Media Innovator Awards 2021

Media Innovator Awards 2021 9 “The vast majority of these clients need multi-language, multi- regional digital marketing communications”, comments Will, “And multi-channel campaigns – across marketing automation, web, virtual reality, augmented reality and video – are all critical to breakthrough, so good planning is important. “That’s how we launched Delo 600 ADF heavy-duty engine oil for Chevron”, adds Rob Yates, who is Creative Technology Director and leads all technical and creative delivery operations. “Chevron’s Delo 600 ADF product is a game-changer in heavy- duty truck engine and environmental protection, and represents such a unique advanced technology, we decided to use cutting- edge communications technologies to drive high-tech customer perceptions across 17 languages”, Rob adds. Managing the curve As Client Services Director within the group, Will is responsible for client relations, and presenting campaign performance reporting. “Staying well ahead of the technology curve is important to us, as it means we can deliver new techniques that add value,” comments Will. “We continually research, develop, test and evaluate new technologies, channels, fundamental methods of communication,” says Will, “Because trends, markets and the audiences within them continually change regionally, meaning you must always be ahead of potential market shifts.” He continues, “But there’s much more to staying ahead of the curve than just having the next shiny thing, it’s about connectivity and relevance: how do new technologies improve customer experiences? Will it deliver better and more joined-up communications? It’s about relevance. “And beyond that, there’s performance measurement. If a new technology fits with our need for ever-better customer experiences and more joined up, improved customer journeys, we’ll know because we can and do measure everything. “We have systems designed to predict campaign return on marketing investment, so our clients know what their campaign outcome will be, and this helps them plan and control marketing costs - so we know hype from reality, and that keeps client budgets safe.” Client partnerships The digital space evolves at almost an exponential speed, and this means digital agencies need to work quickly to understand, test, validate and rapidly deploy new forms of communication, while helping clients stay in the loop and in control of their budgets. “It’s about trust”, says Will. “While with many of our long-term global clients we’ve been awarded new work over time that has meant these accounts grow in an environment of trust, built over decades, it’s not true of all of our clients - many are new to us”, he adds. “This fast-paced digital evolution means we must take the time to educate client marketing teams across regions, in a way that fits with their culture because getting regional buy-in is critically important to driving success in global campaigns, and you need collaboration”, says Rob. “These people are in-market, and while almost everything can be driven by us remotely, you do need eyes and ears on the ground for anecdotal feedback, and, more importantly, if you’re executing a product launch, you’ll probably want local representation in webinar events”, adds Will. What makes Novacom work? Being exposed to Novacommakes you realise there’s something different about the people and the way they work. “We’re a team of people working with the confident belief that our co-workers have the best interests of each other, the agency and client front and centre”, Rob explains. “It probably sounds a bit clichéd, but we work as a team and that brings value and trust to our working relationships – and that means because we’re all moving in the direction of travel our clients learn to trust us too. That’s something you can’t put a price on”, adds Will. “So, when it comes to hiring we get picky”, Rob explains. “We’re not just looking for star players, but people – not employees – who will fit with and get to understand Novacom culture. For us, that’s essential.” “I’m proud to say Novacom Group is highly regarded for our innovative creativity, intelligent strategic planning, and high performance campaign outcomes across the world”, Rob says. “And that reputation is like hard-won gold dust to us.” i I t r r