Mitchell, emotional support services via face-to-face consultations, self-help guides and telephone support, and discounts on supermarkets and retail stores to name but a few. Currently, Skye Wellbeing is working with the team at Ronald McDonald House at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where the services are being trialled for staff and families they are supporting. Should the trial be successful, then Skye Wellbeing will offer its services for free as Birmingham Children’s Hospital is one of the firm’s chosen charities for 2020. As well as refining its services and ensuring that every staff member and family can access the best healthcare possible, Skye Wellbeing is also donating £1 to the NHS for every app bought via its marketing campaigns. No clients are tied into long-term contracts, as Skye Wellbeing offers a flexible approach to business where it is willing to work with clients to ensure that it can effectively meet their needs, rather than simply focus on company profits. Skye Wellbeing offers free, no-obligation trials so that people can be assured that they are entirely happy with the services provided and the platforms they are provided on, before deciding to roll out the services to their employees. From there, every user has a simple port of call for advice and support, and employees can make full use of the service in a structured manner to ensure maximum engagement. This level of service has seen Skye Wellbeing become one of the cheapest 24/7 doctor’s services in the UK, as well as including no extra or hidden costs to surprise patients further down the line. Technology is still a growing industry, and the dynamics of it are changing all the time. Skye Wellbeing is also remaining dynamic and agile to any changes, and works with a number of specialists who continually monitor the market and help implement new trends or practices. However, as a people-focused company, it has never been about keeping ahead of the technological pack for Skye Wellbeing; it is all about delivering a reliable, cost-effective, and easy-to-use service to the masses. At a time when COVID-19 has affected so many people’s lives in a negative way, Skye Wellbeing seeks to be a beacon of hope that helps people. Internally, the culture of Skye Wellbeing and its staff reflects the desire to help people in the best way possible. The internal culture is one of trust, fun, and feeling part of a business that can help change people’s lives for the better. When recruiting, the firm ensures it looks at people that will fit with the team’s various personalities, as well as their skillset. As a company, Skye Wellbeing enjoys being out of its comfort zone both at work, and on corporate days out. The desire to help extends not only to patients, but to other businesses, charities, and the public which in turn builds Media Innovator Awards 2020