Media Innovator Awards 2021

Sep21004 Most Innovative Hybrid Media Marketing Agency -West Coast USA Having recently been featured on the cover and in a 3-page spread in RESULTS Magazine – an important guide to the marketing industry – OpenJar Concepts is a company dedicated to supplementing the creative marketing industry with new, bold, and innovative ideas. Bringing its own exemplary research and development to the table, its clients can expect reliable lead generation from its marketing solutions, becoming an intrinsic part of the OpenJar story. OpenJar Concepts, a full-service marketing agency, has led the market for well over a decade now. With exemplary services that have endeared it to companies across the board, its historical pedigree has been earned by lead generation with a focus on industry verticals such as legal marketing, health and life insurance, disability and SSDI, mortgage foreclosure, and much more. Additionally, its legal marketing would often include mass tort or personal injury claims. In fact, the company developed a legal marketing brand over a decade ago called, The Sentinel Group®, which is utilized commercially to match plaintiffs with law firms and is nationally recognized on the US media stage. OpenJar has worked hard to maintain a proprietary software called TrafTrack®, which allows both the agency and the client to keep track of a case acquisition economics through performance metrics. This platform, in essence, has the task of tracking, reporting, and aggregating the volume of leads that reach its clients through any number of media channels. The benefit to such a service is in enabling a client to see where the majority of their market segment can be reached, whether this is through TV, radio, digital, print, or other formats, letting them prioritise on the marketing that will bring them the healthiest revenue streams. Additionally, while OpenJar is able to buy media traditionally using either CPM or CPP strategies, they are well known for their ability to acquire a multi-media platform on a cost per action basis. OpenJar was, after all, forged in the crucible of this cost per action methodology. However, being such an innovative and forward- thinking company, it has since expanded past that, making for a business that is dedicated to transparent and accountable customer service, keeping the client at the forefront of its mind at every turn. Essentially, it likes its client to be ‘on the same sheet of music’, meaning it has funnelled significant investment into ensuring that communications between OJC and its clients are exemplary. In tandem with its technology, a client can always expect the most empathic and sensitive service with OpenJar. Due to its staff’s commitment to fostering these lifelong connections with its clientele, each customer can expect to be treated as priority, delivering data driven and highly focused results that will help a client take their marketing to the next level. There is almost nothing that OpenJar cannot provide when it comes to marketing, from lead generation to cash buying, creative services, social media design, digital media campaigns, and intake management. Moreover, it has even coined the term ‘hybrid fusion’ in order to best describe what it does. Fundamentally, with so many provisions and capabilities under its belt, it finds the catchall terms of its sector somewhat too restrictive, and so it uses the term ‘hybrid fusion’ to describe the multiple facets of media that it considers when generating ideas for a client’s future leads creation or branding, from TV to digital. On any given campaign, it ensures it covers the market in a comprehensive and fully serviced manner that accounts for any potential trials and tribulations, such as fragmentation and difficulties in locating the specific market segment. This is a company that sets a high bar and the industry is noticing. Having won the Best Radio Ad award for its efforts in generating marketing and leads for the Law Offices of Vic Feazell in 2019, and the Cochran Firm Nashville in 2020, it uses each certification and award as a stepping-stone towards greater success. The company was additionally nominated for Best TV spot, Billboard and Social media in 2020. Truly, this is a company that doesn’t believe in resting on its laurels, forever striving towards the next best thing in order to reassure its clients that it will always be bringing them the height of competitive marketing and the most effective strategies. One type of media generally isn’t enough for getting a business off the ground; OpenJar’s understanding of this and the resulting implementation of its hybrid method is what has brought it such good will, and effectively set it head and shoulders above the rest of its competitors. It will always have a number of strategies going at any one time. Additionally, the spectrum of media it is capable of creating exemplary campaigns within mean that its services can work for all manner of companies, scales, and goals. In short, it can dependably provide clients with the attention, numbers, and milestone help that they need in order to build. Therefore, each one of them is more than just another client in its portfolio, they instead become a partner in its network of contacts, scheduling weekly outreach in order to check in with how they are doing and to build up the rapport. During these outreach calls, it also prioritizes the display of what it calls ‘the accountability report’. This allows clients to stay in the know with what has been spent and should expect in economics, breaking down full spreadsheets and internal workings as granular as a client is interested in going. Much of these reports are generated through automation directly from TrafTrack. OpenJar experts work hard to keep a finger on the pulse of market trends in order to develop campaigns that keep ahead of the curve, allowing its clients to do so as a result. Over the past 12 years it has been in operation, it has perfected this, and nowadays prides itself on always being two steps ahead of the game. Fun and casual yet professional and strictly driven, OpenJar seamlessly blends a friendly atmosphere with the grit and determination needed to succeed in such a dynamic world. Moreover, each client that comes through its door instantly benefits from this, as the culture within ‘the buzzing bees’ of ‘the hive’ is one of constant creative fuel and high-energy, supportive encouragement. Each staff member, in this manner, treats each client’s brand as if it were their very own. Consequently, it is seeing massive growth in its creative service from logo development and brand identity to billboard design and is looking forward to bringing on board a multitude of new designers and experts in order to develop the next best marketing and design tactics that will catch the most eyes. Additionally, it will be